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The words “binary options trading” are synonymous with online profits for many people nowadays. Because of the simplicity with which binary options are being traded, many people are drawn towards it and hence making this sector of the financial market the fastest growing sector in the entire financial industry. But this explosive growth has also led to many scammers coming with numerous new trading system designed to scam unsuspecting traders out of their hard earned money.

To help our readers avoid getting scammed, we conduct reviews on many automated trading systems that come on the market proclaiming to help their users get high returns for their investments. For this particular review, we will look at the Cyber System signal system to identify if it is a scam or a genuine system. Read our review to know more.

Basic information:

Cost: Free
Software: 100% Automated
Max Returns: Up to 90%
Minimum Deposit: $200
Countries: All nations


  • 100% Win Ratio


  • No support
  • No evidence to support win ratio
  • Legality of the trading system in doubt

7BO Verdict:

Not Reliable

Not Reliable Service

What is the Cyber System?

Based from what we can learn from the Cyber System promotional video, the system was the brainchild of the presenter in the video going by the name of Joshua. According to Joshua, he says that binary options trading is basically gambling. But if you can manipulate the system like the way he does it, you can achieve financial freedom with a timeframe of just one hour! With his Cyber System, you can earn in excess of $500 with just a “blink of an eye”.

His system is based on the Wall Street’s Financial Market software program which he obtained by hacking. Using the predictions generated by the software, he managed to manipulate the system hence allowing him to make successful trades. With the Cyber System, he had even managed to make a hundred successful trading transactions in a row.

And despite what Joshua claimed that the Cyber System can do for it users, we have found many red flags that cast doubts on the truthfulness of all his claims. Firstly, we find that it is highly unlikely anyone can be able to achieve a win ratio of 100%. And if we assume that his Cyber System did make him a lot of money, the unprofessional manner which the Cyber System was put together seems to indicate otherwise. Instead what we got was a promotional video which seems to be shot in the basement of somebody home and presented by a suspicious guy in a hoodie who seems intent in keeping his identity secret.

In addition, while Joshua’s website does provide for a live chat option for customer support, actual support is nonexistent. Of course this could mean that Joshua is so confident about the Cyber System that he feels customer support is not necessary. Or it could simply meant that he forgotten this critical feature when he put up the website for the Cyber System from the basement of his home. But what we can be certain about Joshua is the fact he doesn’t place value on long term business relationship meaning you will most likely be at the short end of the business relationship with him when you sign up to subscribe for the Cyber System Signal service.

How does it work?

The Cyber System functions both as a trading signal generator as well as an automated trading robot. And like most trading robot systems, it comes with a manual mode as well as an automatic trading mode which can be turned off if needed. And while, the creator of the Cyber system claimed that the system can achieve a 100% win ratio, he has failed to provide any evidence to support his claim.

Final conclusion

In our final conclusion, we suspect that the Cyber system is nothing more than a scheme that is designed to get traders to sign up and deposit money with a selected number of unregulated brokers. Throughout the entire presentation, we have seen nothing to indicate that the Cyber system can perform as claimed. The fact that Joshua feels no remorse that he had hacked into the Wall Street’s Financial Market software program only goes to show that he has no qualms about breaking the law just to earn some money. So do you think that you can trust your money with such questionable character?

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7 Binary Options review: Cyber System: 1 stars

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