Is BinaryBrokerZ a Scam?

UPDATE (12.01.2017):

We have found out that BinaryBrokerZ has shut down their operations.

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Old Review:

Is BinaryBrokerZ a Scam?BinaryBrokerZ is definitely not a scam site. Having operated an account with the company for a while, we are satisfied that the broker is genuine and is not likely to have scam activities in the near future. The fact that the company is listed on the 7binary options list of trusted brokers is an indicator that the site is genuine, safe and secure for binary traders from the accepted countries. For the years that the company has been in this business, it has earned the trust of many traders from across the world, including our experienced and skilled professionals. The company has proven itself to be a safe and reliable binary options trading platform, like Binary Option Robot, Banc de Binary, 24option and Porter Finance. With regards to the level of services offered, the company is among the best providers in the industry today. The thousands of traders who have ever used this platform to trade in binary options can attest to the fact that it is a genuine provider.

The company has been operational for a while now and has not registered any negative review. Additionally, none of the traders on this platform is dissatisfied with the features, services and tools on offer by this broker. Similarly, none of the users on this platform has ever linked the company to a scam activity in the past. Instead, the company is committed to providing some of the best binary options services to its clients, regardless of their location and experience. For brokers to succeed in this industry, they have to earn the trust of the binary options traders across the world. This is something that this broker has succeeded in doing within the span of time it has been in business.

In a bid to earn the trust of its customers, this company has transparent and straightforward terms and conditions that are clearly displayed on its website. This is to say that the company has nothing to offer from its current and potential customers. By being straightforward in all its dealing with binary options traders, the company has managed to become one of the most reputed binary options companies across the globe. The company also ensures that its customers are versed with the current things as they happen on the platform. So long as you adhere to the stipulated terms and conditions by the broker, you should not have any problem while trading binary options on the BinaryBrokerZ platform.

Since no scam activities have ever been recorded for BinaryBrokerZ, we have listed the broker in our list of legitimate brokers. Additionally, we also have many reasons to believe that the company is not likely to get involved in fraud activity in the future.

Is BinaryBrokerZ a Regulated Broker?

Currently a highly sought after binary options broker, BinaryBrokerZ has been providing quality services to the traders on its binary options trading platform. For the years the company has been operational, it has remained committed to delivering the best binary options trading experience for its traders. Currently, BinaryBrokerZ is not a regulated binary options broker. While this is the case, the broker is very reliable and genuine. You may be tempted to think that your money is not safe with this broker just because BinaryBrokerZ is not a regulated broker, but this is a misconception among many traders today. The professionals who have been in this industry for a while will tell you that a broker does not have to be regulated to be legitimate. As a matter of fact, a good number of the best binary options trading platforms today are not regulated, which is the case with BinaryBrokerZ.

As such, you should not be worried about investing your money with this broker because we have trued and verified it. At 7 binary options, we have operated a real trading account with this broker for a period that is long enough to determine whether it is legitimate or a scam. According to our professionals, the platform is genuine, reliable and a sure way to profit while trading binary options. The traders on this platform can attest to the fact that this is one of the best binary options trading platforms they have ever used since they got into this business.

Why BinaryBrokerZ is Not Yet Regulated

Basically, there is a good explanation as to why this broker is not yet regulated, despite the fact that it is a genuine binary options broker. Having operated a trading account with this broker, wed are confident that the broker regards its customers with high esteem and that its primary goal is to help all binary options traders on its platform continually profit from this trade, regardless of their experience in trading binary options. To begin with, regulation on any broker limits the amount of profit they can allow their clients to make. This will, in turn, impact negatively on the trading activities of the traders on its binary options trading platform. This implies that the registered traders on BinaryBrokerZ would not be able to make as much profit as they do today, if the broker was regulated. In this regard, it may be said that the broker failed to get regulated with the interest of its customers in mind.

Additionally, the fact that the broker is not regulated allows the traders on this platform a lot of freedom while conducting the various transactions on their binary options accounts. The truth is that BinaryBrokerZ failed to get regulated in a bid to enhance the trading experience of the customers on its platforms. Regulation on this broker would imply that it stops certain services it is currently offering on its platform, which would impact negatively on the trading activities of the traders on this platform. To avoid this, the broker decided not to get regulated. We are not saying this to promote this broker; we are not linked to the broker in any way. 7 binary options was primarily formed to offer insight into the legitimate binary options brokers. BinaryBrokerZ is a legitimate binary options broker, regardless of its regulation status. Additionally, it is a provider of some of the best services in the industry. As such, you should not hesitate, if you are considering investing in this industry using BinaryBrokerZ.

The Inclusion of DSMG UK in BinaryBrokerZ

BinaryBrokerZ is currently included in the list of 7binaryoptions list of trusted binary options brokers. For the period the company has been in operation, it ha managed to have a significant impact on the trading activities of the traders on its platform, with regards to increased profitability and ease of trading. For instance, the broker has a horde of investment opportunities for traders to open and close binary options on their platform. Following the collaboration between DSMG UK and BinaryBrokerZ the trading opportunity is now more expansive because the broker can now offer 60 seconds options, touch options, range options, classic options, ladder trading and no touch options. This alone has improved the popularity of the brokers across the globe because it is not easy to get a broker offering so many options on one platform.

With DSMG UK in the picture, traders can now signup for BinaryBrokerZ traders’ account via Facebook and start trading in binary options as soon as they make the initial deposit not their accounts. Another feature that ha been drawing traders to this platform is the “Tunnel” innovative technology, which allows the binary options traders on this platform to trade in options that feature various strike price. This feature is unique in that it allows the traders to asses the price range and the probable direction the price will take within a certain period. With the inclusion of DSMG UK, this broker can now allow or social trading among its traders. This is to say that the traders on this platform can follow each other. This way, you can locate the most successful traders on the platform and copy their positive trading behaviour. This will boost the ability of traders to profit from this platform as well. The withdrawal and deposit and withdrawal process into BinaryBrokerZ has also improved, following the inclusion of DSMG UK in the platform.

Although the company is registered in Anguilla, DSMG UK has an office in the UK. This has allowed the company to service an expansive market while incurring low taxes and getting reliable support from the business friendly-community. Although BinaryBrokerZ is not currently regulated, you should rest assured that you will get nothing, but the best binary options trading services while using this broker. While investigating the broker, we noted that their FAQs page is not comprehensive. We hope that the company is working on the page to offer its clients more comprehensive and complete information through their FAQs page.

DSMG Physical Address

201 The Rogers Office Building

AI-2640, Edwin Wallace Rey Drive

George Hill


Complaints Related to BinaryBrokerZ

While investigating various online brokers, we came across many complaints about a good number of them. However, we were not able to see any complaint that was related to the services on offer at BinaryBrokerZ. The majority of complaints about the various other online brokers available to day were to do with their unreliable services, such as withdrawal and closing of positions in favour of the company. If you try to search for complaints related to this company. The search will definitely yield no results because there are no such complaints. While the company offers high quality services to its customers, it also has a very reliable and knowledgeable team of customer care representatives to solve any issue that the traders may have in the shortest time possible. This is why the thousands of traders on this platform have nothing to complain about the services offered at BinaryBrokerZ until today.

In stead of complaints, you will come across numerous comments by the users of this platform, regarding how good and reliable the broker is. This is one of the aspects that set this company aside from the many others out there. The customer care at BinaryBrokerZ is actually some of the best in the industry. The customers not only get a timely solution to their problems, but also get helpful information regarding the problem they were having. High quality and timely customer care services are some of the aspects that define reliable and genuine binary options brokers today. We have a strong reason to believe that this is also the reason why traders from different countries never leave the broker, after they have opened an amount on the platform. Instead they, continue trading on the platform and withdrawing their profits a year after another.

The various activities on the BinaryBrokerZ accounts are easy to perform and very straightforward. For instance, the deposit process is not only easy to perform, but the funds will also reflect into your account a few minutes after you have carried out the transaction. However, the period taken for the funds to reflect in your account will depend with the method you used to deposit the funds. The withdrawal process from BinaryBrokerZ accounts is also easy and smooth; as long as you submitted the right identification documents and got your account verified and have used the correct login details into your account, you should not have any problem withdrawing your profits from your BinaryBrokerZ account. This may also be the reason why there are no complaints related to the company because many binary options complaints arise from the withdrawal process.

Another reason why the broker is yet to get any negative review from its users is the fact that it offers trading education to its clients. The educative materials on offer by this broker are easy to understand and follow through. This has helped many traders, especially the beginners profit continually from binary options predictions on this platform. Additionally, the company also offers binary options trade signals for its traders. This feature is also aimed at helping traders on the BinaryBrokerZ binary options platform make more profit from the trade. This leaves the traders happy and with nothing to complain about.

Available Tools on BinaryBrokerZ

Many traders are now concerned about the type of tools on offer on the BinaryBrokerZ platform. At 7binaryoptions, we are committed towards offering all the relevant information related to the brokers and binary options signals services we have reviewed. This is why we go a mile ahead to shed light into the binary options aspects that are rarely spoken about and enlighten our readers to make the right investment decision. Mentioned here are some of the spectacular tools that will make trading on BinaryBrokerZ a lot easier and more profitable.

  • Financial View

The technical analysis of any give asset is critical, when it comes to predicting its movement in the short as well as long term. In this regard, the financial view tool on the BinaryBrokerZ platform is designed to offer the technical analysis required for any given asset on the platform. While trading on binary options on this platform, the financial view tool will help you decide on where and how to invest in order to make profit from the trade. This too, in addition to the other impressive tools on offer on this platform have allowed traders to make informed investment decisions and profit continually from this trade. You may use this tool to analyze the market through the trend or candle sticks tools. The traders may also use it in combination with other tools offered on the platform, such as Fibonacci numbers.

  • Education Centre

By enlightening the traders on their platform, the broker is trying to achieve its objective of helping all traders profit from this platform. This tool is the gateway to a vast gallery of educative material on this binary options trading platform. The type on information provided here helps traders get a better understanding of the market; hence make more informed investment decisions. The education tab on the BinaryBrokerZ website presents users with not less than 150 educative videos on trading binary options. The videos are available in more than 28 languages, making it one of the riches source of binary options information in the industry.

  • Social Trading

This is a recent trend in the binary options trading market. With the increasing popularity of social media platforms today, the broker decided to incorporate this feature into its binary options platform. This was primarily aimed at improving the experience of trading on this platform. This tool allows traders on this platform to follow each other. To be more specific, it allows you to follow the activities of the more successful traders on the platform and emulate their profitable trading activities. This feature also allows traders to get insights from the leading traders; hence improve their trading strategies for the better. This is definitely the future of trading binary options and a tool that is worth trying out.

BinaryBrokerZ USA

Basically, BinaryBrokerZ is a reputable and genuine binary options broker with a huge following across the globe. The company has enjoyed high success rates since its inauguration because none of the traders on its platform have ever complained about the services on offer on this platform. The company accepts binary options traders from many countries across the world, but does not accept traders from the USA as of now. Owing to its reputed quality of services and benefits offered by the platform, many traders from the USA would like to share in the success of the broker. However, this is not possible for now and such traders would have to look for alternative brokers accepting traders from the region.

There are several reasons as to why this broker does not accept traders from the USA. For instance, there are the staunch regulations imposed by the USA government that any broker has to comply with, if the broker is to accept traders from this country. Adhering to such regulations will only interfere with the trading experience currently enjoyed by the traders using this platform. This is a limitation that BinaryBrokerZ appears to be reluctant to accept in its platform.

However, it is our hope that the broker will come onto an agreement with the USA government so that the USA nationals can start profiting from this impressive binary options platform as well. As for the traders in the accepted countries across the world, you can continue to enjoy the highly regarded trading experience at BinaryBrokerZ. If you are still wandering whether it is a wise move to invest with this broker, you are just wasting your time worrying because this is one of the best binary options brokers you will ever get.

Withdrawal at BinaryBrokerZ

Being one of the best binary options brokers on the internet today, you should not expect to experience any glitches while withdrawing from your BinaryBrokerZ account. Professionalism and high quality services are some of the aspects you should expect when withdrawing from your account. In addition to the withdrawal process being easy, it is also very safe and straightforward. The traders on this platform can attest to the fact that withdrawals from this broker are timely, safe and secure without any hidden fees and costs. Additionally, you will not have to go through any rigorous process in order to withdraw your money. However, the amount you intent to withdraw from our account must be more than the minimum withdrawal amount.

To withdraw funds from your BinaryBrokerZ account, you will first have to log into your account using your login details. You should then navigate to “My Account” section of the website and initiate the withdrawal process. You will be required to indicate the amount you would like to withdraw from your account and then click the “Submit” button. After the company has verified that you are the authentic owner of the account, you will get an email confirming the withdrawal. You should then allow the broker the stipulated amount of time to process the withdrawal request and deposit the money to the account your indicated while making the withdrawal request.

The minimum amount that you may withdraw from your BinaryBrokerZ account is $25. After you have placed the withdrawal request, you should allow the company up to five days to process the request. The period taken for the broker to process your withdrawal request mainly depends on the method of withdrawal you have used.

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