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24Option brandingOver the past few years, much has changed in the investment industry, and these changes have been cited as one of the reasons for an increase in attention towards trading binary options. When evaluating options investors need to be mindful of several aspects even before they choose 24option.

Investors need to in general always focus on what works for them before investing their hard earned cash in an option. 24option is considered as being one of the few reliable binary options robots out there used by some of the best trading software making the service an excellent choice for almost all types of traders.

Novices and experienced traders alike will find that trading after having conducted thorough and detailed analysis can reduce the risks of trading.

Overview of 24option

Prior to investing with 24option, all investors are cautioned to carry out due diligence on the market. So, traders will need to look into elements like historical economic indicators, charts, financial reviews and various reviews. All of this information should help determine if they are making the right decision.

Generally, trading binary options takes around an hour on average and so it will be worthwhile to ensure that you’ve read through all the reports within the time. Also, the more an investor or trader decides to invest with 24option the more they should research using all the financial instruments at their disposal.

Perhaps one of the biggest challenges faced by many investors when using the 24option platform is mainly deciding on which is the best market to invest. Each market has its own positive and negative points that should be understood beforehand.

However, the rule of thumb with any type of financial instrument or strategy is to try and spread the risk as thin as possible within the market which yields the best results when using 24option.

It’s important to note and consider that there are many factors driving the binary options market which mainly affect the overall performance of the 24option robot. You may want to look towards other aspects of the market like the currency market, stock options, commodities and index market.

By looking at each of these factors in detail, you’ll be improving your chances of making a good decision when it comes to investing in binary options. The reason being that every factor from each market has a direct effect in determining the performance of the market as a whole. So, each can be considered interconnected and reliant to some degree on the other.

The 24option App

How to use 24option’s Mobile App

Fixed App Model

The 24Option platforms are easy to use, both on computer and mobile devices

One of the highlights of using 24option is their trading app. The service’s mobile trading app is unsurpassed in the industry. The app makes it easy to open new positions, check the markets, and access your account.

However, there are several brokers that offer a number of mobile trading apps in an effort to make trading when on the go from a mobile device easier. But many of these apps cannot be relied on.

It is for this reason that we recommend you use a broker who is a seasoned player in the industry. 24options has earned a reputation for making trading easier for investors and clients with their app being one of the facets of their operations.

Introducing an easy to use mobile trading app is a testament to their commitment to making trading easier. The mobile trading platform is a nifty yet worthy addition to the service that unsurprisingly is used by many traders. Traders who are always on the move stand the most to benefit from the app because they can access the account and execute trades right away.

Think about trading binary options when you’re driving to work or when visiting friends. By being accessible via a smartphone, it opens up a whole new list of possibilities for traders. Plus, there is no reason for traders to go around searching for a wifi hotspot just to change their trading positions or enter into new positions.

The service also offers a feature which allows traders to place trades overnight via their smartphone. Traders can also set up alerts as well as make changes to existing ones via their smartphones so that they are constantly abreast of the latest changes.

24option Mobile

The mobile option allows traders to keep track of their investments and continuously remain updated with all the latest investment information, trade tips, options, etc. So, traders don’t have to be seated at their computers all the time to make investments and trade underlying assets. 24option is a leader in the trading industry and offers many options for investors to explore.

24option Mobile App Compatibility

App Availability

The mobile app is available on Android and iOS

Clients of the broker (24Option), have the ability to execute trades easily and securely from just about anywhere in the world. 24option apps are compatible with many tablets and smartphones. A complete list of features can be accessed via 24option’s dashboard via a regular iPhone or Samsung Galaxy phone Nokia device, an iPad Air or Mini for that matter.

The app supports more than a dozen languages which make it easy for traders to trade in their native language and its free.

24option Mobile App Features

One of the most prominent features of the 24option mobile app is that traders can trade from wherever they want and even when on the go. Clients have easy access to all the broker’s features via their platform and that too without having to be shackled to a laptop or computer.

Clients can easily trade Forex, Binary Options, stocks, indices, and commodities just as they would online with options like boundary, high/low, one touch, and 60 seconds. The app also empowers traders with the ability to manage their own financial information i.e. make withdrawals, deposits and make up to 88% gains.

That said it’s always important to note that traders can lose their entire bankroll with one or two bad investment in binary options.

24option Mobile App Usability

Mobile Platform Login

The 24Option mobile platform is so extensive that you can even open an account on your phone

24option’s features allow traders to easily log into the account without needing to download any programs or plugins apart from the mobile app. Traders can easily access markets and also open new trades for the assets they want with all the same trading options that they have used in the past.

Checking open positions or trades, managing the account and withdrawing funds after being verified is all quick and simple via the app. 24option offers professional binary options traders a trading app that incorporates all the features you’ll find with the regular 24option’s trading platform.

Traders can execute trades from anywhere in the world via the mobile app with different expiration times, and financial instruments. In addition to binary options, traders can buy and sell Forex currency pairs, stocks, indices, and commodities.

24option Expiration Duration

Binary options investors can now set an expiration time for their investment. 24option’s expiration time duration can be set so that the asset is automatically sold if certain pre-set conditions are met.

It goes without saying that timely execution is key to being successful at investing and with 24option expiration times, traders can decide under what circumstances and within which time window an asset can be traded or sold.

When using the 24option expiration times, it is important to take some time out to figure out the direction in which the asset will move. All possible outcomes need to be estimated prior to using the option just so that you can maximize your profits when using the option.

A profitable option is considered one which moves in a direction which has been predicted by a trader. The 24option expiry times will ensure that the focus of your trades are constantly on the asset.

The 24option expiration times are the prime reason why an investment may be considered valuable since the underlying assets are often traded at different times. The varying times may mean that you’re not always available and so the feature helps execute the required tasks on your behalf automatically.

24option’s Minimum Trade Bar

24option offers traders an array of trading options which are meant to suit the needs of all traders. For one the service has a great education center. Even though a higher minimum trade bar has been set by CySEC regulators which ensures that heightened security measures be taken with higher returns offered on all successful trades.

Fundamentals of Trading Binary Options

Binary options traders are primarily making a prediction in regards to the performance of a market of the option’s underlying asset for a particular time frame. Binary options have become increasingly popular over the years owing to them being straightforward and flexible.

When traders are investing in binary options, they know from the very beginning how much they want to invest and the return they can expect if their predictions are correct or the loss incurred if they are wrong.

Even though binary options traders don’t require a formal education, it’s still imperative to learn how to analyze the market and current trends to make a prediction based on those elements.

24option Trade Options

24option offers a number of different trading options ranging from 60 seconds to One Touch, High/Low, and Boundary:

  • The High/Low feature gives traders the option to decide and choose an option based on if they think that the prices will be driven down or up of a commodity or asset.
  • The 60 seconds feature is about the same as the High/Low option with the difference being that there is only a 60-second time frame.
  • The Boundary feature allows the trader to set a price range within which a binary option will be valued.
  • The One Touch feature enables traders to choose a price point at which the option will be sold within a given time frame. Though choosing an incorrect time frame owing to a bad prediction will mean that you lose on that trade.

24option Minimum & Maximum Trade

Similar to many other binary options brokers 24 option offers a minimum and maximum trade amount. The trade amount set for high/low feature is $24. The minimum amount is slightly higher than what is offered by other brokers, but the feature is recommended for use by only traders who have experience trading binary options.

The minimum trade amount of 24option reflects its high for the maximum amount which is set at $200,000.

24option is an excellent binary options platform which can be used by both experienced and newbie traders. However, the minimum trade amount has been set at $24 because it’s a service mainly geared towards serious traders who are willing to take it up as a profession.

24option’s One Touch Feature

When looking to trade binary options, it makes sense always to diversify your portfolio. Fortunately, there are so many different binary options available for trading which makes diversification easier.

However, unlike other types of binary options traders can easily access the information they require via the web-based platform. It also provides traders with much more freedom to educate themselves as opposed to relying on so-called experts for their decisions.

When you compare binary options to other types of trading, you don’t require as much money to invest via 24option one touch. The operating costs for traders on the platform are comparatively low with the startup costs being even lower.

Plus, apart from the investment costs the time frame within which a trader makes a decision is very doable. Investments through 24option one touch have to be made within 60 minutes (1 hour).

The good news for traders is that there aren’t as many regulations when you are investing via 24option one touch like those of normal securities markets. So, every asset that traders are interested in trading are available via the internet whenever they want to buy or sell.

All trade instruments are always ready so that the trader can make a move when they want and not have to wait for the broker or website to respond which can delay the execution time.

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