Banc De Binary Announces Lucrative Partnership with Liverpool FC

How To Trade Currency Pairs SuccessfullyCySEC broker Banc de Binary will be partnering with Liverpool FC soon, a move which indicates the continued strength of the relationship between financial companies and sports teams. Though the details are still coming in regarding the actual amount of sponsorship, it is estimated that the deal is valued at north of 1 million pounds, an astonishing but not unheard of amount for this type of partnership.

Liverpool FC, as part of the sponsorship agreement, will be required to attend special promotional events and other company parties for Bank De Binary. The backers will also be required to market the financial group through social media and traditional print campaigns. The goal is for the firm to be able to create a buzz around their company that will go worldwide.

Both sides of the agreement feel assured that it was a beneficial one. Liverpool Football Club Chief Commercial Officer Billy Hogan stated that he believes that the deal was an amazing one and the start of a great relationship, adding that the hard work and passion that Banc De Binary shows is not dissimilar to their own team’s drive.

Only adding excitement to the partnership is the fact that Liverpool FC is a leader in the field of football. They have one of the most prominent and respected brands in the English Premier league. It also has one of the most globally recognized fan bases, allowing Banc De Binary the opportunity to create a buzz around their brand while supporting a popular team.

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