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UPDATE (12.01.2017):

We have found out that CiTrades has shut down their operations.

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Old Review:

CiTrades Minimum DepositWith regards to the high-end binary options brokers, CiTrades has been a market leader for a number of years now. For all these years, the company has been offering one of the best binary options trading platform in the industry, while allowing the traders on its platform to make profit continuously and have one of the best binary options trading experience in the industry. While reviewing this broker, we did not leave any stone unturned. In this regard, we examined the package on offer by this company intensively and are happy to present you with our honest and unbiased findings. Let us begin with the binary options trading packages offered on this platform. The packages comprise of almost anything, including features, benefits as well as binary options trading tools, that any experienced or beginner trader in this platform would need.

The evolution of the broker, right from the day it was introduced into the market has been mainly driven by their desire to be a successful broker, with regards to offering one of the best binary options trading platforms in the industry. As a result, the company resulted into offering personalized binary options services to the trades using their binary options platform. This is was actually a bold move on the part of the broker, bearing in mind that most of the brokers and binary option robots today offer standardised trading services for all the traders on their platform. Even with the smallest of all loyalty programs offered on this platform, traders can rest assured that they will get personalized trading services from the company, including risk-free trades, one-on-one sessions with company professionals, binary options educational materials as well as trade signals.

Basing your argument on the standard of services offered by the majority of brokers in this industry, it may be easy for you to conclude that the initial deposit required by the broker is high. However, this is not the case. CiTrades requires the traders to make a realistic initiation deposit of not less than $500. This is not much, considering the level of services you will get from this broker. Additionally, the benefits you will unlock with this minimum initial deposit are spectacular. After trading on this platform for a while, you will understand why we are saying that the $500 minimum initial deposit is a realistic figure.

After this initial deposit, the minimum deposit amount for subsequent deposits with CiTrades will drop to as low as $250. However, this amount is enough for traders to profit from trading in binary options on this platform. This is mainly because if the higher turnover that is associated with this binary options broker. If you are wondering on how you can deposit money into your CiTrades account, that should not be a problem because the broker allows traders on its platform to deposit funds into their accounts using multiple methods, such as MasterCard, Visa, Maestro, Diners, American Express, AstroPay, CashU, PayPal, Skrill, UnionPay, WebMoney and, among other online payment processors.

All the money transactions on this broker are very safe and secure, regardless of the deposit method you use. Of all the deposit methods allowed by the broker, CashU and Credit card are some of the fastest. If you would like to deposit a huge sum into your CiTrades account, you may need to use the bank wire mode of deposit, which incurs a fee of €25.

Bonus Offered by CiTrades

If you are looking forward to trading in binary options, it is important that you take your time and find a good broker. CiTrades is one of the well renowned and reliable binary options brokers in this market. The various transactions on this platform are easy to conduct and are processed in a very fast manner. In addition to the numerous benefits associated with trading in binary options on this platform, the professional at CiTrades have devised a workable bonus scheme for the traders on this platform. The scheme couples the funds received by the traders, in the form of bonuses, with the acquired trading power to help traders reap the best profits from their trading activities on this platform.

The bonuses offered by this broker vary. However, all the traders on this binary options platform can get the various bonuses offered by the company during their initial or subsequent deposits, regardless of their trading history and number of deposits they have made kin the past. If you decide to accept the bonuses offered by CiTrade, it is important that you go through their terms and conditions keenly to understand the conditions that need to be met in such a case. For instance, there is the bonus formula that is imposed on all the traders that accept bonuses from the broker on this platform. The amount of bonus offered by this broker in most cases is three times the amount deposited by the traders.

For some traders, especially the new entrants into the binary options market may have a difficult time understanding the bonus formula that is imposed by the broker on its terms. This is why we are going to simplify the requirement for the traders on this platform to understand what they are signing up for when they accept bonuses from CiTrades. Basically, traders operating real trading account with this broker have a certain amount of funds in their account. What the formula means is that the broker will give you three times the amount you deposit into your account as a bonus. However, the trader will have to place positions worth 30 times the awarded bonus before they can withdraw the proceeds from their accounts.

Once you have fulfilled the above mentioned conditions, the money in your account will be available for withdrawal, including the bonus amount awarded by the broker. Again, the bonus you get while on this platform is usually combined with your account balance; hence you cannot segregate the two from each other. This improves the trading power of the binary options traders on this platform and enhances their chances of making profits on the platform. All in all, the CiTrades binary options trading platform features secure and reliable banking system that allows customers deposit and withdraw money in a fast manner.

The Login Process at CiTrades

CiTrades is a highly regarded binary options trading platform today. The company allows its customers to select their preferred type of binary options trading account from the various types of accounts on offer by the broker. Additionally, the company also offers demo trading accounts for their customers. For the traders looking forward to using this professional online binary trading platform, the signup process is pretty easy and straightforward for that matter.

To open an account with this broker, you just need to navigate to their signup page and provide the required personal information. Once you are done, submit the registration form and check your email inbox for an email from the company. In addition to confirming your registration with the broker, this email will contain a reminder of your login details as well as the deposit methods accepted by the broker. However, it is not imperative that you make the initial deposit immediately after you have opened an account with the broker. While working with this broker, you will have the ability to choose your preferred trading account depending on your trading needs. For instance, you may opt for the ProTrader account that has a minimum initial deposit of $500 or the Executive VIP account that requires traders to make an initial deposit of $50,000. If you happen not to be ready to venture into the real trading platform, you may also use the demo account offered by the company to improve your confidence in the trade and gain more skills in trading binary options. However, traders on this platform are required to make a deposit of at least $250 into their real trading accounts before they can be allowed to use a demo account on this platform.

With this broker, it is not a requirement for traders make their initial deposits into their accounts immediately after opening a trading account with the broker. However, traders who opt to make their initial deposit in less than 24 hours of registering for an account with CiTrades will receive a 100 percent bonus on their deposits from the broker. The company also has a reliable customer care section in place to help the traders who may have any problem, regarding the services offered by the broker. The customer care representatives at CiTrades can also help you out, if you happen to encounter any problem while making a deposit into your account. Currently, there are many methods through which you can deposit money into your CiTrades account. However, if you choose to use a credit card, you should ensure that the name on the card you are using is the same as the one you have used on your CiTrades account.

As for the withdrawals from CiTrades traders’ accounts, your request will be processed in less than three business days, provided that your CiTrades account is verified. After the request has been confirmed, it will take up to seven days for the money to reflect in your bank account. The reason why the brokers takes some time to process and send payments is that all the withdrawal requests from the broker are rigorously screened to ensure that they are being carried out by the authentic owner of the account. This feature is essential, when it comes to ensuring that client funds remain safe and secure with the broker.

CiTrades Demo Accounts

In addition to offering some of the best account packages for its traders, CiTrades is among the most advance binary options brokers, with regards to offering an outstanding level of customer support services. This is particularly beneficial for the beginners on this binary options platform. The main objective of this company is to offer premium rate services to all the traders on its platform. For a comparatively low initial deposit amount, traders on this platform can access some of the best binary options features on offer by any broker across the globe. Because this broker is concerned about the traders on its binary options trading platform, it has introduced certain measures to help traders learn the trade without having to risk their money. Such measures include a demo account.

The demo account on offer by this broker requires brokers to make a certain investment before they can access it. Regardless of this case, the demo accounts on offer by the broker are some of the best in the industry. It allows traders to carry out binary options transaction on this platform using virtual funds in an environment that simulates the environment in a real trading account. Again, the traders on the CiTrades online binary options trading platform get unlimited access to a demo trading account after they have made the said initial deposit. This is a magnificent feature because the demo accounts offered by other companies either have limited funds or an expiry period.

The demo accounts presents binary options traders on this platform with $10.000 worth of funds that they may use to open positions on the various assets listed on the platform. As a result, it is a magnificent trading opportunity for the traders who are not yet ready to venture into the real binary options trading world.

Mobile Trading Platform at CiTrades

CiTrades has unveiled a revolutionary application that traders may use to search for opportunities and open new positions while on the go. The CiTrades mobile trading platform offers a secure environment for traders to access their binary options accounts and access all the conventional benefits associated with the web-based binary options platforms without having to sit in front of a computer. The platform in this case is easy to use, very secure and highly convenient for the constantly moving binary options traders. Being a world leader that the company is in the world of binary options, CiTrades is committed towards offering some of the most reliable trading solutions to its customers.

This is primarily the reason why the CiTrades mobile trading platform is one of the best binary options mobile trading platforms you will ever get today. As we step into the future o binary options trading, traders are searching for more convenient, reliable, and at the same time safe and secure trading solution. If you happen to be on of the traders in search of such solutions, you should consider trying out the CiTrades mobile trading platform because it offers all these benefits.

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