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BitCoin Trader LogoBitcoin trader is an automated bitcoin trading software that was unveiled by Gary Roberts in 2017. According to the information provided by the owners, the software analyses the emergent bitcoin markets and finds profitable opportunities. It then executes the trades 0.01s faster than any other software in the market today.

The idea behind the Bitcoin trader platform is to eliminate the time-consuming procedure involved in manually trading bitcoins. As of 2019, it supports five cryptocurrencies, and it claims to give its users as much as $1300 profit each day, all from an initial deposit of $250. The software runs smoothly on all browsers, and it claims to be trusted. But is Bitcoin trader a brand you should register with, or is it a scam?

Based on most online reviews, Bitcoin Trader should not be trusted. However, it is important to remember that Crypto-trading bots are relatively new in the market and unregulated. So, reviewers tend to be overly harsh when reviewing them.

When doing our research to write this review, our initial step was to detach from such negative perspectives. We then created an account with the platform, made a deposit, and used it for some time. Our goal was to find the true pros and cons of this platform. Next, we present our findings.

How Bitcoin Trader works

Like any other automated trading software, the Bitcoin Trader runs multiple computations in the backend. Its algorithm scans the current and historical crypto market data and analyses it using a combination of multiple technical indicators. The outcome is the real-time analysis of what is happening in the crypto market.

The data is analyzed using a combination of multiple technical indicators, and this is what generates either a buy or a sell signal.

Laser Accurate Awards

The software claims to have a theoretical return of 88%. To put it simply, Bitcoin Trader operates in a way close to Bitcoin Code or Cryptosoft. Users do not need any advanced bitcoin trading knowledge, and trades are placed within seconds. Bitcoin trader tends to fair much better compared to competitors. It rarely places loss trades.

So, once you create an account and make your initial deposit, everything is pretty much done. You won’t need to spend hours researching and analyzing data to find potentially profitable trades. The software is 100% automated. You sign up, deposit, and then every day, spend a few days tweaking the settings.

Benefits of using Bitcoin Trader App

  • This software works well both on computers and mobile devices. You can access your trading accounts at any time from any device as long as you have a good internet connection.
  • The trading algorithm that is inbuilt in this application uses a mix of six technical indicators to do technical analysis. The software also simultaneously analyses seven-time frames, and the cumulative results from this tool are used as the projection factors. This increases the accuracy of the trading signals generated by this system.
  • This software only works with regulated brokers who have been verified as credible. This ensures that you are not involved in any illegal activities. But always ensure that you are current with the cryptocurrency regulations in your location for you to use this tool without worry.
  • The SSL encryption used by this software guarantee safe and secure transactions. So, you can browse knowing that your financial information and personal data are 100% secure.
  • New traders can fully rely on the automated trading models offered by the application. On the other hand, those who know how to trade using technical analysis can access the manual mode. This mode allows them to trade using their knowledge. One can use the manual mode when they have trading time or shift to the automated mode if they have no time to be in front of the screen.

Who can use the Bitcoin Trader

This software is designed in a way that almost anyone who knows how to use a computer can use it since it has a very sleek interface. The App is suitable for both the pros and the beginners and traders can benefit from it regardless of their trading expertise.

It has attracted many professional cryptocurrency traders who are looking for an easy way to fully automate their trading. Besides, the tool has a loyal following among amateurs who know nothing about trading but are looking for an easy way to earn from the system. Those who know how to trade and have a deep understanding of the markets will benefit most from this software.

How to start using the Bitcoin Trader

One of the outstanding features of this software is its ease of use. Here is a step by step procedure on how to get started.

  • Step 1: Creating an account

Visit their homepage and create an account. You will be required to provide basic personal details like name, id, email, and mobile number. Once you provide all the required details, they will require you to verify your account. Just check for an email from Bitcoin Trader, and click the activation link.

  • Step 2: Activating the Account

Activating the account allows you to access the deposit page. Just click the “Deposit” button, and you will land on the deposit page that will allow you to fund your account.

  • Step 3: Begin trading.

At this point, you can choose between either automatic or manual trading modes. If you would prefer using the automated trading mode, click on the “start auto” button and let the system do it work. Alternatively, if you prefer manual trading, you can switch to the manual mode.

Is Bitcoin Trader a Scam?

This software is not a scam. It is an easy way to get yourself into trading. Those with basic trading skills can leverage this software to increase their effectiveness in the market.

Minimum deposit

Even if the software is free to use, you still have to make an initial deposit. You must fund your account with a minimum amount of $250. Once deposited, the amount will reflect in the trading account.

Fund Account Start

You can deposit as much money as you wish to invest in the crypto markets. However, it is always wise to begin with a $250 minimum deposit and increase this amount as the software performs positively.

How long will it take to start earning with the Bitcoin Trader?

The time taken to begin earning from this software can, to the time it takes to register on any other platform. As long as you complete the account registration, you will have to deposit, and a few minutes later, you can begin trading live with this software.

How to make a deposit or a withdrawal

We already stated above that $250 is the minimum deposit needed for one to get started with this system, and the fund transfer is effortless. You just provide a few banking details and the amount, and within a few minutes, the funds will be in your account.

Withdrawals take less than 24 hours, which is way faster than other trading robots, where it might take several days to process the withdrawal.

Demo trading

The software allows for demo trading. Most users always begin with demo trading to enable them to understand how the system works. Demo trading is also a great way to boost your confidence when using the software before placing real money trades.

Assets traded

Bitcoin Trader trades the cryptocurrency markets. It can be effectively used to trade cryptocurrency assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecon, Dash, and other assets. The software also shows regular updates of the assets which have been recently bought or sold by other traders at any given point in time.

Desktop and mobile devices user experience

Most of the commonly known trading software and systems are a little complex, and it takes time to get used to them. However, according to interface and the simplicity of Bitcoin Trader, it is one of the easiest systems for both beginning and expert traders. This software can be used from a computer, iPhones, iPads, and other mobile devices.

Rating and customer experience

The user experience is good, and the software has received a 4.8/5 rating. Unlike other trading robots, the bitcoin trader does not charge registration fees or any other hidden charges. Generally, the software is user-friendly with an intuitive user interface. One does not need any help to start using the system. Everything is direct and straightforward. In case one needs help, they have great support over live chat and email.

Trading speed

This software can successfully run many algorithms at a single time. It makes trading decisions many times better than what a human being can do. It is always wise for one to check all trades at the end of every day. This helps one to ensure that the system does not drain your account by making continuous loses.


Automatic trading has been a recent addition to the cryptocurrency markets. Some of the people always doubt the possibility of being successful as an algorithmic trader. This has resulted in a bad reputation for automated trading platforms. However, due to its user-friendly interface, active live support, customizable settings, and quick transactions, Bitcoin Trader it is a little more trustworthy.

What to remember

The cryptocurrency market, just like other financial markets, is influenced by many factors. Cumulatively, these factors affect market performance and the accuracy of the predictions made by this software. Tools like the Bitcoin Trader have become very popular, especially if the software can offer dependable performance.

Naturally, any form of trading or investing involves a certain degree of risk. So, when using tools like the Bitcoin Trader, one should do proper research to understand the functionality and the expected returns. Therefore, you can always begin by making a small deposit as a way of testing Bitcoin Trader. If you can get small, but consistent profits, then increase your investment. The same adage, start small and grow big over time.


ApprovedI would definitely recommend this automated cryptocurrency trading system that buys and sells automatically based on the signals it generates. It is the ideal software for any newbie who is just getting started in the world of cryptocurrency trading. With the option of demo trading, one can practice trading without the risk of losing his or her hard-earned money. Every step is almost straight forward from registering into the platform to the actual trading, and the time taken to make a withdrawal is relatively short.

And most important, I’ll stress the importance of beginning real trading with a small deposit again. Even if you have not traded before, keeping the amount less helps one avoid the possibility of losing a large amount of money in case the software fails to perform as expected.

Now it is the time to follow our review and make a better decision when it comes to using Bitcoin Trader software for your cryptocurrency trading.

Is this your final decision?

We suggest you visit one of the most popular trading platforms instead!


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General Risk Warning: The financial products offered by the company carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose.

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