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Demo AccountNot many in today’s world understand the inner workings of trading Forex online. Though many still understand the basics of trading currency pairs and how their rates fluctuate. However, there is no better way to test your knowledge of the currency markets than by putting it to the test by trading risk-free on the open market.

We have over the years reviewed many forex trading websites and brokers. However, the legit forex trading brokers we review on this website give everyone who signs up access to a demo trading account.

A demo account can be opened without a charge and it’s risk-free because you’re just trading with virtual money and not your own cash. Opening an account takes a few minutes, and after you’ve registered as a forex trader, you can start executing trades. But instead of real money, you’ll use demo currency, but those will be traded on the live market.

Any money you make using the demo account is not something you can withdraw to your bank account. Though you won’t be making any real money from the virtual money but it does give you the ability to test out your strategies and your hunches. Once you’ve mastered the markets, you can then start trading with real money.

The demo credits you receive will mainly depend on which Forex Broker you decided to open an account with; it goes without saying that the credits vary. That said in our opinion the best brokers are those that offer traders unlimited trading credits because with that traders can experiment and test the waters for as long as they like.

Websites that offer unlimited credits give you a chance to explore various money-making opportunities. It is something that you may probably never come across with a demo account that’s limited to a few credits.

You may probably find that one of our handpicked forex brokers offer the best types of trading accounts. Once you have been able to master their trading platforms and understand how various kinds of trades work you can start trading.

Traders that decide to begin trading with real money will also receive a bonus when they switch from the demo account to trading with real money. The bonus too can be really helpful because you can place more trades.

The size and type of the bonus offered when switching from the demo to the real money account will vary depending on the broker you choose. Some brokers also have ongoing bonuses which too are worth considering when choosing a broker.

Traders will find all the bits of information like bonus types and other offers on our website. All the brokers we recommend are fully licensed and regulated in their respective regions. Plus, you’ll find information about them on their websites too. So, if you’re searching for the best broker with the most bonuses, we have plenty of information about them.

What is a Forex Demo Trading Account – Basic info

A demo account as the name suggests is for demonstration or test purposes. It is unlike a real forex trading account in the sense that you can’t make money using it. So, whether you win multiple trades which amount to hundreds of dollars in profits or lose the same amount of money it will not affect your bankroll.

The sole purpose of these accounts is to give you a complete rundown of how the system works and to experiment if you are new to the trading industry.

A Forex Trading Demo Account

Interestingly there are only a few legitimate forex brokers that offer a working demo account. But those that do are worth considering because they allow you to practice in a live market, with real data but with virtual money. So, you end up benefiting a great deal. The benefits include:

  • Understanding how forex trading works
  • Experiencing the real speed of how the market moves and change
  • You don’t lose or gain anything except for experience
  • Implement and test various strategies

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