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Fast Money Method LogotypeToday we will review the latest introduction to the binary options trading industry called the Fast Money Method. The Fast Money Method guarantees that people will be able to make lots of money using this straightforward and easy to use tool. Though it sounds good but our concern is if it’s really legit or just yet another scam. Below are our findings.

Fast Money Method bills it self as a free binary options trading system and as of late we have seen many similar systems being launched. However, out of the literally hundreds that we’ve reviewed, not one has lived up to the many promises of riches. Though some have been a bit of help but still not worth the time investment because it’s nowhere near what they are advertising.


Trading binary options is not an easy job and takes lots of work to become a successful trader. Though the claims of making it very easy to trade makes things worse because it gives people false hope.

The fact is in our experience that many of these systems have been devised by brokers and are meant to ensure that traders lose money. At this point, we’re not saying that it’s the same with the Fast Money Method, but it’s important to be aware that this type of software does exist when searching for a system.

The official website does not look as though it has been designed by a professional. All that’s on there is a video with a short signup form. At the bottom there is a digital counter that tells you how many places are left, in our case it said only 12 spots were left.

Then that counts down one a time as you continue watching the video. Also, towards the right of the page, there is a display labeled ”live earnings.” All of this looks convincing enough but as soon as you refresh the page all of these counters restart.

At the moment we will look past these problems because it does not mean that this is a bad system, but rather just that they are resorting to pressure tactics. Our job here is to find proof that would substantiate their claim that the system works.

The promotional video mostly discusses the joy of breaking free from your job and being able to earn a lot of money which can be between $500 and $850 a day via the system. The interesting thing here is that you don’t even need to be an experienced trader because everything is handled on autopilot.

A Job You Hate

Yet another false system creator using a video to try to scam people

We tried to stick around long enough to find out how the system itself worked but 5 minutes into the video we gave up. All that the narrator was talking about was the joy of being rich. So we decided to enter our name and email address to investigate the system further.

After entering the name and email address, we were redirected to yet another page where it said that today is the best day because we got to join the high rollers in a wealthy life. We could now break free from our dead end jobs and that too without having any skills, no sales experience and no learning required.

Now if that wasn’t bold enough he also went on to say that we were going to earn around $550 to $895 a day, something which is apparently guaranteed. To us, it did sound attractive but a little too good to be true.

Everyone who ever hopes to be trading via the system is required to make a deposit with a broker which they choose. In this case, it is one called OptionFM. We were told to deposit the money today and in return get $750 in the way of a free bonus which would be deposited into our account.

Though when we went to deposit the money, there was no mention of the bonus. Plus, all things considered, $750 is an enormous amount for something like a ”free bonus,” so we were obviously skeptical.

Even as skeptics we admit that the system looks pretty impressive. It’s perhaps one of the more impressive systems we’ve seen in years of reviewing trading software.

A button on the left says ”Robot Tour,” when clicked you will be given a guided tour of the system. It basically outlines each and every aspect of how the system works and how anyone can get started. Once the funds have been deposited, then you need to set the total amount you would like to use when trading and activate the system, leaving it alone to work.

Now the ratio at which the system wins or loses trades is a completely separate discussion. Though the minimum trade has been set at £25 for every trade. So, if you started losing don’t be surprised to see that your account will be empty pretty soon.

We didn’t personally use the system. The reason we didn’t use it is that we couldn’t find any reviews from real people who have used it. All that we came across were fake reviews perhaps left by affiliates who are getting a commission to promote the system. However, the one thing that does not make sense is if the system really works then why are the affiliates working so hard to promote the system in exchange a commission?

Affiliate marketers could just use the system him or herself to start minting money. It’s one of those things that we would probably never understand, but it does raise a red flag about the legitimacy of the system.


Not ReliableWe personally after going through every aspect of the trading bot think that it is yet another binary options system setup to rake in commissions by referring traders to blacklisted brokers.

Though that’s just our personal opinion which is based on the factors mentioned above. As mentioned earlier we have not had a chance to try the system so we can’t say for sure if it works well.

We would be surprised if anyone could end up making around $500 – $850 a day using the Fast Money Method. Anyone who has used this system and is reading this post we would certainly love to hear back from you. Has the system really helped you make money? Does it live up to the claims it makes? We surely hope that it does because we are traders ourselves and everyone wants to become rich.

We hope you found this review insightful and perhaps has given you something to think about. Maybe we have also saved you a good deal of cash in the process. Do let us know in the comments section below.


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