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With the abundance of online automated trading bots available for binary options traders today it is important to be selective with which system you use to trade. There are a lot of very good, extremely reliable trading software apps available but there are just as many, if not more, gradual systems as well. Take the time to read offsite reviews from those who have actually used the system before deciding whether or not to invest your money. It could save you hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Dream Catcher App by Matthew Warner is a fully computer automated binary options trading robot that promises traders upwards of 4 grand a day? Is this even realistic? Can Warner and his Dream Catcher trading software be trusted? Read our Dream Catcher App review for more details.

Basic information:

Cost: Free
Software: 100% Automated
Max Returns: Up to 88%
Minimum Deposit: $250
Countries: All nations


  • User-friendly
  • Computer automated trading bot


  • Website lacks pertinent information such as company info, customer service info and licensing info
  • Brokers are not regulated
  • No ability to chose your own broker
  • No proof of success as of this writing

7BO Verdict:

Not Reliable

Not Reliable Service

What Is Dream Catcher App?

Dream Catcher trading software has been around for a little over a year and all that we have found to this date are negative reviews from traders who have claimed that they lost hundreds of dollars from trying to trade with this system.

Matthew Warner, creator the Dream Catcher App announces in the sales video that he is offering 15 spots to beta testers, who will receive $4,250 in cash just for taking a survey and then they would continue to receive this amount every day as long as they make use of Dream Catcher trading software. First of all, there is no way you can earn this amount unless you are willing to invest a couple of grand a day. Even the most trusted trading software bots only average about $500-$800 a day. Secondly, there is no way that you will receive $4,250 simply for answering a survey. Normally, any type of bonus is just applied to your trading account and must be used for trading, so please don’t fall for tactics such as this.

Warren says he worked on Wall Street where he met his business partner and together they created Dream Catcher App and to date it has earned over 23 million dollars for it’s over 700 users. He says the software is free for a limited time only to 15 beta testers before it goes public. This is a story we have heard hundreds of times by now. “Special invitation only” “Last chance” “Limited time only” are just a few of the common buzz words used in typical binary options scams. Anytime you hear these words you should have your guard up.



How Does It Work?

Essentially, you must enter your email information on the Dream Catcher app sales page and then create an account with one of their brokers. They do not provide you with the option to use your own broker and none of their brokers appeared to be regulated which is indeed another sign of a con. Then you are required to deposit at least $250 with which you can make trades. As the system is fully automated, you can choose to have it trade on your behalf. If it earns any profits, you can then start the withdrawal process.

As we stated previously, we have yet to find one unbiased or positive review about Dream Catcher trading app. The majority of reviewers complained that they either lost their deposit or were unable to withdraw their funds. We also find the lack of company information and the lack of a customer support system to be a warning sign.

Conclusion: Is Dream Catcher App a Scam?


There is simply not enough evidence as of this writing to state that Dream Catcher app is a definite scam, but we do not recommend that our readers utilize this trading software. The huge number of negative reviews and lack of proof of profitable results shows that this trading system is the least bit reliable. We suggest that you choose to invest with a system that has a solid reputation.

Not Reliable

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