Is CiTrades a Scam?

UPDATE (12.01.2017):

We have found out that CiTrades has shut down their operations.

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Old Review:

Is CiTrades a Scam?Currently, CiTrades is among the well reputed international binary options brokers in the market. In addition to the high quality as well as outstanding features that the broker boasts of, it is among the few binary options brokers in the industry that have outstanding customer services as well as desktop and mobile binary options trading software that is user friendly and easy to use. Just like with the other binary options brokers we have reviewed in the past, we have gone out of our way to review this broker and compile factual as well as up-to-date information regarding this broker. One of the magnificent aspects of the CiTrades binary options platform that we unveiled is their determination to establish and maintain the satisfaction of the binary options brokers on their platform. This is in line with the long-term success plans of the broker.

After we had reviewed and ascertained that CiTrades was a reputable and authentic broker, we were confident enough to include it in the 7binaryoptions list of trusted binary options brokers from across the world. For the period we have been in operations, we have always strived to provide our readers with accurate and reliable information about the available binary options brokers today so that they can make wise investment decisions. This way, the brokers we have listed in our list of trusted binary options brokers are actually the ones we have reviewed and found to be effective, satisfactory and legitimate. The professional binary options traders at 7binary options have also operated trading accounts with this broker in the process of establishing whether the company delivers what it promises its customers.

We have gone through all the necessary processes to test and approve this broker. This is why traders should not have any doubts while opening accounts and investing with CiTrades broker. Being an international broker, the company accepts traders from an array of countries across the globe. This is why the website at CiTrades has been translated to multiple languages. Additionally, the customer support services from this company are also offered in different languages. This is in a bid to facilitate the delivery of quality services to traders from different locations, without being limited by language barrier. The broker is among the leading providers in the industry, with regards to rich features and functional tools that allow traders on the platform to continually profit from trading in binary options. Continue reading our review of CiTrades to understand more about the broker.

Complaints Relating To Citrades

Since the time of its introduction into the binary options industry to date, CiTrades has always been on the front line in offering a great binary options trading platform for it s clients. As a result, no complaints have ever been recorded for the broker. This is one of the reasons why this broker is included in our list of trusted brokers today. On the contrary, the traders in binary options using the CiTrades binary options trading platform are highly satisfied with the services of offer by this broker. This may be attributed to the many advantages that binary options traders can attain by using this platform. Additionally, traders love this platform because of its ease of use as well as helpful and functional tools used on the platform.

The CiTrades trading platform is one of the best binary options trading platform today that supports beginners in this trade and allows them to continually profit from speculating on the price movements of the various assets on offer on this platform. In this regard, the CiTrades platform features special features and simple trading options that any trader, both experienced and beginner traders will find attractive. As such, you can easily understand why this broker has made it to the top of the best binary options brokers list.

To further enhance its relationship with the binary options traders on its platform, the broker also offers auto trading as well as free binary options trading signals on its platform. In this regard, the new traders in this platform have an easy time making the appropriate price speculations on the many assets offered by the CiTrades platform and continually profit from the trade.

What enhances the trust of this broker even more is its free signals and auto trading software, meaning that any person can start trading binary options, regardless of their previous experience. In fact, CiTrades offers its members a binary options trading guide, lessons and some basic binary options strategies they can start with, thus ensuring their chances of success in this field. While binary options are not without risk, this broker has the managed account feature which includes a supporting analyst team, a personal broker, daily analysis and many other perks, thus helping users to succeed in this field. It is easy to see why this broker has not registered any complaints: it actually helps its members to succeed, by offing them many useful features.

With CiTrades binary options broker, trading in binary options is not only easy and profitable, but also flexible and user friendly. This is facilitated by the mobile trading platform offered by the company, in addition to the many beneficial features offered by the company. Additionally, traders can also get in touch with the CiTrades customer care representatives any time of the day or night through the various channels provided by the company. Such channels include the live chat feature that allows binary options traders on this platform to get timely and highly relevant information regarding any problem they may come across while using this platform. The binary options trading platform offered by the company also features a safe as well as secure banking system.

The safe and reliable banking system offered by the broker allows fro easy and seamless deposit and withdrawal transactions, which is one of the reasons why the broker is trusted by trades across the globe. Thanks to its reliable and secure services, in addition to the support features offered by the company, the company has managed to become one of the best and highly regarded binary options brokers and binary option robot across the world. The company included helpful features and tools on its platform to allow the traders on the platform continually profit from the trade, regardless of their experience in trading binary options. The broker also has one of the largest lists of assets on offer in the binary options trading environment.

Withdrawal at CiTrades

The banking system at CiTrades is one of the efficient, less consuming and reliable banking systems you will come across in the binary options industry. This implies that traders do not need to waste too much time making a withdrawal request with this broker. However, there are certain things that you need to understand about the withdrawal process at CiTrades to avoid confusions while using the CiTrades binary options platform. Most of the restrictions and regulations imposed by this broker on the deposits and withdrawals into and out of its accounts are specifically aimed at making the broker compliant with the anti-terrorism and anti- money laundering legislation. In this regard, the broker requires its customers to withdraw funds higher than their initial deposit through bank wire mode of withdrawal from the platform. This is the case, regardless of the method you used to deposit money into your CiTrades trading account. All the withdrawal requests from this platform have to be requested via the finance department at CiTrades. If you have any complaint, regarding the deposit and or withdrawal process at CiTrades, you can always get in touch with the account manager at CiTrades.

Before trades can withdraw money from their CiTrades accounts, it is a requirement by the company that all the traders verify their accounts by providing the necessary verification documents, after they have registered for an account with CiTrades. Such verification documents include copies of a government issued Identity card, your credit card and a document to verify your location like a utility bill, bearing your full name and current location. The time for your withdrawal request to be processed and availed will depend on various factors. However, all the requests from CiTrades accounts will be processed within three days and the money availed in five to seven days via the provided withdrawal method.

For wire transfer withdrawals from CiTrades, clients will have to pay a processing fee of $25 to cover bank costs. The traders on this platform, who choose to withdraw their money via CashU or credit card will incur no withdrawal fees. Again, withdrawals from this platform using these two methods tend to be faster. All the withdrawal and deposit transactions on this platform are also secure by the SSL encryption technology used by the company.

Is the Broker Regulated?

Having discussed most of the fascinating aspects of this broker, many traders are now wondering whether the broker is regulated. For many binary options trades today, regulation is a way through which they can ascertain whether a broker is legitimate or not. Again, there are those traders who believe that their money is only safe with the regulated brokers in the industry. Well, this may not always be the case. As a matter fact, Citrades is not a regulated broker, but is one of the safest and most reliable binary options trading platforms in the industry. This is why you will come across brokers that are not regulated, but are offering some of the best brokerage services in the binary options industry.

Actually, it is only the reputable brokers from the European Union that must be regulated to be legitimate because on the strict regulations imposed on such brokers. In the contrary, brokers that are not from this region ca operate without being regulated by any body. In this regard, such brokers have to go an extra mile to assure their potential clients that they are offering reliable and profitable services on their platform. This is why CiTrades is not a regulated broker, but is still one of the best brokers in the industry. As such, we advise our readers to not only consider the regulation as a broker while looking for a good binary options broker to invest in. Instead, you should opt for the brokers that offer good benefits, security and safety as well as an easy to use platform, regardless of them being regulated or not.

Additionally, traders may also need to look for the special features and bonuses on offer by any broker before investing with them. With such considerations in mind, CiTrades is one of the best brokers you can think of, regardless of it not being a regulated broker. The binary options trading platform offered by this company has a good reputation among binary options traders across the world and offers some of the most innovative features in the market.

CiTrades may not be regulated; bust is currently one of the most professional binary options trading platforms offering helpful and timely customer care services and beneficial training materials on the binary options trade. Actually, the company has all the features, benefits and tools you need to succeed in the binary options industry. With CiTrades, you stand no chance of losing your money through fraud activities by the broker.

The fact that CiTrades is not compliant with the laws set by the regulatory framework does not meant that the broker is not safe to invest with. Actually, CiTrades offers a platform that has many supportive features to help traders continually make profits while trading binary options. Additionally, the company offers safe and secure as well as highly reliable banking system. This is to say that your money is safe with CiTrades broker.

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