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Cryptotrader LogotypeCryptoTrader may boast of being reliable, but there is nothing reliable about them. We spell out the truth about the CryptoTrader system in this review and why we think it is a scam. Our advise before you even start reading the full review is to steer clear of crooks like these, or you’ll stand to lose everything.

Any and all claims made by this company and anyone associated with the system is a lie. The biggest lie is perhaps their claim that the company is the no. 1 binary options signals service and it has been for the past 1321 days but who is exactly verifying that claim? The answer is nobody!

We registered to CryptoTrader as part of our review process for around a month max, and during this time we can assure you that their claims are made up. How can a fledgling signals service end up being the best when it hasn’t even been around for a full three years? In this review, we expose the lies on which the CryptoTrader system is based but unfortunately even then its the tip of the iceberg.

We have taken many factors into consideration to demonstrate that this is nothing but a malicious scam. One that you should avoid but still read the review to find out how it works. If anything it can help save you from other similar scams.

The complete CryptoTrader Review

As professionals, we are always looking for ways and information on making money online. Recently this search for ideas and information led us to a system called CryptoTrader, an app which claims to help traders make as much as $5000 a day and that too with no effort other than a few clicks of course. We couldn’t resist the temptation of this application and decided to examine it further.

The first step for us was to determine what people were saying about it. A Google search using the term ’CryptoTrader, ’ turned up a bunch of results. The majority of top results were complaints about the app.

Crypto Trading Log

The platform seems to be rather primitive and antiquated

This led us to believe that there was something fishy going on and hence merited that we probe deeper into it. We wanted to know what was so disappointing about an app that made money effortlessly?

Our next stop was the CryptoTrader website. The main site has a video which starts playing as soon as the page loads. The video has a man speaking in the background, and talking about how making money has changed the lives of over 43 million people in just six months.

Cryptotrader Creator

The supposed creator of this system isn’t fooling us

The speaker forgets to introduce himself and does not even tell people how he’s associated with the system. This to us is a major red flag. A couple of minutes later, you’ll see a chubby gentleman with a bushy beard in this mid to late 20s or 30s welcoming you to their millionaires’ club.

It becomes quite evident that it was this person who was speaking in the background from the start of the clip. But now he’s shown his face to share a few statics about earning online and other things related to it. Though he gives us no new information in this regard.

After having sat through the entire video and reading the reviews on their website, it has now become quite evident that the CryptoTrader platform is a scam. We will tell you about a couple of other things that we found that point to CryptoTrader being a scam.

What does CryptoTrader claim to offer traders?

If you were thinking whether or not to trust CryptoTrader, then our answer is not to trust it. This is a scam and its something we’ve mentioned many times above.

The so-called automated money machine as it is referred to purportedly searches global markets for the best winning trades. It uses some high tech artificial intelligence which enables it to spot the best investments though that’s just the scam they are trying to sell.

The scam works only if you believe that it does. So, to give you the illusion these CryptoTrader signals are doctored to show you winning trades. But in fact, it’s just a way of deceiving traders.

CryptoTrader Claims a 90% win rate!

Here is the proof that CryptoTrader is nothing but a scam:

  1. We have over the years had a chance to review dozens of scams, and they all promise huge amounts of profits. They all promise traders riches beyond their wildest dreams and that too in just a few months without making any effort. But in reality that does not happen. Why would anyone give out something that has so much money making potential for nothing? After all, they are supposed to be a business, not a charity.
  2. CryptoTrader promises traders that they will make $5000 a day which amounts to $150,000 a month, which in turn ends up becoming $2 million in a year with on effort.
  3. Anyone who believes this does not know how the markets or trading works. Binary options trading even using an auto trading software is not that simple. You need to take out time to study the markets and have experience with various trading strategies to succeed.
  4. The product video’s host, i.e., Richmond who claims to be the owner but which we know he is not says that there is no risk involved with using the system. The claim that you can’t lose is another false claim. Many scams make these claims, and even amateur traders know that using the best binary options system on the planet does not guarantee wins all the time.
  5. We did a bit of research and found that this Richmond guy is just another actor. He’s been paid to play a part, and that’s exactly what he’s doing, i.e., reading lines of lies.
  6. We went on to find out that the CryptoTrader platform is associated with blacklisted brokers and unregulated businesses. So, once your money goes into the system or into the hands of these shady brokers then it’s gone. No matter how much you deposit, you have no way of getting it back. Plus, because they are unregulated and nobody even knows where they are based filing a complaint will not do you any good. Almost all CryptoTrader reviews you find online go on to tell you that someone has ended up losing money to these brokers. So, gamble at your own risk.
  7. Towards the end of the video, the scammer shows you a bunch of photos from people who he claims the system has helped in just six months of its existence. The fact of the matter here is that these images have been taken from various places on the internet. Some of are famous actors and so these too cannot be trusted and it’s perhaps the straw that breaks these scammers’ hold on people
  8. We as professionals of the trading industry condemn this type of false advertising and scam in the strongest terms. These scams do nothing but cheat regular people out of their money many of whom are desperate.

Final Verdict

Not ReliableUnfortunately for those who want to believe these scammers, the CryptoTrader app will not get you anywhere as a binary options trader. It lacks the ability to help you make successful trades. The unrealistic promises, fake photographs of so-called millionaires and a list of unregulated shady brokers don’t help their cause. Also, it’s not possible to become a millionaire in a mere six months.

The scammers behind CryptoTrader have proven that they don’t care about anybody but themselves. They will steal money from anyone who is desperate enough to trust the system. Unsuspecting traders may end up falling for these tricks, but anyone with some experience will avoid it like the plague.

Systems like CryptoTrader and the scammers behind it give trading and the industry a bad name. So, avoid it at all costs. We would also like to clarify for anyone reading this who is not a binary options trader but would like to start trading is that not all systems are scams.

Is this your final decision?

We suggest you visit one of the popular Forex Broker instead!


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General Risk Warning: The financial products offered by the company carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose.
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