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Cloud Trader LogoOver the past 2 years, binary options trading robots have become the latest trend in the binary options trading industry. While binary options have helped simplify trading in the financial markets, many novices are still hesitating about giving it a try due to their unfamiliarity with the volatile financial markets.

Their fears are largely due to the lack of knowledge about how the markets work. However with the introduction of trading robots, beginner traders no longer need worry about whether they have any trading experience or not. One such automated trading robot released on the market recently was the Cloud Trader. The creator claimed that this trading robot can help its users generate as much as $1250 in daily profits. Can this be true or it is just as scam?

To found if the Cloud Trader can indeed perform as advertised, check out our review on the Cloud Trader below.

What is the Cloud Trader System?

According to the presenter in the promotional video for the Cloud Trader, Mr Mike Shepherd, he claimed that he was the founder of the trading software. Said to be a person with wide experiences and reputation, Mr Mike Shepherd took several years to create the Cloud Trader with the assistance of some of the best programmers and financial analysts. Accordingly, the Cloud Trader is a software which helps traders to predict trends in the financial markets hence enabling them to profit from their trades.

However from our research, we found that the presenter of the Cloud Trader promotional video Mr Mike Shepherd was also the presenter of another binary options trading software called the Cloud Track Trader. In that video, he introduced himself as a Mr James Christian.

This has lead us to the conclusion that the company behind the Cloud Trader and the Cloud Track Trader are the same company given their similar names and same personality in the both the promotional video. This is the first red flag that we observed which point to the possibility that the Cloud Trader is a scam.

Screenshot of the owner “Mr Mike Shepherd” selling Cloud Trade App:

Cloud Trader Screenshot

Another red flag that we observed was the fact that throughout the entire presentation, no technical details of the software were actually revealed. Instead, we are presented with an overview of the lifestyle of the presenter. This is the same modus operandi which many pyramid schemes uses to bait new recruits to their schemes which is by selling “dreams”.

How does it work?

The Cloud Trader is said to be a software that looks for repetitive patterns in the markets. The software is said to be able to identify as many as 500 patterns within a single trading day. Once the patterns have been identified, the software will automatically carry out the winning trades, as many as 26 trades. It is also claimed that due to in-depth analysis performed by the CloudTrader, traders can achieve a 100% win ratio.

Normally, any explanation about the inner workings of a software will leave one more enlightened. However in this case, we found ourselves more confused and bluffed. First of all, it is virtually impossible to achieve a win ratio of 100% due to dynamic nature of the financial markets.

No human mind is able to predict with 100% accuracy as to which way prices will move. Of course, one can argue in this case that a software is predicating the trends rather than a human. But we mustn’t forget that it still takes a human to program the software. Or if a human cannot predict with 100% accuracy, so how can a person be able to program a software to do just that?

Final conclusion

Not Reliable

Our research and observations shows that there is very little possibility that the Cloud Trader is a legitimate binary options trading robot:

  1. First of all, the information about the creator of the Cloud Trader seems to be fake with the same person presenting 2 different software under 2 different names.
  2. Secondly, we still do not have a good idea of how the software is able to recognize patterns in the volatile financial markets.
  3. And finally, no one can possibly claim a 100% win rate.

Seeing that the creator of the CloudTrader software is willing to go through so much deception, we strongly recommend our readers to avoid signing up for the CloudTrader software.


  • “Free Software”


  • False Claim on Win Ratio
  • No information on how the software works
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