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Copy Trading ImageAs an automated binary options trading system, we decided to have a look at what Copy Trader offers.

The team that built this software say that you can use their platform in order to create profits where 95% of other traders would have failed.

It is hard to know where this number comes from but it seems the figures are even higher than that.

This short review will cover the ins and outs of the platform and it will give you an idea as to whether it will suit your trading needs or not.

Review of Copy Trader

Financial NewspapersUpon first going to the website of Copy Trader, you will receive a welcome message from an attractive looking woman who is trying to get you to join the members only area, There is also an introduction video that can be watched but there is not much value to be had by sitting through it.

They simply want to get your email address as soon as possible and have you start to click the various sections of the site.

When you enter into the member’s area you will receive a welcome from a man this time. This is yet another video and most of the site is free from bulky text and it is more visual.

The second video that you reach totals a whopping 27 minutes so it may take you a while to be able to sit down and watch through it all.

Binary Options Clip Art 1The person who developed the platform or the person narrating the video is trying to convince the watcher that they are not attempting to sell them anything at all.

While this may sound like something refreshing in this industry, all you need to do is take a look at the right hand section of the website and you see what appears to be a script that is trying to entice you to join.

If you manage to find your way through the video you will no doubt be a bit uninterested and bored. It certainly feels like it is a sales pitch from start to finish despite what he tells us.

Your patience will start to be tested as they utilize all of the usual marketing and sales techniques you find on these sorts of sites for the most part.


Scam Logo RedCopy Trader is not something that can be recommended at this moment in time.

If in a couple of months a lot of the readers try out the platform and decide as to whether or not the platform is as successful as claimed, then maybe this verdict will change.

What Indicators to Look for With Potentially Scam Products?

  1. They claim exaggerated or impossible revenues: YES
  2. Presence of false scarcity counters: YES
  3. Tactics to pressure people into quickly singing up: YES
  4. Testimonials that are fake: YES
  5. Say that the software is “free”: YES
  6. Proof of how the software works: NONE

Normally it is best practice to err on the side of caution when it comes to these types of platforms.

A good idea can be to get in touch with a developer or member of staff for the platform and see how long it takes for them to respond.

To sum everything up, it is no advised for you to sign up and make a deposit with the Copy Trade platform at this moment in time.

There is a feeling about it that the software may be a scam so you want to play it safe and see what the verdict is from others.


  • Free


  • No information about the workings of the software.
  • Contradictory information
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7 Binary Options review: Copy Trader: 1 stars.
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