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Binary Brainwave LogoBinary Brain Wave is a fully automated trading bot that claims it can earn thousands of dollars trading binary options. Does this work or is it a joke? Read our review.

Binary Brain Wave Review

Anyone who has any knowledge or experience in trading binary options can attest to that fact that there are hundreds of automated trading systems available. If one uses a reliable system, they can actually earn a decent profit trading binary options. However, many of these auto trading bots turn out to be scams that steal your money.

Binary Brain Wave is yet another fully automated binary option trading software programs that claims it can easily earn thousands of dollars for traders. Can this system be trusted or is it just another scam? Read our Binary Brain Wave review for more information.

What Is Binary Brain Wave?

A fully automated trading system, Binary Brain Wave claims that it analyzes over 10 signals a day and has an accuracy rate of over 90%. Nowhere in their sales pitch video nor sales website do they even attempt to explain how this system operates. This left a bad taste in our mouths. A regulated system would at least give some type of brief summary as to how their system operates, even if they don’t give out all of their secrets.

Binary BrainWave Screen

How to Get Started

To gain access to the system, you must sign up with one of their brokers, create an account, and then fund your account with at least $250 before you can begin trading. There is a onetime fee of $119.99 to use the system, which they claim you can easily earn back in just minutes, thanks to their ingenious software.

However, in our review of Binary Brain Wave, we found out that this system is not reliable and is not predicting any correct trades. Users are actually losing their money rather than earning a profit. We do not advise registering with this trading system. There are far too many more trustworthy trading systems that can actually earn you money, as opposed to stealing it.

Final Conclusion: Is Binary Brain Wave Review a Scam

Not ReliableWe do not have enough data to prove for certain that Binary Brain Wave is indeed a scam, but we do not recommend that those who are serious about actually earning money trade with Binary Brain Wave. Instead, they should sign up with a system that has proven results. There have been far too many negative reviews and complaints surrounding this trading software. On top of that, their brokers are not licensed and we could not get a response from their supposed customer support team.


  • 100% Automated
  • Website is user friendly


  • Non regulated brokers
  • No ability to chose your own broker
  • No proof of profits
  • Customer service is not responsive
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7 Binary Options review: Binary BrainWave: 1 stars.

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