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With dozens of new automated binary options trading systems showing up on a weekly basis, how does one know which system to use? Are they all reliable? Or are some of them scams?

The sad truth is that we live a corrupt world and a great number of the trading software systems that we see online do turn out to be fake, however, there are a lot of reliable trading systems that can actually earn a decent profit. You just have to know the good guys from the bad. Luckily, you have us on your side. We will review these systems for you and point out the scams so you will not lose your savings.

Binary Bank Broker is another trading system that claims to earn huge amounts of money for even the most experienced trader. Is this true or are they simply out for our money? Read our Binary Bank Breaker Review to find out more.

Basic information:

Cost: Free
Software: 100% Automated
Max Returns: Up to 86%
Minimum Deposit: $250
Countries: All nations


– Completely automated
– User friendly


– Brokers are not regulated
– Third party verification company is not to be trusted
– Too many complaints and negative reviews
– Estimated winnings are just not realistic

7BO Verdict:

Not Reliable

Not Reliable Service

What is Binary Bank Breaker?

Binary Bank Breaker is an automated trading system that will initiate trades on behalf of the traders with its series of algorithms designed to both analyze and predict market trends. The system claims it has been the most successfully trading software for over 52 months. This sounds impressive, doesn’t it? However, in our investigation, we found that the website for Binary Bank Breaker was just registered in February of 2015 so in actuality system has only been around only 20 months.

So straight away, we are being fed false inform! Are we supposed to trust Binary Bank Breaker knowing that they are already lying to us? But wait, it gets even better. According to the introductory video, we can earn up to 2 grand in 60 days and 1.2 million in just twelve months. We need to remind our readers that while binary options trading can be extremely profitable, it will not earn that much money in just a few months, let alone over a million dollars in one year. Unless, of course you are willing to invest thousands and thousands of dollars upfront, any system that promises earnings this high is just trying to con you out of your money.



How does it work?

To use this trading software, you must first create an account online. Then you must sign with one of their brokers and make the required deposit of $250. However, we must warn you that your payment is not processed by Binary Bank Breaker or any of their brokers. Rather it is verified by a third party system called Binary Promos. As we have never heard of them before, we did some research and could find no evidence that they are a legitimate organization, yet another negative in the con column for this Binary Bank Trader.

Also, we could find no proof that provides traders have actually profited at all with this system. In our extensive online research, we found only complaints that traders lost their entire investment with Binary Bank Breaker. We cannot stand behind this trading system.

Final Conclusion: Is Binary Bank Breaker a Scam?

Not ReliableWe cannot tell you that this system is indeed a bona fide scam. But we do not recommend using their services. We do not trust their third party verification system nor have we seen proven results that users have actually benefited with this trading software. We highly recommend that you chose a more trusted binary options trading software system.

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