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UPDATE (12.01.2017):

We have found out that EmpireOption has shut down their operations.

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EmpireOption LoginThe EmpireOption binary options broker was listed on our list of trusted brokers recently. The registration process for traders on this platform is comparatively easy. Since the broker was listed on our list of trusted brokers, we have not received any complaint related to their binary options platform. This indicates that the services on offer by the broker are transparent and highly satisfactory for the binary options traders using the platform. At 7 Binary Options, we are your watchdog, when it comes to investigating various online binary options brokers and providing you with factual and up-to-date information that you can rely on when choosing a broker to invest with. After listing a broker on our website, we also monitor the platform henceforth to see whether they are still offering good services.

If a complaint is lodged about any of the brokers in our list, we carry out a research to establish whether the claim is legitimate or not. If legitimate we blacklist the broker from our website and warn our readers about it. In this regard, we have been on the frontline in the fight against scam binary options brokers in the industry. In addition to being a legitimate broker, EmpireOption offers a comparatively easy registration and login process for traders on its platform. For the period that EmpireOption has been in business, it has managed to earn the admiration of many binary options traders across the globe. Within the same period, the company has become one of the best binary options brokers in the industry.

This is partly because of their easy to use and navigate website. Recently, the EmpireOption broker website was redesigned to meet the various requirements by its customers, one being an easy sign in process. To begin with, the website is easy to navigate, allowing users to easily notice the login tab and navigate to the sign in page within a short period. Just like most of the well renowned brokers today, the EmpireOption website offers users a set of standard features. The various features provided on the EmpireOption website are oriented in a vertical manner. This way, traders on this binary options trading platform can access almost any feature with a single sign in. This is to say that a single login into your EmpireOption binary options trading account will give you access to all the trading features you will need, including banking services as well as trading tools, assets and features. In this article, we will take you through the simple and convenient login process required by this broker as well as the features you will require to make your trading activities on this platform enjoyable and profitable.

After you have signed up for an EmpireOption account, it is a requirement by the company that you verify your identity. This is in accordance with the anti money laundering legislations being adhered to by all brokers. This is done by sending the required verification documents, including scanned copies of your photo, a recent utility bill and your credit card, to the broker. After your account has been verified, you will only need to use the login details you provided during signup to access your account. Accessing your EmpireOption trading accounts presents an array of underlying assets that you can trade in on this binary options trading platform. With this easy login process, traders on this platform can also access the educational centre offered by the company.

The list of assets provided by this company within the traders’ accounts allows traders on this platform to build a portfolio that is risk-resistant. A single sign in to an EmpireOption account allows traders to access all the features, tools and assets offered by the broker. Additionally, it allows you to carry all the transactions that need to be carried out on a binary options trading platform.

The EmpireOption Mobile Trading App

The EmpireOption App is a mobile version of the binary options trading platform offered by this broker. As it is, this platform is currently one of the most preferred mobile trading platforms by traders from around the world. The application is availed by the broker through its website. To make use of the mobile trading application provided by EmpireOption, traders need to download it from the broker website and install it in their mobile devices, such as Smart Phones. This application allows traders to trade in binary options as well as carry out an array of transactions in their EmpireOption binary options accounts.

The application is currently available through all the renowned application stores and supports both Android and iPhone devices. This innovative solution for the binary options traders who would like to trade binary options on the go, by the EmpireOption broker has allowed the company to remain competitive in the binary options and binary option robot industry. To access your trading account on the EmpireOption platform through this App, all you need is your mobile device and a connection to the internet. As such, traders do not need to have a PC for them to analyze the market, get binary options trade signals and execute trades on this binary options trading platform; provided that you have installed in your mobile device, you can gain access to your account any time and in any place, even when travelling.

Like it is the case with other Android applications, traders can download the EmpireOption application from the Google Play store. However, if you have an Apple’s iOS device, you will have to download it from the AppStore. To log into you EmpireOption trading account, you need to sign in using the same details that you use to sign into the web-based trading platform. Unlike the majority of mobile trading applications offered by the other binary options brokers in the industry, the EmpireOption mobile application is designed to offer optimal efficiency, even on mobile devices that have comparatively smaller screens. If you would like to trade in binary options using a tablet, you may opt to use the mobile trading platform or trade in binary options directly on the browser platform. However, the ability to trade on the browser version of the platform from your mobile device will depend on the screen resolution of the device.

With the EmpireOption mobile trading application, trading in binary options becomes more flexible and convenient for all traders. The mobile platform at EmpireOption offers various features that make trading more convenient, profitable and enjoyable. Although the various online brokers tend to offer standard trading features and tools on their mobile trading platforms, it is imperative for them to stay in line with changes in technology. This will, in turn, ensure that the broker remains competitive in this rather diversified market. The increasing use of mobile binary options trading options is one of such techno logical changes that any binary options broker today should offer. Based on various research findings, the use of mobile-based online binary options trading platforms has surpassed the use of web-based online trading platforms.

In this regard, it is essential that brokers come up with state-of-the-art mobile trading platforms if it is to tap into this growing market. The EmpireOption binary options broker has not lagged behind in this aspect. It is offering one of the most advanced mobile trading platforms in the industry. The mobile trading platform offered by this broker offers traders with all the features and tools they require to make their binary options trading experience better and more successful. This made trading in binary options easier and more convenient for traders on the EmpireOption binary options platform. it is obvious that traders will be more interested in trading in binary options through mobile platforms for the days to come. If you are looking for a mobile trading option that will offer you all the convenience and flexibility you deserve, while providing all the necessary tools and features to make your trading experience successful, you should consider signing up with EmpireOption.

Bonus Offered by EmpireOption

The EmpireOption trading platform offers a horde of benefits for traders form all over the world like Banc de Binary, IQoption and 24option. As a matter of fact, it is one of the few brokers that accepts traders from all parts of the world and offers them an outstanding opportunity to make money while trading in binary options. The platform is designed to offer an array of opportunities for traders in order to allow then to gain additional exposure in trading binary options. This plays an important role in enhancing the ability of traders on this platform to increase their return on investment as well as make more profit while trading binary options. Since this broker is focus on ensuring that the traders on its platform succeed, it is offering some of the most generous bonuses offered by any broker in the industry.

The bonuses offered by this broker act as leverage on the traders’ investment. For instance, the initial deposit bonus offered y this company increases the number of trader that a trader can carry out in with his or her initial deposit; hence increases the chances of the trader succeeding in trading binary options and making a profit. The EmpireOption initial deposit is a boost to the deposited funds by the brokers using this online binary options platform. Additionally the high bonus that is offered by this broker allows traders to try out various strategies on this platform with minimal risk to their invested amount. You can take advantage of the generous bonuses offered by this company by signing up with them and making the initial deposit into you trading account.

The binary options market is very volatile and requires traders to use a more dependable money management strategy in order to succeed. Additionally, having more capital to invest plays an important role in cushioning traders against the various risks posed by this trade. In this regard, the EmpireOption broker enhances the ability of traders to profit while trading in binary options by offering them high bonuses. As such, it can be said that the bonus offered by this broker is an essential buffer against loses should the odds turn against the trader. The company does not have a clear policy on the bonuses it offers its customers. In this case, the broker offers bonuses randomly to the traders on its binary options trading platform.

Basically, there are various features that are scattered across the various account types on this platform. some of the most beneficial trading assets offered by the EmpireOption binary options broker include market reviews by the company as well as the ,market analysis offered by the company on a daily basis to the traders on its platform. Additionally, traders on this platform have an opportunity to experience an array of promotions and get unlimited bonuses from the broker. Other features that make EmpireOption an outstanding binary options trading platform include an economic calendar, strategic investment advice for its customers, more accurate market signals and a market simulator. These features are a valuable addition to the EmpireOption bonuses. The other fantastic thing about this broker is the fact that the bonuses it offers are unlimited. This is to say that the amount of money you can get from this company in form of a bonus is not limited. In most cases, the amount of bonus you get from EmpireOption is mostly influenced by the amount you deposit into your EmpireOption trading account. Again, the bonus you get from the company after making a deposit is principle unlimited. As such, you should rest assured that the company will definitely offer a certain percentage of their deposited amount in form of a bonus.

Rather than focusing your attention on the bonus policy applied by any given broker, you should take your time to look at the terms and conditions binding the bonus you receive from the company. This way, you will avoid the brokers that will hold your profits simply because you have not met the bonus terms and conditions. While offering bonuses to its customers the EmpireOption has the interests of the traders in mind. However, before withdrawing the bonus awarded by EmpireOption, you will need to trade a volume of more than 30 times the awarded bonus. As such, traders are required to meet the require turnover in order to be allowed to withdraw their bonuses.

Demo Accounts at EmpireOption

Let us make one thing clear before going any further, EmpireOption broker does not offer demo accounts to its customers. Even after making the required initial deposit, the traders on this platform will not get a demo trading account from the broker. Although demo accounts are beneficial, with regards to helping traders practice trading binary options, they significantly affect the efficiency of the trading platform offered by the broker. This could be the reason why the EmpireOption broker opted not to offer demo accounts to its traders. To offer a good online binary options trading platform, the companies in this industry must decide on the core functionality of their platform. This will go a long way in determining the experience that traders get from trading in binary options on this platform and the efficiency of such platforms.

Although some binary options brokers have managed to offer proprietary platforms, this is not always the best option, when it comes to optimizing the efficiency of their binary options trading platforms. With the reputation that EmpireOption broker currently enjoys, there is no point of testing the platform to see whether it works. To compensate for the lack of a demo trading platform, the EmpireOption broker has availed a comprehensive binary options educational centre for its traders to learn how to trade and effectively use the provided tools and features to their advantage. The platform on offer at EmpireOption is designed for binary options traders whose sole purpose of being in the industry is to make money. As such, the platform does not have time for time wasters and traders who are just opening and closing positions for fun. This is also another reason why the broker opted not to offer demo trading accounts for its customers.

Although the broker does not offer demo trading accounts, it is still a magnificent broker for the beginners in the binary options industry. This is because the platform offers an array of features to help new traders learn the trade and make profit while trading in binary options. Some of such features include a comprehensive training centre that feature eBooks, training sessions, videos and webinars to educate the traders on how this trade works. Additionally, the company offers daily market reviews, as well as trade signals to help traders reap the best benefits from trading in binary options.

With all these beneficial features, the broker has effectively compensated for the lack of demo trading accounts on its platform. Additionally, EmpireOption offers huge bonuses to help cushion the beginners in binary options trading from loss while practicing what they learnt from the educational centre. The company will also offer trade signals for both the beginners as well as the experienced traders on their platform. These features are very important when it comes to learning how to trade binary options and continually profit from the trade. In this regard, the EmpireOption binary options trading platform is still a good platform for beginners in the industry, despite the fact that it does not offer demo trading accounts.

The huge bonuses of offer by this company will also buffer you from losing your invested money while trying out new trading strategies on this platform. The bonuses offered here are pretty similar to the virtual funds offered by demo trading accounts on other platforms. However, the profit you make while using this bonus is real and can be withdrawn. This aspect makes the bonuses better than the virtual trading funds offered by other brokers in their demo accounts.

EmpireOption Minimum Deposit

Currently, all the legitimate and well renowned binary options brokers have a minimum amount that it required its customers to invest in their accounts before they can allow them to trade binary options on their platform. In the case for EmpireOption, the minimum initial deposit imposed by the company on its traders is $200, which makes it one of the renowned brokers with the lowest initial deposit requirement. This comparatively low initial deposit requirement does not bar traders from registering with and trading in binary options on this platform.

The company implemented such a low initial deposit in order to allow new traders to try out the services, features and tools offered by the company on its platform, as well as make profit while doing it. This is why we encourage our readers to signup with and try out the EmpireOption binary options trading platform. Although the initial deposit required by this broker is quite low, it has some drawbacks on the party of the traders. For instance, depositing the $200 minimum deposit will allow traders to open up to 8 positions before their deposit is depleted, assuming that the trader did not accept a bonus from the company and that the trader did not profit from any of the open positions. Well, this figure is below the average in the industry.

As such, traders on this trading platform should consider investing something more than just the minimum initial deposit to increase their capital pool and enhance chances of profiting on this platform. traders on this platform can also take advantage of the loyalty program offered by the company to grow their investment capita. All in all, the EmpireOption online binary options trading platform is a good platform that you should consider trying out.

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