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Auto Trader Alpha LogotypeWe review the Auto Trader Alpha app or platform which frankly is yet another scam. Nobody knows the real people behind it through the face of this scam is a cheap actor hired from as opposed to the claimed silicon valley high roller trader making $500K a year.

Auto Trader Alpha is one of the newer scams introduced having hit the market back in 2016. Interestingly an effort has been made to ensure that the promises on the website are more believable.

The person known as Tim Gold who is supposed to be the owner of the system but is, in fact, a cheap fiverr actor as we found out does not promise unbelievable results like other scams. Not promising near 100% trading accuracy meant that we had to examine this scam more carefully actually to determine if they were a scam for sure. What we uncovered left no doubt about Auto Trader Alpha being a scam.

Auto Trader Alpha does nothing to help you make money, as a matter of fact, you’ll lose everything, and we have no doubt about it. It is a scam that’s being cleverly disguised as a legit system which makes it even more dangerous. That’s why we reckon that you should read the full review.

How does Auto Trader Alpha make money?

According to the introductory video or presentation, the binary trading platform automatically trades binary options with a 96% Return On Investment (ROI). It means that according to them it has the potential to churn earnings swiftly for traders.

However, because the software is based on some kind of top secret algorithm that he’s taken from Wall Street and coupled it with the genius of Silicon Valley programming, it’s capable of ensuring a 96% success rate.

Secret Market Loophole

There’s no easy loophole. If there was, it would have been long gone by now

Tim promises that users can easily generate anywhere from $500 to $2000 a day. Though these amounts are not considered extraordinarily huge, we reveal why it can’t be trusted. We will tell you why trusting this bot is not a good idea for both traders and those looking to use it to generate easy money.

Conclusive evidence of Auto Trader Alpha being a scam

When you’re watching the video presentation on the official website, it’s not hard to notice that it has been edited extensively to ensure that what you see looks genuine. Though upon closer inspection you’ll soon discover that Tim Gold is just a bad actor seeking to make a few bucks by lending his services. Though in actual reality his name isn’t Tim Gold but rather its Sean Dennison according to his gig page.

Paid Actor Silicon Valley

The “Creator” of this system is a paid actor who can be found on Fiverr

Mr. Dennison is the person these scammers have hired to hide behind, and his job is to make everyone believe that he’s some successful investor who now owns millions of dollars thanks to the system.

As a matter of fact, it’s evident from Mr. Dennison’s gig page that he’s never even been a software developer or a day trader or anything else meaningful in this regard. If anything he’s even a bad actor.

The other problem with the presentation is that the screenshots shown do not add up. Take for instance that in one screenshot you’ll see the date on the account as 2015, which is a red flag since the domain of the official website was registered during the first half of 2016.

Final Verdict

Not ReliableAuto Trader Alpha certainly has all the tell tale signs of what comprises of a binary trading scam. Elements like photoshopped banking details, fake identities, fictitious testimonials, mismatching dates and an unreliable system are just a few major ones.

The fact is that this is just another binary options scam like the hundreds of others out there. It’s best to save your money and perhaps learn how to trade because even then you’ll stand a better chance of making a fortune as compared to using Auto Trader Alpha.


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  • False Creator
  • No Evidence Or History Of Earnings
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