Frank Saunders created Altronix to be a trustworthy auto trading robot software. Traders in the industry are familiar with the automated trading systems as well as the scam binary options brokers that frequently exist in the market today.

This glut is a result of the fact that trading through binary options is very popular. The belief that anyone can generate wealth in a short period of time has caused the industry to explode. This is why we have decided to investigate Altronix to see whether traders can use the features and gain useful information from it.

Basic information:

Cost: Free
Software: 100% Automated
Max Returns: Up to 100%
Minimum Deposit: $250
Countries: All nations


  • Entirely Internet established
  • Teaching tools
  • Mobile device enabled


  • Not established as reliable
  • No free trial
  • Limited worldwide availability

7BO Verdict:

Not Reliable


Not Reliable Service

Is This Software a Scam?

Is It a Scam?The first thing we will do is look at the features of Altronix. After all, the biggest concern for most traders is whether it is a trustworthy trading system that utilizes honest binary options brokers or whether it just one of the many scams in the market.

On the whole, the software appears to be good with practical trading information that even beginner traders can find useful.

Unfortunately, what was not as encouraging was the fact that we could find no proof of whether the software was licensed or not.

Even though the site is professionally developed, that alone was just not enough to convince us that Altronix is a trustworthy provider of information. Until this robot can be verified as safe, traders are advised to use more established and trustworthy systems when trading binary options.

Unlike most other binary options robots; the Altronix App promotional video cleverly uses a mixture of truth and lies to deceive viewers. For example, the story about an unnamed trader making $2.4 million in profits within 28 minutes after a tweet about a potential Intel Altera merger is true.

Well, mostly true anyway; the source of the unnamed trader’s information has now been shown to be the Dow Jones Newswire, not Twitter, as the option trades were placed 19 seconds before the tweet.

Further, while experts agree that the trader likely used an automated trading program, the instruments the trader bought were stock options, which have absolutely nothing to do with binary options.



As usual with this kind of software, the promotional video is highly fraudulent

The Cost of the Software

The fees you pay depend on whether or not you’re registered with a broker recognized by the Altronix website. However, if you choose to remain with your current broker who is not yet on the list, you will be responsible for paying a service fee when using the software.

How Altronix Works

How Altronix Works

The answer to the question posed above is simple: It doesn’t.

There are two different ways in which the software works, and the method you choose will depend on your level of trust in the software. Because Altronix has been developed to be a trading robot, it functions in much the same way that other similar software does.

  1. it gathers information from the market
  2. compares it with your trading methods
  3. analyzes data
  4. and comes to a conclusion

Authorized traders receive the robot’s conclusion, and a trade is made. If you prefer, you can utilize the automatic trading option. In this method, everything is completely automated. You don’t have to make any choices about when or how much to trade. Altronix generates bids and trades on your behalf.

Getting Started

  1. Getting StartedRegister an Account – Simply follow the prompts to register your account. If you choose to use one of the brokers recommended by Altronix, you will simply need to make a deposit, and then you can start trading. If you choose to use a broker not listed with the system, you will need to pay a fee for every trade.
  2. Trade – Now that you have an account, simply link Altronix to the account and you’re ready to get started with trading.

Altronix App Business Model

The Altronix App business model works just like all the other binary options robots business models out there. First, become an affiliate of an unscrupulous broker who does not mind that its affiliates use shady advertising tactics to get traders to use their service.

Next, buy a generic auto-trading software, rebrand it, and then make a promotional video with some outrageous claims to draw gullible people in to use the robot and open a trading account with you affiliate broker. And when they fund their account, you get a nice affiliate commission!

In the case of the Altronix App, while their website is still functioning, their broker redirect is broken. What this means is that the people behind the Altronix App have already moved on to another binary options robot but the Altronix App domain as yet to expire. When it does, it is not likely to be renewed.

Altronix App Disclaimer

Most of these binary options robots which use false advertising usually have the decency to at least put a disclaimer on their website stating that actors were used in their promotional video and that profits are not guaranteed etc. Altronix App has no such disclaimer, which tells us that they are being willfully deceitful. Not a good sign at all.

Additional Features

Additional FeaturesWhile it is likely that the software is a respectable trading system, utilizing brokers you can rely on, it does not appear that there are any additional features you cannot already find with more trustworthy and established traders.

The site does offer plenty of practical tips, but that is not enough to sway us. To avoid possible complications, it is better to simply use a reliable licensed provider.


Not ReliableThis software is presented as a professional platform that promises a number of benefits and impressive results. In our investigation we were unable to verify any of these claims, however.

Some or all of them might be true, but without third-party validation it is impossible to tell. One way in which Altronix could have achieved that was through a license, but, as mentioned above, we found no evidence that it has one.

Therefore, our advice is that you should not use Altronix and should instead choose a platform that is licensed, or whose claims have been independently verified.

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