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Dream Profits LogotypeThe Dream Profits App claims to help members make over $150,000 a month. However, before you sign up, make sure to read our comprehensive review. The CEO, Matthew Warner, is the supposed CEO of the system who claims that members can make literally hundreds and thousands a day. Though our investigation revealed that the CEO is possibly fake.

The CEO claims that if you help him with a short survey, you can start making a lot of money in a short time. In reality that’s not the case. We will highlight exactly why this is a scam and present a few facts about Matthew Warner.

Why Is Dream Profits A Sham?

Dream Profit members claim that they make an average of around $4250 a day using the software, though these claims are fake. Matthew (the CEO) is deceiving would be users of the software by saying that those who use it will get $4,250 in their bank accounts the very next day.

The introductory video is nothing but lies that go over and over the same thing. The goal for this scammer is to attract and trap newbie traders who have no idea how the binary trading industry works.

Ridiculous Promises Dream

This kind of promises always mean the system isn’t trustworthy

The CEO makes it sound so simple, so apparently, he’s also trying to attract people who want to trade without putting in the effort to learn how to trade. Nobody will pay you $4,250 for a 3-minute survey, it’s never going to happen.

The guy is a liar and a crook. He is trying to sell things pulled from your wildest dreams and bill them as the truth. The goal is to stop you from thinking rationally and focus on the amount he is offering. When someone offers something that’s too good to be true, then chances are that it’s not!

Dream Profits Exposed for Everyone to See!

The introductory video is nothing but a few lines strung together into something that would perhaps be appealing to some people. The reviews and the videos are only meant to make you feel good, which makes people let their guard down and that’s when they sneak in the scam.

So, instead of discussing the features of the Dream Profits app, and how it will help generate such a huge sum of money every day, he talks about exotic vacations. The video only addresses and reveals people enjoying the good life, without having to ever work again. Images of large homes and exotic cars are used in hopes of luring people into the scam.

However, with all this, we can clearly see that this so called CEO has nothing worth listening to about the binary options app. That said it really comes as no surprise as you later find out that this person is nothing more than a cheap, paid actor.

Why We Think You Should Avoid The Dream Profits App? We Give Further Proof!

According to Matthew Warner, he is an ex-day trader who invests in binary options via various mechanisms of investments. He also claims to be around 49 years of age, and the Dream Profits system is claimed to be worth $1.2 million dollars. According to him, he funded the development of the app out of pocket.

However, after financing the development of the Dream Profits system out of the pocket he is offering it to just 15 traders from across the world for free. So, these fifteen people can use it to make potentially billions. He says that from the time you sign-up the system will go live in just 60 days, after which regular people will have to pay $559 a month and an insane $5997 as setup fees.

The fact of the matter is that nobody has independently been able to verify all the claims made by Dream Profits in their video. Almost anyone can make such claims on the internet, but without the proof to back up those statements, they are worthless.

Matthew Warner Promises

We doubt that Matthew Warner is even a real person

We did a bit of research and discovered that this Matthew Warner character has no profile. There is nobody talking about this so called millionaire on the internet. So, it stands to reason that he is a complete stranger even to day traders.

When you refresh the page or revisit it after sixty days, it’s not hard to see that the 60 day period remains that way. So, we consider it a ploy to fool visitors into making a hasty decision because they have a limited amount of time. But the opportunity is fake!

In an effort to promote the Dream Profits signals platform Matthew is using an array of words to fit his narrative. Though we think he rarely listens to exactly what is coming out of his mouth.

One such claim is that the software can execute trades using what’s called high-performance connectivity which assures an unusually high win rate. Plus, he attributes the so called success of the app to some crazy trading technology that depends on an array of servers placed across the globe.

To throw in a few more fancy terms, Matthew also claims that the system is dependent on a high-speed fiber optic network boasting of very low latency and a large bandwidth. So, users will be making profits regardless of where they are in the world. All of these factors combined he claims is how the software will help you make $4250 a day. But that’s where he is misleading people, and most non-traders will miss it.

Any professional day trader will tell you that the profits are not realistic. So, you can’t make anything even near $4250 a day using Dream Profit or any other software for that matter. He is trying to sell a lie, and it’s a lie that many scammers use to defraud people who are unaware of the binary options industry.

Fake Trading Results

The website has a section where people can watch a live trading session. But if you log-on to the website on a Sunday, the software is still making a profit and executing trades. That’s despite the fact that the markets are closed every Sunday. Also, he’s trading UK options which in no way can be traded on a Sunday.

Fake Money Demo

If you go through the system’s sign up process in order to start using Dream Profits, you are shown a so called live trading window. The window shows money which is being transferred to your checking account right away.

But this is yet another dirty trick employed by the scammer which was previously used by another scam called Safe Income. The money and the trade is fake. After the trade is executed your balance should be $88, but you actually end up with zero! This is real proof of the fakery involved with the system.

We strongly advise that people check our list of binary options scams before using any trading app.


Not ReliableAll of the above coupled with our experience allows us to pronounce Dream Profits a scam. Forget having to waste your precious money and time on this software. It is a pipe dream that’s being sold to you for real money.

We can guarantee that the people behind this scam are not even traders themselves. But they are trying to attract desperate people to make a quick buck. Stay away from this scam and save your money for something that really works.


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