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Binary options trading is taking the world by storm. Everyone wants to get in this rapidly increasingly popular financial investing tactic. And it seems like every Tom, Dick & Harry is coming up with some type of auto trading software which is great when they are actually a legitimate trading platform. However, sadly there are a lot of dishonest people in the world today who are taking advantage of the success of binary options trading to try to con innocent people out of their hard-earned cash.

Digitized Day Trader is a newcomer to the binary options market. It is a fully automated trading system that was created by Leonard Dames, who claims to have discovered the key to success in binary options trading in order to thousands of dollars a day. But is this the truth or just a hoax? Read our Digitized Day Trader review for the truth about this trading software.

Basic information:

Cost: Free
Software: 100% Automated
Max Returns: Up to 86%
Minimum Deposit: $250
Countries: All nations


– 100% automated software
– Website is user friendly


– Projected earnings of 8 grand a day are too farfetched
– We could not reach customer service after several attempts
– No proof of success with this system
– Brokers are not licensed or regulated by a governing system.

7BO Verdict:

Not Reliable

Not Reliable Service

What is Digitized Day Trader?

According to the preliminary video, Digitized Day Trader uses a series of complicated mathematical algorithms to determine which trades will be profitable. Apparently, this system is unlike any other and can earn over 8 grand a day for trades automatically. However, this is a completely unrealistic sum. One cannot earn this type of profits in any financial trading endeavor unless they are willing to put up an insane amount of money in the first place. You can earn a decent profit trading binary options, but $8,000 is just not a realistic number.

Also, the video gives no explanation as to how the system operates. They just use a bunch of showy terms to describe the system, but they never really explain anything. Also, the system is not regulated, nor or their brokers. This means there is no governing body overseeing their day-to-day operations so therefore they cannot be trusted.



How to Get Started

In order to gain access to Digitized Day Trader, one must register an account with one of the brokers listed on the website. Again, we need to stress that these brokers are not controlled by a regulatory system, so there is a lot of gray area left uncharted. Next, you need to fund your account with at least $250 before you can begin trading. Then you chose your settings and then allow the system to make trades for you. If the system is all successful and you earn any profit, you can start the withdrawal process set in place by your broker to get your money.

Is Digitized Day Trader a Scam?

We do not have enough information at this time to say one way or the other that this system is a definite scam, but due to the lack of information on the website, and the dozens of complaints we have seen online regarding the Digitized Day Trader software, we do not feel that this trading software is the least bit reliable. It is our solid opinion that you should look for a trading system that has been around for some time and has a solid reputation.

Final Conclusion

Not ReliableAgain, we cannot endorse Digitized Day Trader. There is not enough company information for us to believe that this system is trustworthy. There has been no proof that anyone has earned a profit with this system and we have seen numerous complaints. If you do decide to use this software, we advise that you do so with caution.

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7 Binary Options review: Digitized Day Trader: 1 stars.

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