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Easy Wealth Creater LogoEasy Wealth Creator seems to be a great product that generates easy money. But, should we trust this binary trading robot? Read our following review to find out if this system is right for you!

Binary options industry continues to be very well liked among both beginners and professional traders, in spite of so many scam programs that cheat individuals. There are so many new applications that get into the market every month only to cheat people and get their money. It is really something exceptional to find a trustworthy binary options trading system today. That’s why we stay cautious and are always on alert so that to help our readers differentiate a scam from a reliable trading robot. The present analysis is made to reveal Easy Wealth Creator, a fresh binary trading system made by Sean Willows, who promises incredible money. Is this really possible? Does Easy Wealth Creator generate profits? Read our review to learn this.

Basic information:

Cost: Free
Software: 100% Automated
Max Returns: Up to 90%
Minimum Deposit: $200
Countries: All nations


– The binary trading robot is fully automated


– The sales page does not have its own clip
– The web-design of the site is of very poor quality
– Potential return is too exaggerated

7BO Verdict:

Not Reliable


Not Reliable Service

What is Easy Wealth Creator?

When we opened the Easy Wealth Creator’s promotional webpage, we instantly got a feeling that this program is definitely a scam. First of all, there are many methods made to press the trader and force him to make a deposit and use the system. The website has a low quality design and it seems that the developers of Easy Wealth Creator don’t really care about their potential clients.

Another aspect that we consider absurd is the promise made by Easy Wealth Creator program. It states that it can generate over $13,000 daily. This is an evident lie and we hope traders will notice the overstatement in a matter of seconds. In fact, the makers of such scams got aware of the fact that claiming such improbable figures is not the best method to attract individuals, and this is particularly because there are groups of experts like our team, which try to fight the scams. However, those behind Easy Wealth Creator are quite arrogant to think that their blatant lies will work.

How does Easy Wealth Creator work?

After browsing through their landing page, we took a pause after the initial shock and were ready to ignore its poor quality. We wanted to give them one more chance and see what the matter with the product itself is. Maybe our first impressions are not such appropriate. However, we got another shock when we found that Easy Wealth Creator doesn’t even have its own promotional clip. Sean Willows and those behind the program utilized the clip of another binary options robot that was demonstrated to be a scam. This is about Coffee Cash Cheat, an obvious scam that was exposed a long time ago.

You should keep in mind that such incidences are not unusual in the binary market. Many scammers go for another brand and promotional strategy after their scam has been exposed.

There are two possibilities in this situation: either the program developer with the people behind it simply modified the title of the same deceitful application, or they simply took the promotional clip from the older program. Regardless of what it is, it just demonstrates what a terrific fraud Easy Wealth Creator is. We are definitely against such evident and arrogant scams that use awful procedures to promote their application.

The primary target of this binary trading robot is to trade on the market associated with coffee and its price. There are not any other assets that one can trade.

Final Conclusion: is Easy Wealth Creator a scam?

Based on our research, we found that Easy Wealth Creator is a clear and horrible fraud. It is the sort of scams that can shock everyone who is more or less involved with binary options trading. We strongly suggest you to avoid this binary options robot and don’t try anything else where you can find the name ‘Sean Willows’ on it. Maybe he is trying to develop another program right this moment. Our advice for you is to find another system that has already demonstrated to generate profits.

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7 Binary Options review: Easy Wealth Creator: 1 stars.

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