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The Elite Millionaire Society was developed by Thomas Boyles to generate binary options signals for its traders. It is of invaluable help to the traders who are looking for an automatic binary options trading system. We did a review on the system in order to learn more on the system. Preliminary information showed that traders had the ability to determine who among the traders had a better chance of success and this is why we decided to investigate it further. So to make a decision on whether to use the Elite Millionaire Society system, first read this review.

Basic information:

Cost: Free
Software: 100% Automated
Max Returns: Up to 100%
Minimum Deposit: $250
Countries: All nations


– Simplistic interface
– One touch trading
– No emotional factor


– No support for chat feature
– Minimal support for language
– Unreliable signals

7BO Verdict:

Not Reliable


Not Reliable Service

Is the Elite Millionaire Society system a scam?

The results that we obtained were quite a disappointment. After several tests on the system, we did not achieve the results that we have hoping for. The use of the system is more like a gamble as the chance of a loss or gain are almost equal. This is the main reason we cannot recommend into anyone. It is however not entirely a scam as the signals are correct at times. It can be very helpful if the developers added more features to increase reliability and accuracy.

What is the cost of the Elite Millionaire Society system?

The fact that the developer earns a commission from the binary options brokers makes the system free for the trader. The developer therefore does not charge the traders directly and this is surely a clever way through which the developer increases the number of people that sign up to the system. It is however important to note that a deposit amount of $250 must be made with a broker before a trader can access the system.

How does the Elite Millionaire Society system work?

This robot is built work on algorithms and therefore can process data quickly and more accurately to enable the traders to make decisions on trades without having to calculations and analysis.

The key question that the trader needs to ask is, does the system make correct predictions? We cannot conclusively confirm this as most of the signals generated seem to be random and with a 50% chance of accuracy. The system does the all of the work on its own capacity and it is therefore not advisable to rely on it entirely as you may end up losing investment.

How to start?

  1. Sign up. This is the first step which involves filling out a registration form so as to access the system. To use the system, you need to put down a deposit with a broker.
  2. Trade. To trade, you start by setting preferences and turning the binary options robot to an auto mode.
  3. Withdrawal. If the predictions of the robot earn you profits, you can transfer these earnings to a personal account.

Special features

Not ReliableThere is nothing too special about this system. The feature provided are too basic to add any value to the system. We were not impressed and we doubt you will also be amused by the features and their performance. The problem is that it claims to lead to high profits but does not deliver. It’s not worth the time and investment.

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