Are there any OptionFair Complaints?

Are there any OptionFair Complaints?There is not a binary options broker on the web today that is complaint free; that is just a fact of life when a website has people that both gain and lose money trading. With that being said, if a site is getting a very high number of complaints, then that could be a sign of some wrongdoing on that website’s part. That is why everyone should think about trading on a site like OptionFair that gets very few complaints.

OptionFair is a binary options broker that has been satisfying customers online since 2010. It is a site that we liked because of the generous bonuses they offer and the fact that they supply some very good trading signals. It also uses the highly popular TechFinancials trading platform that is very user-friendly and easy to navigate around.

Since we first looked at OptionFair a few years ago there have been virtually no complaints about the website. Our review of them was not perfect, but there was nothing that we didn’t like about the site that couldn’t be corrected with a minimum of effort; the man issue there was that is was a little bit slow getting in touch with their customer service.

Why is the website considered so fair? For one thing, it has to be because it falls under the regulation of CySEC; there is a code of conduct that must be followed by each member broker. That is the regulating body that enables them to be traded throughout the European Union. There are also other directives that OptionFair must comply with such as MIFID directives. So while many binary options brokerage sites are completely unregulated, that is most certainly not the case with OptionFair. This is probably one of the leading reasons why OptionFair gets so few complaints.

Excellent customer service also plays a big role in reducing customer complaints and OptionFair has an excellent customer service team. Although this does not fall under any regulations, the European Union takes a strong stance against any binary options broker that does not make their customer service easily accessible. No broker in their right mind would risk losing the privilege to trade in the lucrative European market.

These types of things are what get a broker placed near the top of our broker review ratings every year and OptionFair is right up there among the best of them. We are confident in our assessment here because OptionFair continues to show they have a long term commitment to providing the best trading experience possible to their many investors.

OptionFair is a broker that continues to get high marks with us each time we go back and take a look at their website. And believe us when we say that if there is a website out there that is not performing up to our standards and is receiving a lot of complaints, we will undoubtedly hear about it. So it is highly recommended to use our broker reviews as a guide and select brokers to trade on like OptionFair because we are very confident in the services they provide.


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