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UPDATE (12.01.2017):

We have found out that BKTrading has shut down their operations.

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Old Review:

BKTrading WithdrawalFor the short period that this broker has been in operation, it has proven to be a reliable, straightforward and a profitable platform for traders to trade in binary options. Additionally, the BKtrading broker accepts registrations by traders from all over the world, including the EU and USA, on its binary options trading platform. If you are binary options trader situated in the EU and would like to gain access to the highly beneficial tools and features offered by this company, you should register on their .eu website. For the beginners looking forward to profiting while trading in binary options, the BKtrading online binary options is one of the best platforms you will ever come across. This is mainly because the platform offers its traders a comprehensive online academy that features an array of educational materials on binary options and of binary option robot. Additionally, the company offers the beginners in this industry an opportunity to practice trading in binary options without any risk, through their BKtrading demo accounts.

So far so good, the BKtrading binary options online platform is yet to receive a negative feedback or complaint from any of the traders using its platform to trade in binary options or with help of binary options signals. In this regard, it can be said that this is a reputable and trustworthy broker that offers reliable support services and features or the thousands of binary options traders on its platform. In addition to being magnificent place to trade in binary options for both the experienced traders and the beginners, the trading platform on offer at BKtrading features a safe, secure, fast and dependable banking system. As such, the company supports some of the easiest and fastest withdrawal processes in the industry. As a matter of fact, the withdrawal process is the main bone of contention with the many scam binary options brokers we have come across.

The majority of complaints about the scam binary options brokers today emanate from a problem with the withdrawal process. Regardless of how good the services and features offered by any broker are, it is of no use if you cannot withdraw your profit from the accounts. In this case, the withdrawal process as well as the terms and conditions surrounding the withdrawal process should be among the things you keenly look onto prior to signing up with any broker in this industry. At 7binary options, we took time to investigate the withdrawal process supported by this company.

From what our experts observed, the withdrawal process from the BKtrading binary options traders’ accounts is not only safe and secure; it is also very easy and comparatively fast. To withdraw money from your BKtrading binary options trading account, you will first be required to log into the account using your log in details, the username and password you provided while signing up for the account. You should then navigate to the withdrawal page on the broker website, indicate the amount you would like to withdraw from your account and submit the withdrawal request. Provided that you meet the withdrawal terms and conditions imposed by this broker, your withdrawal request should be processed within a very short period, mostly within 5 days.

If the profit you have made using your binary options trading account is greater than what you initially deposited into the account, at the time of withdrawal, you will be required to use a different withdrawal method to withdraw money form our BKtrading account. This requirement is in line with the anti money laundering regulations imposed on binary options brokers today. After you have submitter the withdrawal request, the broker will take up to two days to process it and you will get you money to your preferred withdrawals wallet within 5 days of placing the withdrawal request. However, traders on the BKtrading binary options trading platform are required to verify their accounts prior to withdrawing funds from their BKtrading trading accounts.

This is done to boost the security of traders’ money in their accounts within the platform. As such, it is a must that you verify your account before you can be allowed to withdraw funds from your account. The one-time verification process at BKtrading requires registered traders to submit scanned copies of their government issued Identity documents, a recent utility bill and their credit or debit cards. This verification process is done to prevent identity theft on the website, hence safeguard traders’ money on this binary options trading platform.

With BKtrading broker, there is a lower limit on what traders can withdraw from their accounts, which is set at $100. This is to say that you cannot withdraw anything lower than $100 from your BKtrading binary options trading account. Additionally, there is a processing fee of $25 that is charged by the company for withdrawals from traders; accounts. This fee is for covering bank costs incurred by the company while processing the withdrawal request. The $100 minimum withdrawal requirement by the broker is rather high for many traders. However, the company is currently reviewing these requirements to allow their customers withdraw from their BKtrading binary options trading accounts, even if their balances are lower than $100. We anticipate that this change will be effected soon and we will definitely alert you as soon as this happens.

Bonuses on Offer by BKtrading

Currently, the various bonuses on offer by the BKtrading broker are some of the highest in the industry. A good number of existing and aspiring binary options traders on any platform consider the bonuses offered by the broker prior to signing up with the broker. In this regard, the friendly bonus terms and conditions imposed by this company, in addition to the high bonuses that the platform offers have made the company a preferred broker among many traders in the USA, EU and the world at large. Bonuses are a great way for traders to increase their investment capital. Additionally, the high bonuses offered by this company buffers the traders from making huge loses on their invested amount, in the event that the odds on any position turn against them.

Just like it is the case with other legitimate brokers in this industry, there are certain regulations in place to govern the bonuses offered by the BKtrading broker. However, the bonus regulations imposed by the broker are very transparent and trader-friendly. The amount of bonus you can get from the BKtrading binary options broker is limitless. To get a bonus from this company, all you are required to do is signup for a real trading account with the broker and make the initial deposit. After you have done this, you should contact the customer support at BKtrading requesting for a bonus. The customers help team will then assess your qualification for a bonus and award you the amount you deserve. Regardless of the much you deposit into your trading account, which is of course above the minimum deposit amount requirement by the company, you should rest assured that the BKtrading broker will award you a bonus accordingly. The amount of bonus you get from BKtrading is not affected by the trader location. As such, the traders from all parts of the world can get a bonus once thy have deposited money into their BKtrading trading accounts.

The Minimum Deposit with BKTrading

All the legitimate and reputable binary options brokers today have a minimum amount of money, which traders can initially deposit into their trading accounts before they can be allowed to trade in binary options on their platforms. With BKTrading, the minimum amount of money that traders can deposit into their trading accounts and start trading in binary options is $200. This low initial deposit requirement by the broker, in addition to the many benefits that brokers stand to get by using the BKTrading platform make it a preferred online binary options trading platform for traders across the globe. This is because the $200 minimum deposit required by this company is one of the least in the industry. This low amount, in addition to the high bonuses allows the beginners and even the experienced traders to try the magnificent trading platform offered by this broker.

The minimum deposit amount required by this company is not affected by the traders’ preferred currency. Regardless of whether your proffered currency is EUR, USD or GBP, the minimum amount you will be required to deposit by the company is 200 units. The preferred currency should be selected while opening an account with this broker. This is because you will not have an opportunity to change your preferred currency after you have opened the account. Currently, the company supports an array of payment deposit processes, such as MoneyBookers/skrill, UKash, Liberty Reserve as well as Debit and Credit cards. All the deposit methods supported by this company are safe and secure. Additionally, the money you deposit into your account, using any of the allowed deposit methods, will reflect in your trading accounts within a couple of minutes.

Although it is possible to make deposit money into your BKTrading in any of the supported currencies, the company will handle all your transactions using your preferred currency, the currency you indicated while opening your trading account. Once the initial deposit has been done, it becomes impossible for traders to modify their preferred currency. As such, you should be considerate while selecting your preferred currency on this binary options trading platform. With BKTrading, traders have an array of trading accounts to choose from. These include the silver, gold and platinum accounts. All these account types of accounts on offer by this broker have different minimum initial deposit requirements. To make the initial deposit into any of the account offered by this company, you will first be required to log into your account. After this, you can either deposit the minimum amount required by the broker or an amount that is higher.

The Mobile Trading Offered by BKTrading

In addition to gaining access to the many features offered by the BKTrading online binary options platform, traders also get an opportunity to use the technologically advanced mobile platform on offer by the company. The BKTrading mobile trading platform is highly optimized for use on the various mobile devices, including the Android and iPhone Smart phone. With this mobile trading platform installed in your phone, you just need to log into your account using the login details you normally use on the web-based trading platform. This will give you access to your binary options trading account on the BKTrading platform, from where you can carry out various transactions and trade in binary options from you mobile phone.

With the ever increasing popularity of binary options, almost everyone would like to try his or her hands on the trade. However, there are those traders who do not have the time to sit in front of their computers and trade in binary options. For such binary options traders, the BKTrading mobile binary options trading platform is the ultimate solution. The BKTrading mobile trading platform comes with all the features you will find in a conventional BKTrading trading platform and offers an array of assets for traders to trade in. In this regard, traders can analyse the various assets offered by the BKTrading broker, get market reviews and indicators as well as execute trades, from their mobile devices while on the go.

The convenience and flexibility offered by this platform also allows traders to deposit and withdraw money into and out of their BKTrading binary options trading accounts while on the go. With the BKTrading mobile trading platform, traders do not have to be tied to their computers in order to continually profit while trading in binary options.

The mobile trading platform offered buy BKTrading is also engineered to work efficiently on devices of different sizes and capabilities. As such, it should offer a seamless binary options trading experience on your mobile phone, regardless of its screen size. Currently, Smart phones are very popular and almost everyone has one. In this regard, any broker looking forward to expanding should consider tapping into this expansive market. This is the reason why an increasing number of binary options brokers are developing mobile binary options trading platforms. The BKTrading mobile trading platform is among the most innovative trading platforms in the industry, with reliable support features, an array of assets to offer, numerous features and trading tools.

These are some of the reasons why this mobile trading platform from BKTrading is among the most sought after applications on the various app stores today. Provided that you have a reliable internet connection and the BKTrading mobile trading application installed in your phone, you do not need a computer to trade in binary options or manage your binary options trading account on the BKTrading platform. The various transactions, including the withdrawal and deposit processes, on the BKTrading mobile trading platform are just as secure, convenient, fast and easy to carry out as they are on the BKTrading web-based trading platform. Additionally, such transactions on the BKTrading mobile binary options platform are governed by the same terms and conditions that govern similar transactions on the web-based platform at BKTrading.

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