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binary today trader

Binary Today Trader is the latest binary options trading software claims to be designed for both novice and experienced to maximize their profits trading binary options without investing too much time and effort. Created by John Kane, Binary Today Trader promises its users a success rate of 70%, which is pretty impressive. Read ahead if you are interested in learning more about this system.

Basic information:

Cost: Free
Software: Signal Service
Max Returns: Up to 70%
Minimum Deposit: $149,99
Countries: All nations


– Educational Tools
– Fully automated
– Success rate of 70-80%
– Good variety of trading assets


– Does not offer a welcome bonus

7BO Verdict:



Reliable Service

Start trading

Is Binary Today Trader a Scam?

It is quite easy to trade with Binary Today. The website seems legit and we did not find any information that aroused our suspicions. They are not regulated at this time, but we are getting positive feedback from other traders who have used this system.

How Much Does Binary Today Trader Cost?

The initial cost for Binary Today Trader system is $149.99 USD. You must pay the full amount upfront before you can sign with a broker. It is only after you have completed this process that you can begin trading.

How Does Binary Today Trader Work?

Binary Today Trader generates trading signals and sends you email alerts, MT3 alerts or push notifications if it finds a trade that fits your parameters, which you have to set beforehand. This software program will maximize your choice of profiting from trading while at the same time minimizing your losses. 70-80% seems to be the average winning ration which is similar to the rest of the binary options automated systems out there.

Binary Today Trader does not offer a welcome bonus. They do offer a variety of underlying assets including forex, commodities, indices, etc. You have the ability to stop the system from placing a trade if you do not wish to pursue it. You will need to put in a bit of your own effort into this system in order to make a profit. Automated trading systems can be very helpful, but they alone do not guarantee any winnings without a little effort on your behalf.

Binary Today Trader Results?

The system boasts of an extremely high rate of accuracy. However, they do not give us access at to which binary broker these trades have been executed, so we are a bit unsure if the Win/Lose ratio on this site is at all accurate. Binary Today Trader claims to update their results on a daily basis,

How to Get Started?

It’s really simple to get started with Binary Today Trader. Simply follow these steps:

Step 1: Enter your email address to purchase the software and register for an account so you can sign with a broker so you can begin trading

Step 2: Wait until the system generates signals and watch as it makes profitable trades on your behalf.

Step 3: Once you have earned a profit, you can withdraw your money and spend it how you see fit.

Special Features

  • 70 to 80% average winning ratio
  • Average winning ration of 70-80%
  • Generates live trading signals
  • Offers technical and historical analysis
  • Ability for 60 seconds trading

A lot of people have already signed with Binary Today Trader and have begun trading with the system. It does appear to offer a good amount of educational resources for new traders such as eBooks, webinars and training videos. All of your questions and concerns are addressed by the experts on their customer support team, who are have been very responsive to our previous inquiries thus far.

Final Conclusion

ApprovedBinary Today Trader does offer quite a lot of features and educational resources and is helpful for those who are new to binary options trading. There is an upfront cost of $179.00 to access the software, but traders can easily earn this money back once they start to profit from trading. If you are looking for a reliable automated trading system with good educational tools, then Binary Today is a good place to start.

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7 Binary Options review: Binary Today: 4 stars.
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  1. Maria Navarro   •  

    I’ve come to the conclusion that using autotrading is the best way to go. I am way to emotional when making trading decision and autotrading is just a life saviour!

  2. BT99   •  

    Do you recommend this John or do you have better options?

    • John Miller   •     Author

      Hi BT99,

      Binary Today is good, but there are other good binary options robots too. Check out all more reviews on our robot page if you like.

      Best Regards,


  3. John W Boyd   •  

    Hi hows the result lately with this system?

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