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10k Daily LogoI bet you are wondering if this this app is another scam and unfortunately I have to say it is huge scam.

These days on the internet you can find many similar apps offering you entrance into the world of stock trading, but you should always be aware of the fact it is a really risky game you are playing. This app is in fact an unique kind of binary system designed for profits and making money from binary options.

Unfortunately many people fall for such a cheap trick. For these obvious reasons it is important to read this review in order not to be tricked into believing that this kind of software is not just another internet scam.

This 10K Daily App (also known as 10k Every Day App) has been circulating on the internet for days now and people are falling for it just because it promises you 10K in just one day.

I honestly believe we are way smarter than the designers of this scam platform.

What is the $10K Daily Scam?

Scam? No Scam?Now you are wondering what in fact this 10K Daily application is. With the promise of profiting 10K on daily basis, it is no wonder how many people become involved in such a trading market.

This software has been in fact designed to make money and profit with the investment of $250, before doing any investing you should be aware of the fact that there is no any real proof backing up these absurd claims. These days many people are involved in the trading market.

Today it is easier to become part of this huge market place, but this software is not going to fulfill your wishes because it is just scamming people.

Here is how it usually goes:

  1. You can find a lot of scamming software on the internet today and like many others 10K Daily App is tricking you into signing up with the brokers they are working with. After you sign with the broker they are getting a referral fee. You are in fact going to pay for nothing, it is simple as that.
  2. By the time you start using software it will come to your mind that you have been scammed but your money is long way gone already.
  3. You will try to get back money you spent already as referral fee, but your contact or broker will not allow the withdrawal of your money although in their terms you already signed, you have complete right to ask for your money back in certain period of time in certain period of time.
  4. You will desperately try to contact them, but you will fail every single time. You have been lured by these scam artists, you invested your money and you are not going to see it again. You have been completely scammed.

10k Daily App – How Does It Work?

How Does It WorkNow we should discuss how these kinds of apps actually work. I think it is more correct to say “how it doesn’t work”. So while you are online and surfing the internet, it will suddenly pop up a scam sales video.

In no time you are watching their video with the promise of profiting 10K on daily basis and you are already intrigued.

It seems to you like a great opportunity.

Their goal is in fact to convince you that their software system is genuinely outstanding and is going to help you make huge profit in no time. These trading markets have been closed in the past for outsiders and for people with no knowledge in trading systems.

Here’s one unbelievable claim that simply is not possible in real life:

10k Everyday Fake Profits

These scams are luring you into believing you can make easy money just by signing up and investing a small amount of your money. After you watched their scam video you will be offered steps you should follow in order to get their software.

These steps include signing up to the binary options broker recommended previously. After you signed up with the binary broker you have access to their application.

Here’s a screenshot from their video:

10k Daily Screenshot

And another one:

Another Screenshot

After you followed these steps and signed up with the binary broker, you will have to make a deposit. You have to invest your money in order to make huge amount of money, they will say.

In order for you not to worry about your money they will say you can withdraw money anytime you want if you are not satisfied with the software. You should be aware of the fact that as everything else about this application, this one is also a huge lie and scam.

Like most other people who fall for it and deposit their money into systems like this, they are most likely never going to see it again. I can assure you investing money into this kinds of software will only give you a headache.

In order to convince you, they will say it is only deposit money, you will have the feeling that you can get your money back at anytime but in fact you are never going to see it again.

No ProfitAfter you paid that referral fee, you actually paid the scammers. In fact that is the reason why they make their videos full of fake testimonials, great number of fake actors and satisfied people.

You will be provided with people telling you about great income, claiming that software is really working, providing you huge profit. You should know it is designed to trick you into believing that the system is genuine and safe.

After you followed all of these steps and after you deposited your money, you will get full access to the software. I know you are not fooled into thinking you are going to make 10K on a daily bases using this kind of scamming software.

Only people here making money are in fact those scamming artists that lured you in the first place. You won’t make a single penny I can assure you. They will empty your account in no time.

  • Fake Testimonials For 10k Every Day App

Like I said before, they use a great number of fake testimonials in their videos. You should be aware of the fake actors and fake income stories they tell you about.

  • The Fake Countdown Timer in 10k Daily App Website

Before writing this review we of course tested by ourselves this 10K Daily App in order to see changes coming up after refreshing the software. First thing you see is the countdown timer which is telling you that offer is time limited for those who want to sign up and take part. As you guessed, this countdown timer is completely fake as it works for everybody in the same manner.

Everybody visiting software website will see exactly the same time left for signing up. It is just another trick they use to trick you into signing up and giving your money for nothing.

Other details that you should know about the 10k Daily App software

Other Details You Should KnowIn one of their videos you can listen to wealthy man talking about his secrets. I honestly believe that billionaires don’t have need and urge to speak and beg people to listen their secrets of making huge profit. In video presentation Mr. Richard is doing just that, begging you to listen to him and his secrets about making money.

Everything about this Mr. Richard seems to me really suspicious. As you guessed this man has no identity at all, no matter how hard you try to find anything about him on the internet.

He is just a fake person, like everything else on this website. He is just a fake actor used by the scammers in order to convince you to give away your money for nothing.

Is it Free?

If you are wondering is it free to download this software, the answer is that it is not free at all, it will cost you at least $250 which will be charged to your credit card by their brokers with whom you signed the contract.

10k Daily App – Conclusion

Not Reliable

We took a closer look into the world of these scamming sites in order to protect you from it. This app 10K Daily has been circulating on the internet for days and I can assure you it is absolutely number one scamming software of 2019.

You are aware of the fact you should stay away from this app because it will only help you lose money, and you won’t get a penny.


  • Gaining experience in trading marketing systems
  • New knowledge about functioning binary systems used for making online profit


  • Giving away your money to the scamming artists and paying them for making fake videos and websites used to lure people
  • Losing at least $250 of the money charged to your credit card
  • Giving you credit card number to the scamming artists
  • Installing unreliable software that may contain trojans and other harmful viruses that can damage your computer

The harsh truth is that you will only lose money and give it away for nothing.

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