FastCash.Biz ReviewCo-creators David Graham and Madison Clark, claim that FastCash.Biz provides traders with current real-time financial details to help them made educated, informative binary options trades. Unlike other binary trading scams, they do not promise that traders will become overnight millionaires, but they do promise huge profits if you invest with theft software. Their software system is designed to collect up-to-date data so they can make intelligent trades.

According to the FastCash.Biz website, with their software you will be able to determine profitable trades within one minute to an hour, which is considerably quicker than regular methods of fixed trading. However, our investigative team found quite a few flaws with this system. Hence, we took it upon ourselves to conduct a detailed investigation of Fast Cash Biz to see if this is in fact a reliable trading platform, or yet another binary options trading scam.

Basic information:

Cost: Free
Software: 100% Automated
Max Returns: Up to 80%
Minimum Deposit: $200
Countries: All nations


– Education Center


– Customer Service appears to be non-existent
– The system is risky
– Multiple System Delays
– Lots of negative feedback from traders

7BO Verdict:

Not Reliable


Not Reliable Service

Is A Scam?

After taking the time to thoroughly examine the FastCash video presentation created by Clark and Graham, we have to admit they did make an impression on us with the Bentley, private jet and the huge balance in the bank accounts. They go on to tell us that it took them as little as three years to make 55 million dollars with this trading software.

However, the fact that they are letting traders have free access to this platform is almost unbelievable. To this date we have not found any binary options software that allows traders to make millions of dollars on their investments at no cost to them. Although at this time we cannot confirm 100% if Fast Cash Biz is a scam, we highly doubt that any of the claims they make during the video presentation are in fact sincere. In our honest opinion, we think they hired a bunch of second-rate actors to put on a rather impressive advertisement video. However, whether or not this video will appeal to the masses is yet to be determined. Software and Results

According to Madison Clark, she has been in the binary trading market for quite some years. She claims she developed the Fast Cash Biz binary options software bot by utilizing her experiences in both binary options trading and the financial market. She claims that her software program was designed in conjunction with some of the experts in the binary trading market, which is a huge benefit to traders.

The system claims that it will provide it’s traders real time financial information so that they can trade their desired currency pair with real time financial data. They also claim to provide information that will help their traders make more informed decisions. However, due to the constant changes that occurs in the foreign exchange market, these currency pair values can suddenly spike or can go down at any time.

There is no shortage of personal testimonies from traders who supposedly earned over one million dollars in as little as 90 days. These include the following: Joan Kowalowski, Bobby Patterson, Melany Collings, Gordon Powers, Sylvia Cathcart, Darrin Alexander and Mary Wright. When our research team tried to find out if these were in fact real traders, we could not find any information online to support their claims, nor that are these even real traders. Our suspicion is that they are just paid actors.

Even more importantly, we could not find any information on the creators of the system. There is no information on Madison Clark nor David Graham in relation at all to the platform. In our opinion this is a huge red flag. A legitimate trading platform, and its creators, would at least have a LinkedIn account or at least an online news article, but alas, we could find nothing on either of these two individuals during our extensive search.

Clark and Graham promise traders limitless profits with their software. They also claim that they have a success rate of 80%. We were completely unable to find any proof if either of the above claims are accurate. The highest results we found online were as little as 50-55% profits.

We are still in the process of trying to find reviews for genuine traders before we can make an accurate determination as to the safety and reliability of Fast Cash Biz. Until then, we recommend that you utilize your approved Binary Options Robots as they are proven to be extremely effective and reliable.


Fast Cash Biz Pros and Cons

A pro in favor of the Fast Cash Biz software program is that it does allow new users to get somewhat of an education on binary options trading basics. You can use this software in the comfort and privacy of your own home. The platform is comprised of enhanced binary options trading algorithms designed to making trading simple and more effective. The software is compatible on Mac, Linux and Window operating systems and has apps for both smart phones and tablets.

However, there are many cons with the FastCash software system. As the binary exchange market is always changing, you need to be able to make snap decisions regarding your assets and trades. It is extremely critical that you have a solid high speed internet connection when performing binary options trading. We feel that this system is extremely risky at best. However, we could not make a definite determination if this is in fact a reliable system. But we do feel that here are many other reliable binary robots that you can utilize.


Not ReliableAfter a thorough investigation, our team has come to the conclusion that the Fast Cash Biz system is not safe. The fact that could not find any unbiased of legitimate reviews online only proves our point. After creating an account with this trading robot, we have not yet been able to achieve nearly the profits they claim on their sales ad. At this time we cannot confirm that this auto-trading platform is in any way reliable.

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  1. Andrei Mak.   •  

    Yet another obvious scammer robot…….

  2. Carmen   •  

    So many of those. Hope that people are careful enough not to trade with them.

  3. Anna Smith   •  

    It’s incredible how those go with no regulation whatsoever. I am from Canada and cannot find a single one that would be suitable. Ant suggestions?

    • John Miller   •     Author

      Hi Anna, you shoud try Option Robot. It is a great robot to trade with,

      Read my full and honest review here —>Option Robot —>



  4. Mike   •  

    Most of the existing binary options trading sites on the internet show ok results. But you need to consider the number of years the broker site was established. Like all the other sites, they gain competency and recognition through time. So just check the time your preferred broker site was established. It could be an added factor for the legitimacy of the site. Cheers, Mike

  5. Markus   •  

    Hi, everyone! So I finally started using some service for my BO trading and noticed that the signals are not that strong on Monday and Friday. I did read some time ago that Monday and Friday are considered to be slower trading days. Is this something you recognize and do you have a separate strategy for those days? Or should you avoid trading these days completely? Thanks!

  6. CC   •  

    Fast Cash Biz is affiliated with some Binary Options company in UK and is an absolute scam that on-sells your information 3 X over to other scammers when you complain!
    I have hard proof of this as well! Thankfully, I had a good bank that was able to get my money back for me!

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