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With binary options trading becoming increasingly popular, more and more people are getting on board and creating trading software that is supposed to enable traders to make more money as they trade. However, this has also encouraged a lot of scammers to get in on the game. There seem to be more scams out there than there are legitimate trading systems.

Ataraxia 7 is a relatively new software program that claims it can earn traders huge profits with just a few clicks of the mouse. But the question remains: Can they be trusted. Read our Ataraxia 7 Review for our insights.

Basic information:

Cost: Free
Software: 100% Automated
Max Returns: Up to 86%
Minimum Deposit: $250
Countries: All nations


– Offers automated trading signals
– Website looks appealing at first glance


– Customer service did not respond at all to our inquiry
– No proof of earnings
– Brokers are not regulated
– Not enough company information provided on website

7BO Verdict:

Not Reliable

Not Reliable Service

What is Ataraxia 7?

Joseph Belkin created the Ataraxia 7 trading software. He claims to be a highly successful Forex trader who used his knowledge to create a software program that can accurately predict binary options market trends. Belkin claims that his software is the best of the best and can make even a novice trader enough money to live comfortably for the rest of their lives.

Belkin talks a big game and throws around a bunch of fancy lingo, but he never explains how the system operates. We could not find any positive reviews of this software. We feel that the lack of information available on Ataraxia 7 is a huge deterrent for this trading software.



How does it work?

Ataraxia 7 supposedly uses complicated algorithms to analyze trading signals and accurately predicts winning trades and places them for the trader. In order to have access to the system, you must of course set up an account, sign with one of their suggested brokers (they give you no choice but to use one of their brokers), fund your account and then the system will begin trading for you. If you do actually earn anything with this system, you will then be able to withdraw your profits but you must adhere to the policies set in place by your particular broker.

Is Ataraxia 7 a Scam?

While there is not enough data for us to say if Ataraxia 7 is indeed a scam, we do not recommend this software. There is not enough information online to prove that anyone has actually been successful with this system. We find the lack of information about this system to be discouraging and we advise that if you chose to sign with one of their brokers, that you do so at your own risk.

Final Conclusion

Not ReliableWe could just not find enough information on this system to give it the green light. We feel that there are many other more reliable systems available for binary options trading. We advise our readers to stay away from this system.

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7 Binary Options review: Ataraxia 7: 1 stars.

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