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Account Doubling App Logo ReviewAccount Doubling Money App claims they will double your money in 7 days or give you 10 Grand. Sounds exciting? Read our review for more information.

Account Doubling Money App Review

If you are familiar at all with binary options trading, you are well aware that every month we are seeing more and more scam trading bots appear online. There has been a definite increase in popularity of binary options trading and along with that boom comes a simultaneous boost in phony trading systems. Every Tom, Dick and Harry are coming up with a bogus trading software system and trying to scam unsuspecting, trusting traders out of thousands of dollars.

Luckily, there are honest reviews, online, that will give you fair and unbiased reviews of any and every new binary options trading system that comes out. If you want to get the truth about a trading system, you must take the time to read several reviews. Never sign up for a trading system unless you are certain that is not a fraudulent service. You need to protect both your identity and your investment. You can’t be too careful these days.

Account Doubling Money App, or Doubling Bot, is a fairly recent newcomer to the binary options trading market. This automated system claims it can earn hundreds and thousands of dollars in just hours. If this system is authentic or just another phony, Read our Account Dubbing Money App review to find out more.

What is Account Doubling Money App?

Account Dubbing Money App. or Doubling Bot, is designed by James Alexander, a self-proclaimed financial genius and self-made millionaire. Alexander claims that Doubling Bot will double you money in just 7 days or he will personally pay you 10 grand of his own money.

Just a side note: anytime someone makes such a claim, you can pretty much guarantee that there product is a total sham. Also, we have yet to see proof that anyone has earned a penny with this system, let alone doubled their money or received the promised 10k from Mr. James Alexander, alleged CEO of the Account Doubling App.

Account Doubling App Review

How to Get Started

Trading with Doubling Bot is similar to other trading software systems. You simply create an account by entering your personal information (name, email, phone, number, etc) then you must register for an account with one of their brokers, as they do not let you use a broker of your choice. We discovered during our Account Doubling Money App review that none of the brokers who are associated with this program are licensed, so we do not trust the validity of this system based solely on this.

Once you are registered, you must fund your account with at least $250 and then the system will make trades for you once you have chosen your trading settings. If and when you earn anything, you can then begin the withdrawal process to get your funds. During our review of Doubling Bot, we discovered that many traders were not able to withdraw their funds and lost their total investment.

Final Conclusion: Is Account Doubling Money App a Scam?

Not ReliableWe cannot say for sure that this system is a certified scam, but we have many reasons to suspect that Account Doubling Money App is not a trustworthy trading system. There have been way too many negative reviews and outright complaints about the authority of this trading system. We advice that you either choose to sign with another trading system or that if you do decide to use this software, that you do so at your own risk and proceed with utmost caution. We cannot in good faith recommend Doubling Bot to our loyal readers and anyone that is serious about trading binary options.



  • Traders must use one of the brokers associated with Doubling Bot App
  • Brokers are not regulated
  • Customer service is unreachable
  • Far too many complaints and no proof of earnings.
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7 Binary Options review: Account Doubling App: 1 stars.

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