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Who Are We?

What do we do here at 7 Binary Options and what do we strive to become? What we want is to become your first and only choice for finding information on binary options and forex trading. Our ultimate goal is for you to think of us as the best site in this field. We’re constantly hard at work putting together the most reliable, useful and relevant information for you. Since first launching this site, we’ve been determined to become the number one site and we’re going to keep doing our best to remain the top site well into the future.

The team at 7 Binary Options is made up of a group of people from different backgrounds with many years of relevant industry experience among them. Our main author is John Miller, who’s provided the site with lots of top-quality articles and guides. This combination has put together a website that is quickly becoming the foremost source in binary options and forex trading news, broker reviews, winning strategies, signals , binary option robot software`s and more.

We’ve become a popular and successful site because we always put the client first. We don’t just tell them what we feel is important, we focus on what’s important for the client first and foremost.

How Do We Fulfil Our Mission?

To fulfil our mission of becoming the best source of information for binary options and forex trading, we do several things. These include offering clients the most recent winning trading strategies, providing registered users with free trading signals, taking an honest approach with our broker reviews and treating all our clients well.

1. We Welcome Feedback

We’ve mentioned how we put the client first, but how do we do that? By listening to what they have to say, of course. It’s always been our policy to encourage our clients to give feedback and to take the feedback very seriously. The way to give our clients the best support as they trade is to communicate with them and build up a good relationship. We share clients’ good experiences with brokers and if there are ever any concerns or complaints, we address them very quickly. Also, we don’t recommended any online broker that doesn’t meet our high standards.

2. Binary Trading Education

If a client’s not well versed in the ins and outs of binary options and forex trading, it can be hard for them to become successful at trading. That’s why we offer lots of different ways to help clients build up their knowledge and experience so they can become the best traders they can be. The recipe for success involves the right amount of training education, a good understanding of the markets and the desire to succeed. If you’re a trader wanting to succeed at binary options and forex trading, 7 Binary Options will help you along the way.

3. Honest Broker Reviews

We take our reviews very seriously at 7 Binary Options. We take each individual site for a test run and carry out our trial in the same way as most of our clients would use the site. There is nothing more important to us than providing our clients with the right information they need to help them find the ideal online broker that will give them the best overall trading experience.


We will never stop pursuing our goal to try to satisfy all of our clients every time they come to us. That’s why we’re constantly keeping our readers up to date with all the latest news, trends, strategies and other nuances that are important when it comes to binary trading options. Because of this, traders won’t need to go anywhere else for information – 7 Binary Options gives them everything they need. Stick with us and take your binary options and forex trading experience to the next level.

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