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Afofee LogotypeWe have to start with a warning: NEVER, at any point of your career, should you join Afofee. With that in mind, if you still have any doubts about this strong opinion we hold, please continue reading this article as it will show you why exactly we think like that.

Afofee MLM is by all means a scammy company which works under the pretense of being a reliable MLM company. As a matter of fact, the general population who works with this organization has nothing to do with trading.

They are in the internet business, taxicab administrations, portable energy, digital advertising, coupons, travel and so on. Because of this, Afofee can involve a lot of funds from different businesses.

The company claims that its business plan is based on connecting dealers with purchasers and that through a unique shared relationship, each individual connected with Afofee will have the capacity to produce a consistent stream of income.

Afofee MLM Company’s Products and Services are not Clear

On the off chance that the previously mentioned service was worth going with, it would imply this is a platform that is exclusively designed for coordinating dealers with prospective buyers.

How then can the two side of this affair profit from this transaction? Frankly, there is no way and the correct response to this puzzle is in the fact that Afofee MLM business plan is faulty and can never work as they say it will.

While conducting our detailed analysis of Afofee, we were able to find out that Afofee program also runs a shopping site named Zuvoki. This shopping platform is as far as anyone knows the place that connects purchasers with buyers, from different industries and businesses.

Initializing from 5 countries

Even though their business is expanding, we wish it wasn’t

As a member, one is promised a ROI of 252% of their aggregate sell or buy actions. This benefit ought to be claimed promptly in only 165 days from the date of enrollment. Moreover, this cash is to be made without asking others to join the Afofee framework. How genuine is this?

All things considered, this strategy is extremely in opposition to how most MLMs function. It’s due to their obvious slyness that they are using this confusing way to confuse their victims much further.

It absolutely sounds great to have that sort of benefit without needing to make your loved ones join the system under your account. Be that as it may, where precisely does this cash originate from? Well, Afofee scam has no way of making it without tricking the users.

Clearly, to profit under the Afofee system, one needs to put comments under different weblinks that will be issued out and sent to you every week. The sum that one will gain is not revealed at all, and this brings up the issue that makes us ask ourselves whether Afofee Organization is really honest with users about their plan of action.

Additionally, the origin of this cash which individuals are “paid” is not made clear, despite the fact that they are guaranteed a great financial balance after they comment for 165 calendar days.

It is not legitimate to ask your clients to add comments under the pages which they are not interested in at all and have nothing to do with it. What value will those comments serve exactly? As you can see, everything appears to be weird about the Afofee MLM system.

All things considered, we went further into the examinations and found that Afofee plan is working this “adding comments under random pages” business in a similar way other MLM plans drive individuals to tap in advertisements with the guarantee that they will win millions in a very brief timeframe.

This business plan is not beneficial for economy and can’t possibly produce cash for anybody on the web. Afofee Scam guarantees that clients will acquire cash by adding comments under only two or three web pages that might be conveyed to them weekly.

Yet, we are 100% certain that these comments will never pay off anything larger than less than a dollar per one. Furthermore, if we can imagine just for a second the possibility that remuneration is higher, then we can definitely state that this business won’t be maintainable over the long haul. This is probably our most vital finding in our Afofee investigation. This is important to note on account of its pyramid nature of operations.

The fundamental fact here is that we don’t have even a remote idea about the origins of this cash which individuals from the Afofee MLM business are being paid (or at least promised to).

Furthermore, we don’t comprehend why individuals ought to be compelled to add comments on pages which have content they are absolutely not interested in. Thirdly, the reward to be paid for each comment is discrete and this is a warning that something is wrong with this system.

How can one possibly proceed to contribute investments of money and time with Afofee MLM scam when the potential return for your venture is not known? Disregard the 252% ROI that is promised, there is absolutely no evidence for this. These are simply figures on paper which can’t convert into money, unless there is some proof from the company that is promising it.

The Registration Process of Afofee Plan is Flawed

Until now, we still don’t know what adding comments on random pages has to do with connecting sellers with potential customers. On the off chance that the Afofee framework is entirely about uniting the two sides of the web based business industry, then it implies the organization ought to focus every one of its actions and efforts towards this kind of business.

Evidently, what the company is actually doing is the direct opposite of what we have expected them to. We are compelled to trust that Afofee MLM is simply working under the appearance of purchaser-vendor connecting platform when actually their operations are very far away from this concept.

That aside, we likewise found that the enrollment procedure of the Afofee program was imperfect and confusing to go through, to say the very least. To begin with, the first thing you see is a referral link under which you should enroll, regardless of whether you want to do it on the Afofee site or somewhere else.

After following this link, you are then required to enter your personal details: your name, phone and email, nation, and credit card number. Despite the fact that the enrollment procedure is perplexing, the Afofee company has a few numbers which clients can ring in the very probable event that they require offer assistance.

Once this is done, the following stage obliges clients to make installments through NEFT or IMPS –whichever is more suitable for any particular use. For the last step, one should buy an e-code for Afofee participation which is accessible in different categories ranging anywhere from 5 to 250 dollars.

What is weird is that clients are required to confirm this transaction through an Indian bank account number. Your account should then be confirmed in 12 hours after completing all of this.

Presently, the means recorded above don’t appear to have anything in common with the way that was previously mentioned by creators on the landing page of Afofee site. Rather, these means appear to prompt an entry point in which you will be made a request to finish assignments on a week to week premise.

These tricks are nothing other than an effort to get you leaving comments under some random pages that you will be referred to consistently. As indicated by our Afofee investigation already, this business of “comments under pages” is not a reasonable method for profiting if you really want to earn money.

Does The Afofee MLM Have Any Proof of Payment?

Those few Afofee MLM reviews that we could find on the web were guaranteeing that individuals have been getting installments on time and without any issues.

Plan and Total Income

There’s no proof of such earnings

Well, we have to say that something is awfully wrong with those reviews. Above all else, the names of the individuals who got the said Afofee arranged payouts haven’t been uncovered on the company’s website or anywhere else, just the aggregate sum of payouts for the different events is recorded there. The location where the cash originated was not indicated as well.

Honestly, assuming that you have seen a real bank statement before, then you know for sure that such bank statement certificates must have the name of the individual paying and that of the individual accepting this payment.

For this situation, nothing of this sort is contained in that certificate. So we are affirming that Afofee is only a top notch scam and not a real MLM.

Also, consequently, we are sure that this statement is the result of photo editing and not really a valid bank operation. Anybody with these skills could have manufactured an account statement just with a purpose tricking others to trust that Afofee is an honest business with some real financial capital.

Some other Afofee reviews online additionally did likewise by distributing a “confirmation” of some payments from this present organization’s financial bank accounts. In any case, in one specific example, we could recognize a bank explanation that had a completely different name than that of a person leaving a comment.

In case you decide to follow up on this matter (which you really should to make sure we are telling the truth), you will understand right away that the directors of this organization are either based or perform the operations from India as all the statements seem to come from there.

Their financial balance statements have been since changed many times but are very easy to track down. Also, the way that the names Zuvoki (the shopping gateway of Afofee Venture) and Burning Data Arrangements Private Ltd are showing up on the same budgetary explanation, we could conclude that there is something really fishy going on with those statements and there is no way they can be real.

A System Similar to the Afofee Scam Closed In India

The company Social Trade Biz, owned by Ablaze Info Solutions Private Ltd got closed on the basis of scamming over 600.000 people from India. As it turns out, this same Ablaze Info solutions Private Ltd is the owner of the the very Afofee MLM that we are discussing here!

Afofee India MLM Is Simply Illegal

Available in India

This graph is false, as Afofee can no longer operate in India

Clearly, the Afofee organization procured a bunch of “authoritative bank statements” which they are utilizing to trick people who are smart enough to demand the information of their business operations.

Evidently, Zuvoki (a daughter company of Afofee Organization) is charged to have been enlisted with the Administration of India and issued with an endorsement of Consolidation.

They likewise assert that the business was regulated and given the most prestigious honor of the European Business Grant in the year 2015. This honor particularly went to Afofee Web arrangements. At long last, Afofee Web Arrangements likewise states that they are in consistence with the assessment laws of India.

All things considered, our thorough Afofee investigation must conclude and tell our readers that these statements have nothing to do with any sort of MLM business operation that the Afofee program is running.

Regardless of some reviews online assuring that they actually made money with this scam, the reality remains that whoever was granting these statements didn’t know about the way that Afofee Organization was working under the pretense of licensed business aligned with international law when they are, in fact, just a lame fake MLM business.

Conclusion : Is The Afofee MLM a Scam?

Not ReliableIt ought to be indiscriminately clear at this point that the reality behind the Afofee MLM system is altogether different from the way that they promote this system to be. We are now sure that all the founders really do is joyfully use the people who register with them for some shady operations, getting those expensive Afofee account charges and ensuring that their business develops at the cost of those they have ripped off.

Once you have signed up with this scam, it becomes crystal clear how exploitative and ridiculous the framework is. Therefore, anybody supposing they’ll be making the sort of profits like those the system promises simply by tapping a couple of buttons on their laptop every day is truly blind.

The reality of the situation is that this Afofee System is a sheer scam. Unless you want to end up completely disappointed, this truly shouldn’t be an alternative that you consider.


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  • Illegal Methods
  • No Proof Of Winnings
  • Shady System
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