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With binary options trading becoming overwhelmingly popular, it is expected to see a boom in the amount of automated trading systems available online. Sadly, there are a lot of dishonest and shady people out there that are taking advantage of this fact by trying to scam innocent and unsuspecting traders out of thousands of dollars. This is why we recommend that you read as many reviews about a trading system as you can before opening an account.

Binary Pot of Gold has recently emerged and promises its traders substantial profits in just days. Can they be trusted with our money or is this just another shady con? Read our Binary Pot of Gold review to find out more.

Basic information:

Cost: Free
Software: 100% Automated
Max Returns: Up to 88%
Minimum Deposit: $250
Countries: All nations


  • Fully automated
  • System is easy to use for new traders


  • Website is poorly designed and does not provide company details
  • No option to choose your own broker
  • Brokers are not regulated
  • Endless online complaints from traders who have lost all of their investment

7BO Verdict:

Not Reliable

Not Reliable Service

What Is Binary Pot of Gold?

Binary Pot of Gold is a fully automated trading system created by James Tanaka and Russell Cargill, founders of the Tanaka Cargill Group. Of course with a name like that, one would think that they are indeed a legitimate company, right? However, during our Binary Pot of Gold investigation, we discovered that there is no such company under that name. We also determined that both James Tanaka and Russell Cargill are made up names, as we could not find any concrete information on them to prove that they are, in fact, real people.

Also, the website is poorly designed and offers no company information, customer support details or insight into how Binary Pot of Gold actually works. We find the lack of information very disturbing and therefore from the very start of our investigation we did not have a good feeling about this trading robot.



How Does It Work?

To gain access to Binary Pot of Gold trading software, you must create an account, register with a predetermined broker and fund your account with $300 before you can trade with the system. We found this to be a little high, as the norm is around $250. Also, we do not like the fact that you are not able to use the broker of your choice, rather you are forced to sign with one of the broker’s associated with Binary Pot of Gold. And much to our dismay, we discovered during our trial of the system that none of their brokers are regulated. IF a broker does not have to answer to a regulatory body that oversees their policies, there are often loopholes and traders end up losing thousands of dollars without a legal leg on which to stand. Therefore, we do not trust this trading system.

During our initial review, we searched offsite for customer reviews and found nothing but complaints about traders who lost all of their money and were unable to regain access to their trading account. As well, they could not get a hold of customer support to question as to what happened to their funds. We feel this is highly unacceptable and cannot stand behind Binary Pot of Gold as a reputable trading system.

Conclusion: Is Binary Pot of Gold a Scam?

Not Reliable

After a detailed investigation into Binary Pot of Gold, we cannot in good faith recommend this service to our faithful readers. We feel that the lack of unbiased reviews, as well as the numerous complaints about the system, is enough to deter us from referring anyone to this service. While we cannot determine at this time if it is indeed a scam, we do not suggest taking a change with Binary Pot of Gold. We advise that you sign up with a trading system that has proven success.

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