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As more and more traders join the online binary options trading scene, the demand for automated trading solutions has also skyrocketed. Traders are constantly on the lookout for an easier way to trade binary options so they don’t have to remain glued to their trading terminals. Hence it is not surprising to find new trading solutions popping up on the internet every day offering fast returns with a minimum of effort.

Alive in 5 is one such system which has recently cropped up on the internet and caught our attention. So does the Alive in 5 trading solution actually perform as claimed? Check out our in-depth review to find out.

What is the Alive in 5 Trading System?

Alive in 5 ProfitsAlive in 5 is said to be a binary options trading robot that was created by an individual called Brandon Graham. It is a free trading software that is only provided to those traders that have signed up with Alive in 5 and opened a live trading account with their list of recommended brokers. According to the creator of the software Brandon Graham, he claims that the trading software is able to help its users achieve a return of $1,000 in 5 minutes. And within 6 months, they will be able to achieve a 6 figure income.

For beginner traders with no trading experience and who don’t know anything better, they will definitely get easily swayed by such claims.  However, the sad reality is such claims cannot be realistically achieved. This is why much of presentation video for the Alive in 5 trading software was dedicated to showcasing the lifestyle of Brandon rather than providing technical details about the software.

And to prove the effectiveness of the Alive in 5 trading software, the presentation video also contains a so-called “live demo” of the trading software at work. To our surprise, what we found was an amateurish attempt by Brandon to pass off photoshopped screen grabs as live screen captures of the software in action. We know this for a fact between the URL on the browser indicated that the browser was showing an image file being accessed directly from a folder on the hard drive of the demo computer rather than from an internet website.

So if Brandon could resort to blatantly fabricating the trading results of his software, it goes to show how much confidence he has in his own creation. So if the developer of the software is unable to produce the results which he claimed that the software is able to achieve, would you believe that you can do any better?
About Brandon Graham

In the promotional video on Alive in 5’s website, someone named Brandon Graham claims to have made his riches by earning millions of dollars every month using the software. With no evidence presented to support the claim, however, you can’t determine whether or not he speaks the truth.

Creator From Promotional Video

The creator of AliveIn5

But the production is slick. He shows the signs of living a wealthy life and displays an expensive car and a luxurious home. It makes you excited and hopeful about experiencing the same success. Unfortunately, he’s someone using a rented car and home as part of the acting job for which he was hired.

From the looks of this video, the ones who created it possibly created another scam called Free Money Guaranteed; that system also liked using the same car rental company that likely rented Graham the Porsche in Alive in 5’s video.

Yes, this person calling himself Brandon is a paid actor from Fiverr hired to trick those who can be convinced by these lies enough to part with their money. His girlfriend is likely an actor as well. In fact, he likely has no previous experience actually trading binary options and therefore has agreed to produce this fake story to fool potential traders.

Despite his claims to wealth, no one seems to have heard of him. We could find no social media profile for him on LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook or anything else about him online with a simple Google search. More than likely, he’s broke and using a fake identity for money by pretending to be the owner of Alive in 5’s system. Regardless, he’s clearly hiding who he really is, so why should you trust him especially with your money?

Alive in 5 in the News: True or False?

Alive in 5’s website displays headlines and articles from new features of their company. The problem is that these are fake. Despite their claims and the slick packaging production on their website, no credible news organization has praised them for changing the face of the online trading industry.

So these accreditations are nothing but fabrications designed to fool you into thinking that they’re real. In our research, we couldn’t find any real news organizations that have mentioned this software.

Claim to Fame: $1,000 in Only 5 Minutes

Alive in 5 promises unbelievable changes in your financial status. It claims that it has changed the lives of all types of people around the world and that you can earn $1,000 in only five minutes using their software. But is that really accurate?

Ridiculous CLaims

There is no system that can promise that

In a test run, the software hadn’t executed a single trade after five minutes passed, much less earned $1,000 profit. Even after 60 minutes, it couldn’t find a trade to execute. In fact, several hours later, the balance in the trading account went DOWN by $50 after two losing trades.

So, this claim for all intents and purposes looks fake. The software couldn’t even generate the number of trades to make that kind of profit possible, and when it finally made a couple of trades it lost! In that situation, you’d have to protect the remainder of your funds from a complete wipeout.

Reviews and Testimonials for Alive in 5

Graham also shows you testimonials for the system in a bid to convince you to register an account with the site. Fake members claim success with the software and beta testers declare that they’ve made thousands in profit after just a few months trading with it. They even throw in fake withdrawal claims to demonstrate how much they’ve (supposedly) been paid.

All he wants is to get as many sign-ups as he can and he will use shady business tactics to do so. These tactics come in the form of touching story narrations or wealthy displays like the ones mentioned previously in their video.

Even if he were truly wealthy, you can’t necessarily credit the use of the software. For all you know, he could have made his riches from scamming others out of their money in the form of creating scam software or just being paid lots of money to represent the face of one.

Additionally, he dismisses other types of investments and ways to earn income. In his world, you can make money without effort and pushes the claim that Alive in 5’s software can help you make money while you sleep and earn you enough to live the good life like he (supposedly) does.

You’d be hard pressed to prove the profitability claims of anyone giving a testimonial on the Alive in 5 website, as well. Graham offers reviews of users who’ve claimed to have made tens of thousands in as little as a couple of days. Others state that they’ve earned hundreds of thousands within a single month.

To dig himself into an even deeper hole, he uses someone as a reviewer that you can easily mistake for a beggar on the street. This person, with tears in their eyes, claims that they bought a house and earned over $200,000 profit within two months using no money at the beginning of their trading adventure.

In all of our time within the trading industry, we’ve yet to come across a legitimate system that can help you earn that much that fast, especially if you invest little to nothing at the start. (To make the kind of money many of these types of scams advocate so fast, you’d have to invest a large amount of money into your account from the start and be a professional trader already).

Alive in 5 looks like a modification of other trading software scams. You get no advantages for using the software…not even a guarantee of a single winning trade. You’re more likely to lose whatever money you decide to invest in them which is all to the benefit of whoever’s truly behind the creation of this software.

In an attempt to further pressure you and other traders, the site advocates for immediately signing up. That way, he can still get rich even after you realize you’ve been taken into a scam because so many other traders will have taken the bait alongside you.

Beware of the Recommended Brokers

If you register an account, you’ll have to deposit funds (a minimum of $250) with one of their recommended brokers instead of your own. Scam robots always require this because this is the meat-and-potatoes of their money-making scheme.

They are affiliates and partner themselves up with the broker companies in exchange for a commission. As soon as you deposit real money into one of their affiliated brokerage account companies, they receive money from said companies.

These brokers can’t make money if everyone using programs like the Alive in 5 system were actually making the type of money the site claims they can. They’d go out of business if that were the case. So they willingly associate themselves with scam developers like the ones behind Alive in 5.

It makes them money as long as said developers design their software to execute losing trades for customers and help the brokers recuperate their commission investment and profit.

More Signs of a Scam Robot

Countdown Scam TechniqueDon’t believe the statement about a limited release for the software or availability of it in only certain countries. Those are marketing tactics used to make the software look elite and, therefore, make you feel like a fool who’ll miss out if you don’t sign up for it right away.

But if you refresh the page or go back to the website later, whether tomorrow or next year (assuming they haven’t taken the site down completely by then), you’ll likely still find the same tactic.

Also, the site gives off the impression that you can benefit even when you don’t understand how the program works. That doesn’t make any logical sense, but they expect enough people to turn off their critical brains and succumb to the slick marketing job they present by appealing to your desire for wealth.

Screenshot of the Alive in 5 Website

Availability Video Promotion

This video is available everywhere really

How Does It Work?

Even though the Alive in 5 software is said to be free, there are certain conditions which must be met before you can download it:

  1. The first thing that you have to do is to register on the Alive in 5 website in order to get the link to download the software.
  2. Once you have downloaded the software, you have to register for a live trading account with one of the brokers recommended by the software. Take note that none of the recommended brokers are regulated.
  3. After registration, you also have to make an initial minimum deposit before you are permitted to make a live trade.
  4. Finally, after making your initial deposit, you have to set the trading parameters on the software in order to prevent you from incurring trading losses.
  5. Once all these steps have been carried out, the Alive in 5 software will keep you updated on the conditions in the markets.

Final Conclusion: is Alive in 5 a scam?

Alive in 5 Fraud AlertIn the course of our research, we found many negative reviews about the Alive in 5 trading software:

  • Most notably was the fact that Brandon Graham is actually nothing more than a paid actor.
  • The second main complaint about the Alive in 5 software stems from allegations that the software is nothing more than a repackaged scamming platform that is used in so many other scams found on the internet.

In fact, the Alive in 5 software is linked to another scam called the “Drexel Code” perpetrated by an individual by the name of “Robert”. At the end of the day, we can’t help but conclude that the Alive in 5 trading software is nothing more than a scam to get unsuspecting traders to sign up with unregulated brokers.

As such, we strongly recommend all our readers to avoid the Alive in 5 software.


  • Free Software


  • Fabricated trading results
  • Fake Testimonials
  • Unregulated Brokers
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