Banc de Binary adds Novice Trader for beginner traders

Banc de Binary logoOne of our top recommended brokers, Banc de Binary, recently announced great changes for their beginner traders. The broker has decided to add a new innovative system specially designed for those who just started trading. Its aim is to allow practicing without taking deals that are too risky for a newbie.

Now, using Novice Trader, you are able to learn everything you need for succeeding in the binary options world while not being worried about losing money. That’s because under this new system all traders are limited to the maximum investment of $10.

And that is not the only way Banc de Binary will be helping beginners with this new addition. Apart from trading, there is also unlimited access to all the learning materials: webinars, eBooks, seminars, etc for as long you need. This will improve new traders skills and understanding of the industry, no doubt in that.

Novice trader went through the careful study and approval as a Beta version and now is officially a part of Banc de Binary training platform. A simple limitation of $10 makes new users feel more in control of their trading experience while learning materials and support prepares them for further steps.

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Revolutionary new system for beginners.

This approach has never been used before by any other broker and, at the moment, is proving to be very beneficial for both a trader and the broker. $10 is just the right amount of investment to start with and understand the system!

Since consumer rights are the main concern of the industry, this innovative new approach can quickly become a trend and eventually even be compulsory for brokers to implement. Inexperienced traders that are just starting out are often vulnerable to all kinds of risks and often make mistakes. Having some special system that will protect them and prepare them for the future seems like the right way to go.

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Banc de Binary is officially a sponsor of Paralympics Team

Continuing the topic of Banc de Binary making a difference in the world, there’s another way this exceptional broker is helping people who are asking for their support. This year they have decided to become a sponsor the Cyprus Paralympic Powerlifting Team. The sponsorship has been officially signed for this training season and will help the team in competing in Tokyo in 2020.

Powerlifting is very popular in Cyprus and the country has high hopes for its team. Having such sponsorships is what makes it possible for small countries have strong teams in international competitions. We are proud of Banc de Binary for supporting their team!

Banc de Binary is truly one of the most socially conscious and reliable brokers. They are constantly proving how much the care for their customers and everyone else. The broker offers great benefits to its traders, user-friendly platform and great customer support, so it is our pleasure to have them on our top recommended brokers list.

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