Is BKTrading a Scam?

UPDATE (12.01.2017):

We have found out that BKTrading has shut down their operations.

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Old Review:

Is BKTrading a Scam?With the ever rising number of scams in the binary options industry, there is a growing concern among the binary options traders, both the professional traders and the beginners. Many of the traders today would rather register with the brokers or binary options robots they are sure are not scam providers. This being the case, we have resolved to be the leading source of information, regarding binary options brokers, on the internet. As such, we have undertaken to research the various brokers from various locations and present you with all the information you need to make your choice. Just like we have provided our readers with reliable information about other brokers, we are reviewing the BKTrading broker throughout this article. However, let us clarify one thing before moving into the details, the BKTrading binary options broker is not a scam broker. As such, you should not hesitate investing with the company and trading in binary options on their platform.

We have carried a substantial amount of research on this broker and are satisfied that it is a legitimate broker, hence are including it in our list of trusted brokers. Having been in operation for some time now, the company has never recorded any complaint form its users, regarding any scam activity on its binary options trading platform. This being the case, you can rest assured that all the traders using this platform are satisfied with the services offered by the company. It is also among the reasons why this company has achieved high trust levels among the traders who have ever used their binary options trading platform. We also believe that the company is not likely to engage in scam activities in the future. However, we will follow up with the company and let you know as soon as something comes up.

Although the BKTrading binary options broker is comparatively new in the industry, it has been on the frontline in providing the best binary options services, features and tools possible to the yearning traders across the world. Our experts at 7binary options have investigated and even operated an account with this broker and based on their findings, this company is actually a legitimate binary options broker. Again, the company delivers up to its promise and our review of the company is not biased in any way. In a bid to avoid customer complaints from the many binary options traders using its platform, the BKTrading broker has several modalities in place to resolve any problem that the traders may com across while trading on this platform.

Additionally, the information you submit to this company while signing up for an account is very secure and cannot be obtained by a third party. Additionally, the banking system at BKTrading is also very secure. This is to ensure that the traders’ information and money is safe and secure with the broker. As such, you should not be worried about such information as security number and your credit card information leaking once you have provided it to the security number BKTrading broker.

The banking system supported by this platform is also easy to use and fast. This being the case, the deposits made by BKTrading binary options traders will reflect in a few minutes, regardless of the deposit method you use. If you ask any trader who has ever used this binary options trading platform before, they will tell you how satisfied they are with the broker. This is to say that the company is a genuine provider that provides all the necessary features, tools and services to help their customers profit form trading binary options. Just like the deposit process into BKTrading trading accounts, the withdrawal process is equally easy, fast and convenient.

Are There Complaints about BKtrading

Having been in the binary options business for a while now, the BKTrading binary options trading platform has proven to be one of the fairest, easy to use and profit platforms. This is mainly because all the binary options traders registered with this company are given equal attention and opportunity to trade in binary options and make profit while doing so. Regardless of their location, all the traders on this platform get an equal opportunity, the same trade signals, market reviews, tools, features and services on the BKTrading binary options trading platform. For the short period that this broker has been operational, it has managed to foster a trusting relationship with the thousands of traders trading binary options on its platform. Until now, the company is yet to get a negative review or complaint from any of the many traders on its binary options trading platform.

The broker has been accepting registration by traders from various parents of the world and even so, none of them has ever complained about the services offered by this company on its binary options trading platform. . In this case, the broker is fully compliant by the regulations imposed on binary options brokers accepting traders from the EU. The fact that this broker is compliant with the broker regulations within the EU is another reason that not complaints have ever been recorded for the broker.

Since the broker is relatively new in the market, many traders are still hesitant about investing with it. However, there is not cause of alarm until now about the site being a scam. We are also maintaining a close watch of the services and transactions being carried out on this platform and will notify you if we happen to observe anything fishy in due course. The company is currently offers one of the trusted, legitimate and easy to operate binary options trading platforms in the industry. As such, traders should not have any doubts when investing with them and trading on their binary options trading platform. Reliability as well as high quality and reliable services are some of the aspects that have made this company one of the most preferred binary options brokers by traders from various parts of the world.

As mentioned earlier in this article, the company has also implemented an array of modalities on its binary options trading platform to avert any complaints by its traders. For instance, the company has offered an array of communication channels, through which the traders can get their concerns addressed by the team of professional and knowledgeable customer service experts at BKTrading. This way, all the traders on this platform can have their issues resolved in a matter of minutes. This aspect has enabled the company to win the trusty of traders on its trading platform.

Demo Account at BKtrading

Among the aspects that make this broker unique is the fact tat it can accept traders from all parts of the world, including the EU and provide them with the same trading features, tools and services on their platform. Additionally, the company has a horde of promotional features and bonuses for the traders trading in binary options on their platform. This increases the capital pool of the traders on this platform, hence enhancing their chance of profiting while trading in binary options on the BKtrading binary options trading platform. Another beneficial feature that traders on the BKtrading binary options trading platform, especially the beginners in binary options trading, can access is the free binary options trading academy offered by the company. This feature allows traders to learn how they can take advantage of the various tools and features as well as the assets offered by this broker and continually profit while trading in binary options.

To top it all, the BKtrading binary platform to practice the strategies they learn from their online academy, hence enhance their chances of profiting while trading binary options. This is one of the best features that you can get from any binary options trading platforms. It allows traders to practice trading in binary options; using virtual funds, before they can invest in the market using real money. With the BKtrading demo trading accounts, trades can practise trading binary options without having to risk their money. Additionally, the demo account son offer by the company are beneficial in that they help trader build confidence in reading market signals an opening positions for the various assets provided by the broker. This way, traders on the BKtrading platform have an opportunity to perfect their trading skills before they venture into the real binary options trading platform.

The BKtrading demo trading platform is unique and somewhat different from the demo trading platforms offered by many binary options brokers today. In addition to offering a seamless and technologically advanced trading platform, the BKtrading demo trading accounts present traders with the real market environment an doffer them similar tools and features used on a real binary options trading platform. This being the case, it can be said that the BKtrading demo trading accounts is the same as the real trading platform offered by the company, only that the traders on the demo platform use virtual money. This is important because it helps traders build their confidence in opening and closing positions in the real binary options trading environment.

Although you will not be able to make any real profit while trading on the demo trading platform as BKtrading, you will have an opportunity to fine tune your trading strategies in a real market environment. With this account, traders will be able to try out the various trading strategies and come up with the one they find to be more appropriate. The professional traders may also benefit from the BKtrading demo accounts because the demo accounts will help them learn how to make use of the various tools and features offered by this broker in a real trading account.

The Login Process at BKTrading

In addition to being a very reliable and trustworthy trading platform, BKTrading also presents its customers with one of the easiest and fast registration as well as sign in process into their accounts. Although the BKTrading binary options trading platform is comparatively new in the market, it is supported by reliable and modern technology. This makes all the process on the platform easy to perform and amazingly fast too. The login process into BKTrading trading accounts is not an exception in this regard. Additionally, all the services being offered by this broker are highly satisfactory and in accordance with industry standards. This may be another reason why this broker is growing in popularity across the globe. The ease of logging into traders’ account at BKTrading is one of the many appealing aspects of this binary options broker. As a matter of fact, the BKTrading binary options trading platform is far much better than many of the well renowned binary options brokers that have been in operation for many years.

The login process into BKTrading binary options trading accounts is not only easy, but also straightforward and secure. Traders on this platform, including the beginners have an exceptionally easy time while signing up for accounts with this broker and logging into their accounts to trade in binary options. Additionally, the information required to sign up for an account with this broker is minimal and highly relevant as well. After you have successfully registered for an account with this broker and verified your account, you will only be required to provide your username and the password to your account, every time you need to log into your trading account. Additionally, you will not be required to log in multiple times in order to carry out the various processes and transactions on the BKTrading binary options trading platform. All you will need is a single sign in and you will be able to access all the tools, assets and features offered by the broker as well as carry out the various transactions on your account.

Once you have logged into your BKTrading trading account, you can conveniently get market reviews and binary options signals by the company, analyse the various assets offered by this trading platform as well as open and close various positions on the different assets offered by this broker. Additionally, you will also be able to deposit and withdraw funds into and out of your binary options trading account with this single log in process. Although the log in process at BKTrading is comparatively easy, it is also very safe and secure. The account verification process by this broker is also fast, taking not more than 2 hours after you have submitted the required verification documents. The documents that the company requires the traders to submit for the purpose of verification include scan copies of your credit or debit card, National ID that bears your photo and a current utility bill bearing your current address and full name.

To make thing even easier for the traders on this binary options trading platform, the same log in details you need to access your demo trading account are the same login details you will be required to enter to access your real trading account on the BKTrading platform.

Is This Broker Regulated?

This is the subject of utmost concern among many binary options brokers, who are looking for a broker to sign up with and trade in binary options. The fact though is that this broker is not regulated by any of the existing binary options regulating bodies. However, this does not affect the quality of services on offer by the BKTrading binary options broker. Regardless of the fact that BKTrading is not a regulated binary options broker, it remains to be one of the best brokers accepting traders from all over the world. We have actually tested and investigated this broker for sometime and are comfortable to make this claim. The broker is safe and secure and offers high quality services as well as practical features and trading tools for all the traders on its platform.

The choice not to be regulated by this broker was entirely on the interest of their brokers. For instance, regulation on the part of the broker would mean that traders from some regions, such as the EU, will not be able to use the platform, depending on the regulating body. Additionally, regulations would limit the ability of the company to offer some of the trading features it offers on its binary options trading platform today. This being the case, it is better that the broker remains unregulated. This way, it will continue to offer the many beneficial features and services it offers to its customers. If you are not comfortable investing with a binary options broker that is not regulated, then take head of our advice because we have the best interest of our readers at heart.

One thing that traders must acknowledge today is that brokers do not have to be regulated for them to be able to offer quality binary options services. In this regard, you should expect to get nothing, but the best services, in the binary options trading industry, regardless of the BKTrading platform not being regulated. As we mentioned above, there has not been a complaint abut the BKTrading binary options platform by the thousands of traders using its platform from the various parts of the world. This is a clear indication that none of the traders have anything to complain about this broker. It is also an indicator that BKTrading is actually a safe and reliable binary options broker.

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    I think BKTrading reopened its operations but it is not a very reliable binary options broker. The best advice is to try other brokers.

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