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algo cash masterAs people are growing more ways of the standard stock market strategies, binary options trading is becoming increasingly popular with those who are serious about earning a profit. Binary options is a more user-friendly type of financial investing as decisions are based on a fixed outcome selected from a list of hit or miss options for trading assets. Among these new trading platforms comes the addition of automated trading system. Algo Cash Master is one of these systems, however their reputation is questionable as there has been no positive customer feedback on this new binary options trading software.

Basic information:

Cost: Free
Software: 100% Automated
Max Returns: Up to 82%
Minimum Deposit: $250
Countries: All nations


– 100% Automated System
– Mobile Platform Available for Smartphones and Tablets


– Traders Do Not Have Control Over How the System Makes Trades
– Website Does Not Provide Company Information
– Unreliable Customer Service
– System Has Not Been Proven to Work

7BO Verdict:

Not Reliable


Not Reliable Service

Is Algo Cash Master a Scam?

According to our research, as well as customer input, we feel that Algo Cash Master might just be a scam software system. There is no information whatsoever on their website as to how the system works or the details about what it will cost traders who are interested in utilizing this software. Unlike, most binary trading platforms, they do not even display a promotional video, which in our opinion, is highly unprofessional. What shocked us even more, is that their so called “customer support” is unresponsive, which they blamed on lack of manpower, but we feel it was due to incompetence as our inquiries were left unresolved.

How Much Does Algo Cash Master Cost?

Nowhere on their site, does Algo Cash Master mention their costs, nor they mention anything that how their system operates so customers may be a bit confused. From what we gathered from feedback from other traders who have used this system, you must enter your credentials the moment you sign up. We found it disconcerting that Algo Cash Master automatically starts making trades on your behalf without you inputting any information as to how you wish to use your funds with this system. In our opinion, this is not how a reliable system operates.

How Does Algo Cash Master Work?

According to the Algo Cash Master website, the system operates solely on the input of the team that supposedly manages this system. Apparently their data is based on “real” financial information. We were unable to confirm if this system is accurately based on the information we were offered. We feel this system is extremely risky, but in the end, it is the trader’s decision if they wish to invest with this service.



How to Get Started?

Once you sign up for the service, you are required to add your Credit Card details before you are even directed to one of their recommended brokers. The Algo Cash System will automatically authorize your funds the moment you fund your account with no limits until it has made what it determines are successful trades. Again, we feel this is very risky as you have no control over your funds.

Special Features

On the Algo Cash Master homepage, they claim to have many special and unique features such as dedicated customer service, user-friendly interface and a vast choice of withdraw methods. However, we did not see proof that these claims are sincere. We advise that traders opt for a system that has already been tested to be a reliable system as this one is still too new to determine its accuracy.

Final Conclusion

Not ReliableAt this time, we cannot in all honesty recommend Algo Cash System. With lack of substantial proof that this system is legitimate, and based on customer feedback, we feel this system is not reliable and may even be a scam. We strongly advise you to look for a more reliable system.

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