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cash-camp-logoCash Camp is a binary trading software program designed to help traders predict the trend on the market and win big profits. This software evaluates market conditions so traders can determine their next move. It also provides various techniques to help traders trade successfully without using any complicated indicators or interpreting graphs. However, this is not one of the unique features of this software system.

Cash Camp BonusThe software offers its users a contest with a $10,000 prize for its associates who submit more deals in order to receive a bonus from their binary options brokers. Apparently, your bonus will fund into your account until you reach an extremely high profit as a result of your trades with their system. The creators of Cash Camp also state that you can earn over $10,000 is just nine days.

Cash Camp Free TrialThere are quite a few other confusing promises they make can be randomly found on their website, such as:

  1. Their software comes with a 30 day free trial. This is in contrast to their introductory video, in which they claim the software system is 100% free of charge. In yet another section of the website, they state that the initial free trial is only for ten days.
  2. Their facts are totally contradictory which is extremely unprofessional and seriously misleading.
  3. Also, on the Cash Camp website it states that users will not be required to make a credit card or any other form for payment. However, this is not guaranteed as part of the withdrawal process.

In addition to these, there are quite a few more issues to be found from the software. Please continue reading to find out what they are.

Basic information:

Cost: Free
Software: 100% Automated
Max Returns: Up to 90%
Minimum Deposit: $200
Countries: All nations


  • Website is aesthetically appealing
  • Fully automated


  • No demo account
  • Customer service and support is unreliable
  • Does not provide signal charts and graphs
  • Time frame, profitability and winning ratio are completely unrealistic
  • Software is not free after initial trial period

7BO Verdict:

Not Reliable


Not Reliable Service

Is the Software a Scam?

We have studied many different reviews about Cash Camp, but we did not find any positive reviews not learn enough information about this system to determine if they are reliable. At the present moment, we highly recommend that you look for better software programs if you are serious about trading binary options.

About the Software

There is no way that Cash Camp software is going to earn its users millions of dollars in just a matter of days. No binary options trading system or a broker is going to make you a millionaire overnight. All Cash Camp offers essentially is helpful support.

Cash Camp’s Marketing Video

You won’t find your usual text and voice over promo in the promotional video presented on Cash Camp’s site. Someone named Michael Solovsky does present a name and face to the marketing pitch…something rare in and out of the binary options world these days.

Although that video presentation is slicker than most, it still has some of the same attributes as others. One of those includes paid actors hired from places like Fiverr. In fact, a couple of people in the video have given reviews for other binary options trading products as well.

Marketing VideoBut one positive point in this video’s favor involves the lack of hard-selling. It presents a more laid back, do-it-or-not attitude instead of the usual approach that makes it seem like their program is the greatest thing since sliced bread and you’d be a fool not to join it right away.

Of course, while it seems like it’d do the opposite of what the developer wants (get more sign ups), it actually is a marketing tactic.

They don’t give off a stench of desperation that often screams “we’re actually unsuccessful, so we really REALLY want your money” and proves more likely to repel than compel potential customers. So it can still be an effective way to promote the product.

And if the pitch works on you, then you have 30 days to try out the software before paying 10% of whatever profit you make to them as a commission fee.


cash camp

Cash Camp Results

Cash Camp Results

What do they promise?

With Cash Camp, the promises look like many other binary options trading offers. And they throw them at you one right after the other.

But the primary ones include the following:

  1. Full Automation: The software offers its investors functions to put their trades on autopilot. So you won’t have to do much of anything since the system provides the signals and will trade according to your specifications. Many beginning binary options traders find this an especially attractive feature to have since it means they won’t need professional experience to make money.
  2. Small Minimum Balance: Cash Camp developers reduced the minimum deposit requirements from $400 down to $250. This helps them widen their customer pool by lowering the barrier to entry and making the system more affordable for traders to use.
  3. Daily Project Profits: Thankfully, Cash Camp doesn’t make the type of egregious monetary promise that other binary options robot developers do. They don’t promise that you’ll become a millionaire within months of trading with their software. But they do say you’ll make $1,000 or more every day which, if true, wouldn’t be a bad projection.
  4. High Success Rate: But the creators behind Cash Camp do guarantee a very high rate of trading success with their software. In fact, the promise of 97.3% winning trades makes up one of the highest in the industry right now, even for a binary options robot. It pays off to be skeptical here because any professional trader will tell you that kind of success rate won’t happen, and they have years of trading experience to back them up.
  5. Daily Winning Signals: Based on the 97.3% promised success rate, just about every single one of the 120 daily signals they say they’ll provide must be a winner. That’s a tall order for any software unless they have the absolute best signals in the world.
  6. Multiple Trading Assets: Many, if not most, of the automated binary options trading platforms available on the market only let you trade currency pairs on the market. But Cash Camp offers several types of assets. You can trade not only currency pairs but also indices, and commodities too. Beginning traders might find all the choices confusing and overwhelming at first. But professional traders will be pleased to know that the possibility of changing from one asset to another exists in case one provides a better opportunity than another at a given time.
  7. Trading Style Choices: With Cash Camp, you can freely choose whether to trade manually or use their fully automated feature. This flexibility allows everyone a place in the program, regardless of their preferred trading style.
  8. Wide Range of Expiry Times: You can execute trades as short as 30 seconds to as long as a year (365 days). So you do have a wide range in which to choose your expiry time per trade.
  9. Live Chat Interaction: Cash Camp contains a live chat feature that allows you to interact with current members and experts in binary options trading methods. This is allegedly how you’ll learn about the software and how to make money with it like existing traders already using the program. Other members can also chat with you and share their experiences about the program with you.
  10. 24/7 Support: Those behind Cash Camp also state that they provide round-the-clock, unlimited support to their traders all day. So you can contact their customer support through the live chat feature as well as telephone and email. In addition, they’ll assign you your own guide to help you trade, particularly if you’re new to binary options. They’ll help you interpret signals and such.
  11. User-Friendly Interface: Some programs have cluttered interfaces that make it difficult to find what you’re looking for. But Cash Camp claims that their interface is clean and easy to use for executing your trades.
  12. Rewarding Competitions: As a perk of being a member, you get to participate in the competitions they hold every once in a while. You become eligible for a free competition right off the bat in your first 10 days of signing up with Cash Camp. They state that if you find yourself amongst the highest trading members, then you can win $10,000.

Warning Signs

Warning SignsIt all looks pretty good so far, right? Beware, though. It has some issues you need to take into consideration before plunging into the program. Four such red flags include the following:

  1. Pressure to make fast trades
  2. Slow customer support response times
  3. Manual trading is slow
  4. The advertised success is not very likely

1) You know that contest you get access to in your first 10 days after registration? The one that promises $10,000 to the trader with the most trades within that time period? Getting you to trade as often as possible as soon as you join has a purpose. Before you can even really get a feel for their software, you feel pressured to make fast trades instead of thinking them through more carefully.

In the end, you wipe out your account and your chances of winning become practically nil. And you may feel tempted to deposit even more money in an attempt to get back into the game, so to speak, which doesn’t benefit you at all.

2) While you do get access to customer support through several avenues, response times are slow. Perhaps many people have problems with the software and need the support or perhaps you just can’t rely on Cash Camp’s support.

Either way, it isn’t a good sign. As a customer, you want to have whatever issues you face get resolved in as short amount of time as possible. And as a trader, lost time thanks to a slow response means lost money.

3) Manually trading using the software means a lot of time invested in making trade execution decisions. So you might eventually feel the need to switch over to automated trading. Unfortunately, that’ll most likely lead to even less success and lost money, despite Cash Camp’s winning percentage rate claim.

Robots cannot make think and make decisions the way a human brain can (not yet, anyway). And your brain, using any binary options trading education you possess under your belt, is truly your best bet to making money with binary options in the long run.

4) And lastly, but perhaps most importantly, you most likely won’t reach the level of success as advertised. Winning almost 100% of your trades is no easy feat. In fact, in discussions among some binary options industry experts, they’ve concluded that it’s impossible to hit that high of a success rate in trading.

Why would a binary robot software developer make that type of unnecessary promise, since you certainly don’t need that high of a percentage to make good money trading? Maybe that’s the real stench of desperation; making such an incredibly false promise in an attempt to get you to excitedly sign up and deposit money, thinking that you’ll make it back in no time?

Don’t let that alleged success rate determine whether or not you choose to go with Cash Camp.

Here are some important points we confronted while using the system:

  1. We found that the Cash Camp website is extremely difficult to navigate, which is frustrating for new traders.
  2. As we watched the video for proof of results, we kept getting multiple annoying pop ups from the homepage.
  3. The video contains various claims form the creator stating that we generates incomes of over $8,000, but we could find no proof this this statement is in fact true. This is the case with so many binary options trading software systems.


We could not find any positive users reviews so at this point and time, and therefore, we cannot recommend Cash Camp. We advise you to proceed with caution. If you wish to trade with any binary options trading software, you should also practice trading with the free demo account before using actual money. We feel that you can find much more reliable binary options automated trading systems and brokers. And remember, you should only sign up with a broker that is regulated.


Not ReliableAt this time, until we find more solid information on this system, we do not recommend Cash Camp. The software is not reliable and we have no proof at this time that it produces the profits they initially promise. Proceed with caution or find a registered broker or more reliable trading system.

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7 Binary Options review: Cash Camp: 1 stars.
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