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Copy Buffett SoftwareIn binary options trading, everyone is out to earn big profits? Most specifically, traders wish to do so with little to no effort on their behalf. There are literally hundreds of binary options software programs available online. Some of these are legitimate while others are not. The most popular trading systems are the automated trading systems, such as Copy Buffett Software.

This system created by software developer Jeremy Fin, claims to earn traders profits of $1978 a day, using the insider trading secrets of one of the most renowned financial genius, and self-made multi-billionaire, Warren Buffett. We got a bit suspicious but decided to give it a try.

Are these tales true or just another scam? We will discover the truth behind the Copy Buffett Software in our extensive review below.

Basic information:

Cost: Free
Software: 100% Automated
Max Returns: Up to 100%
Minimum Deposit: $300
Countries: All nations


– User-Friendly Website
– Users Have Total Control of the Features of the Software


– Support is only available in English
– Software promising high returns but has very few results
– Users have provided many negative reviews
– Little choice of brokers

7BO Verdict:

Not Reliable


Not Reliable Service


Is Copy Buffett Software A Scam?

Our goal is to inform our readers of reliable trading systems, and steer them away from ones that we determined are not reliable, or possibly even a scam. However, based on our own research, as well as customer feedback, we have determined that Copy Buffett Software is a scam. After a long time, there have not been many satisfied investors. We will provide you with detailed information that can help you make an educated, informed decision.

We have taken the time to investigate the features of this system, as well as the pros and cons, and have made recommendations based on these results. Copy Buffett System seems to have an impressive and well-designed website, which to us sometimes is an indication of a reliable system. Once you get a more in-depth look at the website and have traded with this software, you can ascertain for yourself that there is plenty of information on the site to assist you in designing a successful trading strategy.

User OpinionsUser Opinions

According to the opinions I found online, Copy Buffett Software is not the most reliable trading system on the market. Here are some examples:

Quotation marks“I stupidly fell for this scam about a year ago. I all sounded good, so I signed up to read the terms and conditions. Sometimes the T&C are really foxy. On the Copy Buffett site I saw straight-forward fake claims! The bottom line is that this software rounded up to trick me into getting their services that they elaborate and provide so more people get wiped clean of their hard earned money.”
Quotation marks“Copy Buffett hadn’t worked for me and their customer service is simply non-existent! I’ve only been trading for one week trading and had 20 trades. Among them, 11 winners and 9 losers, a profit of $9. Every single trade has been 16 minutes past the hour, during 9-7 hours. Shortly, I am not impressed!”
Quotation marks“Just avoid the Copy Buffett!  The bad thing in this market is that there are very few reliable auto-trading bots. But there is good news is that it is absolutely not impossible to find the real one as well. But trust me, the Copy Buffett should never be the choice of any trader. There is zero chance it will lead to any wins”
Quotation marks“Copy Buffett is really just a big scammer, l have lost all my money in just 60 trades, win 15 and lost is 45. All negative reviews I have seen online since then were saying the same thing! But they will simply delete them or ask their affiliates not post them at all. It’s all positive testimonial from their own actor on their website. It is totally just to cheat people of their money.”
Quotation marks“Right, a millionaire that decides to share his trading secrets for a few bucks with everyone? We have never heard this story before. And with all obviously fake reviews out there… Testimonials about doubling the trading account in simply one week? HQ in London but no info about their licence… Lots of very strange things. I’d rather pass!”

Copy-Buffett-Software-Scam-ReviewCopy Buffett Software: Legitimate or Lethal?

You have so many binary options software programs to choose from online. The most popular, however, are the automated trading systems. While some of them are trustworthy, others aren’t.

So where does Jeremy Fin’s Copy Buffett Software fall? The creator claims that traders can earn a lot of money using the insider trading secrets of self-made billionaire and well-known financial guru Warren Buffet. But does it work as promised? Despite our suspicions, we decided to dig a little deeper.

What Exactly Does Copy Buffett Software Promise?

  1. Large daily profits to vault you past the middle class – Copy Buffett Software owner and developer Jeremy Fin states that you’ll make a minimum of $1,970 a day using his software. So while not making a billion dollars like Warren Buffet, you’ll still make a lot more than you would have otherwise. That translates to $59,000 per month or over $700,000 annually. You’re looking at the type of money that will catapult you into the upper class in a year’s time.
  2. Between 500 and 600 daily trades made automatically on your behalf – That’s a lot of trades in a 24-hour time period. And with Copy Buffett’s stated accuracy rate of 80%, 400 to 500 of those daily trades will win. That rate and accuracy would make you a millionaire quickly if you deposited a lot of funds to begin with.
  3. Easily open an account and deposit low minimum amount of funds – To make $1,970 a day with this system, you’d expect Copy Buffett Software to require a high minimum deposit. But you only need $250 to get a live account and access to their system to make money. The process is pretty straightforward and fast. You can complete the entire process in less than 10 minutes with a good Internet connection.

All you have to do after watching the video on the homepage is fill out the form requesting your details and click on the “Your Software Here” button. This will redirect you to the broker sign-up page that Copy Buffett System recommends. Afterward, your account activates when you change your default settings accordingly.

  • Try out Copy Buffett Software free for 30 days – For the first month you’ll get free, unlimited access to the software and can trade, make money, add more to your deposit, and do everything else you want with your account. Then after the 30 day period ends, you’ll start paying a maintenance fee for your Copy Buffett account that equals 5% of your profits. This continues for as long as you trade using the software.
  • Several avenues for customer support in case you need it – Jeremy Fin doesn’t anticipate that you’ll have issues using his software. Because of its automated nature, traders aren’t expected to do much of anything after setting up their account. However, if you need help with something and want to make sure your trading and profit making ability runs as smoothly as possible, you can get assistance through a live chat feature or by telephone or email 24 hours a day, every day.
  • Traders worldwide can access Fin’s Copy Buffett Software – This is good news for traders based in the U.S. who usually don’t have a great variety of trading platforms from which to choose. Only a few exceptions, in Asia and Africa, exist anymore; most of the planet can freely trade using the software and make the promised $1,970.
  • You can access the software through your mobile device – Everybody seems to have a smartphone these days. And more and more traders like having access to their trading accounts online, even if they still make some trades through a PC or Mac. Copy Buffett Software gives you that access so you can trade from any mobile device as long as you have an Internet signal available wherever you want to trade.
  • Traders also have access to a large number of assets through Copy Buffett Software – You can trade a wide variety of assets through your account with Copy Buffet. This helps spread your risk and avoid major losses in case the price of one asset rises or falls dramatically.


But Are These Promises True?

PromisesAll of the promises above sound good, but does the software actually deliver on them? Unfortunately, no it doesn’t. Copy Buffett Software has quite a few issues that raise red flags, such as:

  1. Promising a certain amount of money, especially a high amount like $1,970, is always a sign of a likely scam. And no independent trader thus far has come forward to say that they’ve actually made money using the software. In fact, you’ll find plenty of the opposite assertion. So if Copy Buffett Software proved to be the huge money-making software that Fin advertises it as, then it wouldn’t need affiliate sites pushing it so hard. Truly great products speak for themselves through genuine word-of-mouth and press coverage.
  2. It’s dependent on what Warren Buffett trades. The point of the software, as its’ name states, is to copy what Warren Buffett does on the market. So it needs access to the trades he makes. But what if the software no longer receives access, for whatever reason? Or what if Buffett himself shifts to a new way of trading? Can the software, and the traders who use it, shift with him? And if not, then what happens to the software and traders’ deposits?
  3. Too many scammers online need for you to sign up and deposit money with a specific broker of their choosing. You want a broker who’s trading record is available for everyone to see and who has a good reputation within the industry.

Red FlagsThis isn’t something you can guarantee with the preferred broker of Copy Buffett Software or any other site that operates the same way. Always have your alarm bells ringing if you can’t use a broker of your choice who you’ve verified and trust.

Because of our research and personal experience, we can’t recommend this system. Despite a user-friendly website and plenty of tools to offer new and experienced traders, the promise of high returns set off suspicions right away. Add to that their use of sketchy brokers and the software doesn’t live up to the hype.

So if you seriously want to make money trading binary options, you’d be better off going for something with a reliable track record. You’ll find automated trading services and software whose developers honestly state what it can do, how much you can profit expect to profit, and that allow you the use of your own broker.

How Much Does Copy Buffett Software Cost?

Similar to most other trading systems, Copy Buffett Software offers a 30 Day Free Trial, which is clearly stated on the website. In order to qualify for the free trial, you must create an account with one of their regulated, recommended binary options brokers and make an initial minimum deposit of $300. This is the case with most binary options trading systems. Keep in mind that this initial deposit can be used to place trades. If already have a preferred broker, Copy Buffett Trader will not force you to switch. But be careful when choosing from their list of brokers: a lot of them seem to be scams by themselves.



How Does Copy Buffett Software Work?

How Does It WorkCopy Buffett Software is designed to collect the most accurate and up-to-date trading data and generates trading signals based on that information. The trader must decide how to trade based on that information supplied by the system.

Copy Buffett is unique from other platforms in that once you have created your account and make your deposit, all you have to do is link the Copy Buffett Software to your account and then you are ready to start trading. Copy Buffett Software will send you trading signals and then you can make an educated decision on how to proceed, or you can set the system on autopilot and allow it to make trades on your behalf.

Even the most inexperienced traders can profit with Copy Buffett Software as they are not required to have prior knowledge or experience trading binary options. The system makes its trading decisions based on current and profitable trading situations, based on the collected data. Those who have previous experience and in-depth knowledge are more likely to have a higher success rate, however.

How To Get Started?

  1. Create an Account: Create a free trading account, sign up with one of their recommended brokers, fund your account and start trading, it’s that easy!
  2. Start Trading: Once you have created an account, Copy Buffett Software will start to generate signals. You can either trade manually or set the system to autopilot and allow it to trade on your behalf.
  3. Withdraw Your Profits: Once you start to see profits, you may fill out a withdrawal request. You are required to transfer the funds within one business day. Other specifics are dependent upon your specific broker.

Special Features

Special FeaturesSome special features which we would like to bring to your attention as a potential trader with this system, they offer great selections of assets with which to trade, which is a huge plus. The signals generated by this system are free and have an accuracy rate of over 80%, which is above average. Copy Buffett Software is not lacking in any of the features offered by reliable trading systems.

Final Conclusion

Not ReliableBased on our research and personal experience with Copy Buffett Software, we can say that this system is not reliable or trustworthy. Even though heir website is user-friendly and offers a wide variety of tools for both new and experienced traders, their promises to have high returns right away do not serve for anything. Copy Buffett Software uses suspicious brokers and, quite frankly, did not live up to our expectations.

We can honestly say that Copy Buffett Software doesn’t seem to be the best choice for anyone who is serious about binary options trading. Better opt for something else, there are plenty of reliable automated trading services out there.

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    I see that the review is positive, but isn’t it a bit fishy that they are using Warren’s name to market this? Are they affilliated with them in some way?

    • Buffy   •  

      Hmm I don’t think they are affiliated in any way.

  2. Jenny   •  

    I love this robot. I have won $3000 in just 5 days!

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    Did anyone have good results with this software?

  4. Alex   •  

    There are many things you can use instead of this scam software. When it comes to binary options, most traders are using MACD or moving average indicators, but not many seem to use Fibonacci as a tool; or more correctly, the Fibonacci retracement tool. As a trader, you’ll have to learn how these can be advantageous to you. There are many education articles one can read about this

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    Hi there! Can anyone recommend some brokers in the EU that work with mt4? Or maybe an indicator to place puts and calls directly from mt4? I known some have an API but they are taking forever to verify my account! Help me out!

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