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Apiary Fund LogoWhat would you do if someone gave you $10, 000 to invest, teach you how to invest, and at the end of the month you get to keep a significant percentage of the profit? If you lose that cash, you don’t have to pay them back, but you’ll not get paid until you get your account back to $10,000 by trading. Apiary Investment promises traders such a deal, purportedly funding members anywhere between $2500, $5000, $10, 000, and even more depending on traders’ ‘qualification’ of managing bigger Forex accounts.

This is necessarily an excellent idea because the company is helping you kick-start your Forex trading adventure with a good account size and will train you on the fundamentals of forex and currency trading. This investment model is a replica of the popular international Chinese organization that would teach people from all sorts of academic and professional backgrounds to manage their cash, rather than go for those with better financial and academic backgrounds.

The problem with Apiary Fund is that there have been incessant assortment of review regarding the legitimacy of the fund, with so much conflicting excellent on the web. Some of the ‘SCAM’ debates genesis from the fact that Apiary will require $97 monthly subscription fee to maintain your account, retain your access to learning modules, and of course, chase jokers away. The selling point is that you’re promised a risk-free, funded account if you meet the pre-set subscription requirements.

Commissions and Fees

Apiary Investment offers a 30-day, risk-free trial at $0 cost. Throughout this trial, you will be trained on how to trade on currencies giving you access to full technical and trading support; own personal trading stat dashboard; a trading and risk management software; recorded lectures and illustrations; as well as recorded training materials.

You also have the option to cancel the trial program with no contracts or long-term commitments. However, if you like the offer, you will be billed $97 every month until you cancel your subscription. After you complete the training program which runs from Course 1 through to 12, you will be given a funded account which runs from Tier 1 to 4.

Funded Growth ApiaryFirst, you will be given $2500, then $10,000, then $50,000, and the max trade limit size will be $250,000. At each tier, you have to display high levels of consistency and profitability before you’re moved to the next tier. At the first tier gives you 60% profit, the second promises 70%, the third 80%, and the last level gives you 85% of the profit. Although you’ll still pay the monthly subscription of $97, in time, this can certainly be recouped by the shared earning you receive.

The additional huge benefit about this trading model is that you can still utilize the education you receive from Apiary throughout your future as a Forex trader, whether or not you decide to stick with the fund. The monthly subscription is also decreased as you move up the levels; at first tier you’ll be paying $97, at second tier, $87, third $77, and final tier $67.

Trust, Security, and Safety

Aside from the monthly subscription, Apiary Fund will never ask you for your investment money; you will be managing Apiary’s investment cash with no risk to yourself. To keep the incentives aligned and purpose pure, the fund promises never to ask traders to put money into the fund as a security deposit, reimbursement, or investment. However, over the years, some traders have claimed that meeting the requirements set by Apiary is near impossible, which makes it hard for people to get the funded accounts.

It is, however, essential to note that Apiary Fund isn’t a ‘get rich quick’ scheme, and you’ll need to take your time to go through the course successfully to unlock the funded account and progress through each tier. With nearly a decade of service and a massive community, this fund is legitimate. There is also a forum dedicated to Apiary community and can offer valuable information regarding the experience here. What’s certain is that the software is secure and safe for people to learn and conduct actual trading. To be profitable in Forex trading, you have to put in actual, smart work to achieve the targets you seek.

Desktop Experience

The Apiary Fund uses interactive and popular software known as Alveo for all its online Forex trades. While it can take some time to learn about this software, it is still a straightforward and comprehensive software for veteran and beginners alike. With a PC version, you can easily manage five different charts at the home screen and have even many more charts open on tabs. This software allows you to have prompt executions on your trading activities giving you the best possible responses when trading.

Apiary Fund CopperThe site runs smoothly on both Windows and Mac PCs across different browsers. This trading software is well-known in the industry for supporting high-frequency platforms with native risk management. It is written in the C# programming language, making it one of the best in the market.

Mobile Experience

There’s a downloadable software available for both Android and iOS powered devices. This means you can easily monitor your account and play on the go with absolute responsiveness. The Apiary Fund Mobile App is also downloadable for free and is available in both App Store and Google Play. Overall, the mobile app is very easy to manage, and traders can customize the interface in way that is right for their trading strategy and style.

Opening an Account

Opening an account at Apiary Fund is a breeze and a straightforward affair. You will just need to register for the 30-day, free, and risk-free trial period. Simply submit your email address, confirm that you agree with the terms of service and privacy policy, and click ‘get started.’ You will then be required to provide a few personal details along with the billing details [card number] whether Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or Amex.

Again, tick that you agree with Apiary’s terms of service, privacy policy, and disclaimer and then submit. It’s only after the free trial of 30 days elapse that you will be charged the $97 subscription fee, which as mentioned previously, will decrease as you move up the levels. The registration process is the same and hassle-free whether you are using a PC or mobile.

Deposits and Withdrawal Options

Remember, you don’t need to make investment deposits at Apiary Investment Fund. You will just be charged the monthly subscription fees every month for the educational materials provided, which is charged directly and automatically from your credit card. If you manage to make profits after you get your funded account, you can also make withdrawals directly to your credit cards depending on the percentage profit you manage to accrue.

Investment Products

Apiary Investment Fund is purely a place where Forex traders get funded accounts to trade on different types of currencies. There are limited possibilities when it comes to Forex trading at this platform, as there are numerous options to trade. There are traders from all over the world trading here, many from Europe and, United States, Canada, the Middle East, Africa, and Australia, to name a few. As mentioned prior, if you make profits with the funded accounts, you get to keep a significant percentage of that profit. The most popular exchanges include:


Research Tools and Insights

Being an educational platform for Forex traders, Apiary Fund packs a massive lobby for resourceful tools and strategies for its users. It offers different sets of tools and resources depending on the type of traders including short term, intermediate, and long term.


The fund also offers personalized training for its new members allowing excellent technical analysis help, as well as links and fundamental analysis aid. Traders are also trained how to use Alveo, mobile and computer setups, along with information on software development. You will also be provided with virtual currency to help you trade and learn throughout the training phase. It’s only until the training and education window is over that traders are given funded accounts to start trading for real money and generate profits.

Special Features

Traders can get up to $250, 000 of risk-free investment cash and get to keep 85% if they make profits. When lost, there is are no damaging consequences, but will only get the promised benefit if the cash is generated back to the amount funded.

Final Thoughts

ApprovedThis is undoubtedly a new-fangled Forex investment set-up, new but tested! You definitely won’t get instantly rich with this model, but you can pick up some valuable strategies that you can use for your currency trading career. In a one-liner, this is a win-win situation for both the trader and Apiary fund. As a trader, you get to learn new tricks and strategies, and if keen, some free investment cash. For Apiary Fund, this is an approach to recruit new traders to diversify risk and grow steadily.

Is this your final decision?

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General Risk Warning: The financial products offered by the company carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose.


  • Funded-traders get to keep up to 85% of the profit with no risk
  • Three-month tiered education for traders
  • Offers investors the ability to achieve funded trading accounts
  • Clean, resourceful, and easy to use interface


  • High subscription fees
  • After violating funded account requirements, no way to reset statistics
  • Very expensive when live trader upgrade is included

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