ClickSure Logo BlueClickSure is a new affiliate marketing network on the scene. If you aren’t sure how an affiliate marketing network works, it basically serves as a middleman between product owners and affiliate marketers. Let’s say for instance you want to promote a certain product, you can list it on an affiliate marketing network for affiliate marketers to find.

You will then set out your affiliate commission terms e.g. how much each affiliate will get for each sales referral, for each lead generated and the like. Of course the affiliate marketing network will take its cut too as a middleman.

You may be wondering what ClickSure has to do with binary options robots. Honestly, from a direct perspective, absolutely nothing. But from an indirect perspective, absolutely everything. Allow us to explain.

How Does It Work?

ClickSure Example ClientsAs we have explained many times before, the vast majority of all binary options robots are nothing but unethical affiliate marketing practices. You are usually sent to a landing page via an advertisement or email solicitation, and that landing page has a nice promotional video, testimonials, and of course, a form for you to fill out to get access to their awesome robot.

The video tells you how awesome their robot is, often with some fantastic and unbelievable win rate and profit promises, usually with an incredibly fake backstory tacked on. They then justify why such an awesome robot is offered for free (beta-testing, charity, etc.) to entice you to open a trading account with their partner broker. The moment you fund your account, the robot creators get a nice affiliate commission. Of course, the robot doesn’t work as promised, but by then it’s already too late.

What these scam robot creators do is list their robot on ClickSure and then offer commissions to affiliates to promote their scam robot! So while the robot itself makes money via affiliate commissions from a broker, they also promote themselves by offering affiliate commissions as well!

And why ClickSure when there are so many other affiliate marketing networks around? The answer is because ClickSure is known to be the most lax with what kinds of products it accepts into its network. More legit affiliate marketing networks would have kicked out all of these nonsense scam robots. In fact, our research showed that other review sites estimated that as much as 90% of all the products being promoted via ClickSure are nothing but scams.

Clipart Money BagThe reason that ClickSure can get away with this is that they are not based in any Western country. They run their operation out of China and Mauritius, so good luck in trying to get any legal recourse from them.

So how do these affiliate marketers who are on ClickSure promote all these scam robots? The most common methods include advertisements, email solicitations, and review sites. That’s right, review sites. Ever wondered why so many binary options review sites are so obviously biased? That’s because they are affiliates! Always be wary when there is a link that looks like this; that means that it is an affiliate link.

And other than allowing all sorts of scam products onto its networks, ClickSure itself has been plagued with allegations of unfair treatment toward its own affiliate marketers. Most common complaints against ClickSure are arbitrarily declining or reducing commissions owed so to the marketers so they can keep more for themselves.

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Of course, these affiliate marketers are the ones spamming your email with scam robots and putting up fake review sites to promote these scam robots, so we cannot honestly say that we feel even the least bit badly for them.


Not Reliable

ClickSure is an affiliate marketing network where various scam products, including many binary options scam robots are listed and open to promotion by affiliate marketers. ClickSure itself is not a scam, but they do host numerous scam products. The network itself has had a high amount of complaints from the marketers themselves; so if you’re a legit and ethical affiliate marketer, you would go to other more legitimate affiliate marketing networks to find products to promote.


  • Not a scam


  • Numerous scam products listed
  • Many complaints of arbitrary reduction of commissions
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7 Binary Options review: ClickSure: 1 stars.
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