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Cash Improve LogotypeAfter research and evaluating the Cash Improve System we can conclude that it is a scam. However, despite revealing it is a scam from the very beginning we urge you to read the comprehensive Cash Improve review to know the truth about it. Afterall what you learn about the Cash Improve System will help you avoid other similar scams being peddled across the internet.

The claim is that the Cash Improve robot will make traders millionaires and that too without having to lift a finger. To assert that the software works the creators have to come up with all types of outlandish claims.

One of the many claims made by the software’s creators is that it has helped create over eight hundred and twenty-seven millionaires in just one year alone. It’s a claim that is unsubstantiated which is why we have serious doubts about it as you’ll see in our review.

The purpose of this comprehensive Cash Improve review is to warn people of this scam and to ensure that nobody is misled by this fraud robot. Many people have been receiving invitations to use this trading bot so if you are one of those traders who has received an invite make sure to read the review till the end. We will give you several reasons with proof as to why you shouldn’t waste good money on this scam system.

We started by watching the promotional video on Cash Improve System’s main page where they claim that many people have made millions using the app. The claim is that these people are making well over four hundred and twenty thousand dollars an hour via the bot. If you add up this daily income over the course of the month and then a year, it clearly comes across as a tall claim.

Uncovering the evidence behind the Cash Improve System

After having watched the video review, and heard what the so called creator of the robot Mr. James Miller had to say, we still couldn’t find anything on how it worked. We also sat through all the testimonials on the website and interestingly they all seem to be fabricated.

121 Accounts Left City

Odd, considering I live in a small city. This would mean that about 10% of the population is using this system… FAKE!!!

If anything these are fictional characters and stories. So, our goal is to convince people like those reading this review that they shouldn’t have to waste their time and money on such a lame attempt to scam them.

Our review uncovers and dissects every story that the Cash Improve scam has created to deceive people. We also prove that it is not worthy of even consideration, leave alone investing real money. Below are a couple of things which is concrete evidence against it being a scam robot.

The creator of the Cash Improve System is Fiction!

Yes! That’s right James Miller, the so called creator of and the system it sells does not exist. He claims to have created the system to help regular people make lots of money using the robot which too does not make sense. If anything after listening to what he says about the app and researching his background it’s evident that there is no such person.

We have no independent proof that this person even ever existed. That said James Miller is a pretty common name, and even a Google search will yield dozens of results, but none are what is claimed here.

System Creator

The supposed creator of the system is clearly an actor

We tried searching for James Miller on social media and discovered that he does not have an account. So, no Twitter, Facebook or Google+ account. Plus Googling this person only brought up search results which confirm our suspicion, i.e., he is some scam artist who uses different names to defraud the public. Also, his name is linked with this scam bot, that’s the only information!

Fake Testimonials and Reviews

We went ahead and searched for testimonials to determine if the so called evidence about this robot being a scam can be further substantiated. So, we ran a background check of sorts of every person who testified about the robot helping them make millions. We found that these people were hired by the company and are professional reviewers.

We also discovered that fictitious names were used to draft and publish these testimonials. It is for this reason that their testimonials cannot be trusted. As part of doing due diligence, we also reverse checked the images of these people to find out who they really were. Interestingly all these people have been hired from, a popular outsourcing platform for scammers in search of cheap talent.

All the people we checked have profiles on Fiverr, offering testimonials in exchange for just $5. So, these people provide fake testimonials in exchange for a few bucks. If anything these individuals providing fake testimonials are scammers themselves.

You can actually check many of these fake reviewers’ fiverr gigs on the website. If anything it will convince you that these people were hired to post positive things about the software in exchange for money.

The promise of big earnings is false too

One other major fake claim is that people, i.e., traders can make millions with the service. However, the earning claimed is fabricated. The perpetrators of this scheme claim that traders can make thousands a day via the app. The claim itself shows that the people behind the scam know nothing about the trading industry and how professional traders work.

Any professional trader will tell you that these claims are fake because they are unachievable in financial markets. There is no way that anyone can make millions or even hundreds using this app.

Even if you were the most talented and lucky trader, it’s still not possible because that’s not how the industry or the market works. So, these promises are merely to bait unsuspecting people who want to desperately make money fast.

Has it been endorsed by any reputable agencies?

Interestingly no reputable business or government financial agency has endorsed the Cash Improve system. It is not seen trending anywhere, and that’s because everyone except for a few non-traders know it is a scam.

As a matter of fact look closely, and you’ll find a series of complaints and reports about The Cash Improve System being a scam. So, it’s obvious that this scam will not be endorsed by any business or agency with repute.

Reputable trading robots don’t have to rely on false and outlandish promises. So, it stands to reason that Cash Improve System is not a system that you ought to trust with time or money.

Final Verdict

Not ReliableSince any trader can tell you that the Cash Improve System is a scam it has been designed to target people with no financial background. It is for this reason that we label it fraud. You’ll not make any money from it because that’s not it was designed for, the only people making money are the creators. Their goal is to steal your money, so once you make a deposit, it will disappear.

We are warning anyone and everyone who has received an invite from the creators of this system that it is a scam. You will not benefit, not a single dollar worth of profit from it can be expected. That said if you are looking for a trading app you can trust we list several with their pros and cons. These apps are not perfect, but that is how the world works.


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  • Ridiculous Promises Of Profits
  • No Evidence Of Earnings
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