Daweda Exchange: How to Trade 2017

UPDATE (12.06.2017):

Daweda has shut down their operations.

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Old Review:

As a binary options exchange, Daweda Exchange functions in a different manner than most binary options brokers and services. In a binary options exchange, traders compete with other traders so there is no interaction with a broker. A binary options exchange services simply serves as a mediator between traders. You will most likely be charged a small fee for each trade you place with a binary options exchange.

 How to Use Daweda Exchange for Trading Binary Options

Daweda Exchange is a bit different from other services so here is a breakdown of how to best use this helpful service for successful binary options trading:

  1. Create a trading account with Daweda Exchange

Similar to other binary options trading platforms, you must create an account to be able to trade with Daweda Exchange. Simply fill out the required fields and you will be redirected to the trading demo platform, which is an exact duplicate of the real thing. However, in lieu of real money you will place practice trades with virtual money to avoid risk while you gain experience and test your skill level.

  1. Trade with Daweda Exchange

Once you feel comfortable with the system, you can make a deposit and begin trading with real money using the system. Remember trades are initiated in the same manner via the real platform as they are with the demo so make sure you take full advantage of the demo system to gain experience and confidence in your trading skills.

First you will choose an asset with which to trade. Next you will select the number of contracts (NB: each contract is worth $10). Then you will choose the number next to the “Down” and “Up” options, which is the price of that trade. You will have the ability to see the trades that are being executed by others so you will see a number of waiting trades to be placed, bought or sold.

When you are ready to initiate a trade, you will see a pop-up on which you have to confirm your trade. In the event you do not confirm a Dawade Exchange trade, it will be automatically canceled.

  1. AutoTrading with Daweda Exchange

One of the advantages of Daweda Exchange is that you are able to use the automated training feature. You will see a red button in the upper right corner that will enable the auto trading process.

If you don’t have a great deal of time to devote to trading, or are looking for a simpler method of trading, auto trading is a great option. It is also a great addition to the demo account for those who are less experienced at trading binary options or for those who don’t have much insight into the financial market.


As you can see, there are a great many advantages to making use of Daweda Exchange trading platform. You will have the ability to interact with and gain insight from other traders. Make sure to take advantage of both the automatic trading option as well as the free demo account as both of these features can assist you greatly in your trading endeavors.


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