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AVATrade LogotypeAva Fx, which is part of the Ava Group, makes one of the best online brokers available at the moment. They have been doing this as AvaFx since 2006, but they are known as well with the name AvaTrade.

When talking numbers, from 2006 their clients are counted in hundreds of thousands and the trading volume for this firm goes up to $60 billion a month. This number of people and this numbers in wealth can only suggest that this is an experienced broker with good reviews and quality services. They have even been complemented with a number of awards from financial review periodicals.

The former AvaFX, now AvaTrade is one of the first firms in the business of online forex trading. Their headquarters are situated in Dublin but they have a global presence with offices in Paris, Milan, Tokyo and Sydney. This firm provides twenty four hour services so if someone needs a broken anywhere in the world at any time in the world this is the firm to go to.

This is not a firm that works and trades only on Forex, they can offer even more with over 200 commodities for anyone’s needs. Stocks and indices are just some of the perks of being their client and they are being regulated to provide services almost anywhere in the world, or more precisely in Europe, British Virgin Islands, Japan and Australia.

For a firm like this, it is very important to build trust within your clientele. So, one of your main goals is to protect their funds and investments if they decide to entrust you with them.

Features and Bulletpoints

Above, you can see some of the main draws of trading with AvATrade

It is not impossible for a brokerage firm to experience financial collapse, meaning the wealth accumulated in the firm from investors could be in danger. But AvaTrade ensures their clients and investors that when they trade using their services, their wealth will be protected even if the firm collapses.

There is a whole other line of services provided to the clientele by a regulated brokerage firm. A service of great interest would be market capitalization, and of course, transparency with your clientele.

As we said before, regulated online brokerage is all about trust. The first service mentioned was associated with security of the investors’ wealth, and another one to mention would be segregation of the investors’ funds.

Regulatory Framework for the Forex Market

Central Bank Ireland

AvATrade is regualted by the Central Bank of Ireland in Europe

The main region where AvaTrade operates is Europe, more precisely the European Union (EU), and this license was issued for them by the European Parliament. The European Parliament issues licenses through the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID).

These licenses and directives come with rules to abide, and they apply not only for the firm, but even to every broker that operates within the firm. Regulations are set by the Central Bank of Ireland because Ava CapitalMarkets Ltd makes AvaTrade a subsidiary to them. Ava CapitalMarkets is situated in Dublin.

The European license is not the only one owned by AvaTrade. They are also in possession of a license making them a competitor for the Australian market as well. The license was issued by the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC). Another market they managed to operate on is the Japan market.

In order for them to operate on the Japan market they needed registration with the Financial Services Agency (FSA), the Financial Futures Association of Japan and the Commodities Futures Association of Japan.

A financial regulatory body situated in The British Virgin Islands (BVI) is another organization AvaTrade needed registration at. In this way they prove they are a regulated firm making them the one of the best online firms for brokerage on the market.

Unique Features of Trading with AvaTrade

Values and Integrity

AvATrade’s key values will put any trader at ease

What makes Ava so special and popular is are their trading packages. The package is combined with the trading software and it is automated with different and overwhelming capabilities.

Hundreds of dollars worth of APIs will be offered to you for free by the broker if you choose to use their services. Getting clientele and making them stay in the trading with Ava is a big priority for this firm. In order to make you happy you are obligated to pay only for spreads of trading and nothing else.

The things that differentiate Ava from other broker companies are their APIs and other accommodations such as their Auto trader system. APIs will enable you to make your own trading strategies from nothing and this is a one of a kind deal which you cannot get with any other brokerage firm.

Zulu Trade system is one of the most popular, and you get it with the automated trading package. If you are interested in trading using the latest software and accommodations you should use the Auto Trader system made by Ava. It will provide you with endless solutions on how to trade online and with these options it does not have a match on the market.

Trading Platforms

The diversity when using Ava’s trading platforms is enormous because you are eligible to choose from eight different trading platforms.

These include:

This package includes three different systems for you to use. We have already mentioned the Zulu Trade system and others are Currenseem MirrorTrade and Ayondo. These automated trading systems will allow you to get your trading skills to new levels.

  • AVAOptions

In order to maximize the traders returns, Ava Trade has combined Tx Options and FX Stop. This way their flexibility and power have been combined for better performance.

  • AvaTrader

This is a trading platform that provides advanced charting that relies on live news feed. This platform is fully customizable.

  • Mac Trading

This is for Mac users, it will give you access to all important markets and, because it is made especially for Mac system, it will provide greater execution time.

  • MetaTrader 4

We could call this a beginners tool because is it pretty easy to use and it mostly contains standard options for the Forex market. Of course, it has all standard tools for trading.

  • Mobile Trading

This is a different model that is designed to provide you with mobility while using AvaTrader and MT4. It has all the features that other trading platforms have.

  • MT4 Floating Spreads

If you are a fan of low spreads this is the platform for you, it contains all the features of the MT4 trading platform with the added low spreads. Low spreads are fed
from the interbank market.

  • Web Trading

These trading platforms should help you trade on the internet without being chained to your home computer.

Other Features

Trading Hours Opening

Here, you can see the Trading Hours of AvATrade

Ava has a deep level of resources which include:

  1. Fundamental and technical analysis
  2. News Feeds and audio commentary
  3. Real Time Charts
  4. Market Analysis.

More services like this should be able to help you focus on your trading instead of you having to browse new information about the market.


Accounts at AvaTrade are simple and standard. 100$ of minimum deposit is required to use it. When using AvaTrade your leverage will be placed at 1:400. Three types of spreads are offered. They start from 0.9 pips and can be fixed, floating or variable.

Ready Set Trade

The main account type of AvATrade will get you ready to place trades in no time

Interesting fact, and probably another reason why are they so popular, AvaTrade’s spreads rank as one of the best on the market. Different types of orders are provided when using AvaTrade. Orders such as Entry, Market, Limit, Stop Loss, Entry Stops, Advanced orders, IF done orders, Trailing Stops and Once Cancels Other orders.

In order to secure client funds, they are kept in segregated accounts. One of the things allowed is hedging, and spread betting. An important thing to say about spread betting, is that it is a tax-free activity.

Master the art of trading

On the other hand, you can pick their demo account to “Master the Art of Trading”

In order for you to spread bet you need to place long or short spread bets. For this to work, bets have to be placed on over 200 different financial instruments. The leverage used in these bets goes up to 400:1. This type is featured on the formerly mentioned and quite popular trading platform called MetaTrader 4. These type of bets are easily done using either live or demo accounts.

Unfortunately not everyone gets to enjoy spread betting. It is only allowed for traders on the UK and Ireland.


Rollover Date

The Rollover date is always prominently displayed on AvATrade’s website

AvaTrade is a company full of ‘firsts’ when it comes to trading. They used CFD trading on commodities, indices and stocks when no one was doing it. Digital currency trading was no obstacle for them either. And in the end they were one of the first to make it possible for regular retail traders to use Bitcoin.

Another very user-friendly fact about AvaTrading is that they offer transparency. Definitely one of the reasons they made it to the top. For a firm to be successful it is very important that their clientele feels safe and confident about trading with them.

More unique features provided by AvaTrading come our way. CFD Rollover is a feature made for old contract prices, where they just swap the prices between the old and new contract before the old one expires.

It will also adjust the price difference for two contracts, which pretty much comes natural after the first change.

If you are a big depositor more accommodations wait for you. Free withdrawals and access to Trading Central charting tool is all yours to use.


There are certain benefits when using the Ava Select program. If you are an owner of the AvaTrade account you benefit with access to certain online courses and seminars. You are even entitled to daily analyses.

There are several ways for you to improve your trading skills when on Forex. ‘’Forex Trading Strategies’’ is an e-book that will give you some insight on trading strategies and decision making.

There is a new feature with live markets available now and it comes with the trading platforms. Ava will make posts about any market activity. If you need any information about world economic indicators Ava has made sure to have a website that will satisfy your needs. The site is called Economic indicators page.

Trading Video Tutorials

The tutorials provided by AvATrade will get anyone up to speed on their trading skills

The pages are divided into sections for better understanding. For example, Asian indicators section will focus on news coming from Pacific Rim, Japan and China. Every section represents one world area where the trading market is set up.

A feature called AvaTrade’s economic calendar will notify you about any economic events happening. The events are even filtered. It is important which events come first so they are sorted by the dates, and other filters are technical information.

Another section of the site called Trading A-Z section will provide the user with any information regarding trading itself, strategies in trading, any technical terms and similar things.

We all know that an important part in learning new things comes from hearing the experience from people who already succeeded in learning the subject. There is a section that will provide us with any insight needed in this matter, called ’Sharp Trader’.

AvaTrade Bonus

Welcome Bonus Amounts

Here, you can see which kind of bonuses await you when you sign up to AvATrade

Newcomers are always welcome, we can see this in the fact that bonuses are given for making new accounts at AvaTrade and depositing money.

Depositing $200 will give you a bonus of $60.This bonus increases with the amount of money you deposit. At $50000 deposited you will get a bonus of $15000.

There is a program made only for giving bonuses and making depositing money a good thing. It will give you all kinds of benefits if you deposit $100000 and over in value. The bonuses are express withdrawal approvals, special educational programs and others.


You do not have to worry about any commission, since Ava does not charge any. Clients can get a small spread between 3 and 7 pips, and that is all.

Customer Service

In terms of customer support, AvaTrade has one of the most comprehensive support systems around. Their website supports multiple languages including:

  • Arabic
  • Chinese
  • Dutch
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Spanish

Traders can reach out to AvaTrade through the following methods:

  • Live Chat
  • Email by filling out the contact form at the website
  • Telephone (over 30 local numbers in various countries to call)


AvaTrade is aware of how important it is to have several channels of trading account funding made available to their clients. As such, traders can fund their trading accounts through:

  • Credit/Debit cards
  • Moneybookers
  • Paypal
  • Web Money
  • Western Union
  • Wire Transfer

Apart from the above mentioned methods, traders also have the option of using an AvaTrade Debit Card which helps to speed up the withdrawal processing time.


ApprovedAny trading action you may encounter in the future will need the professional help of brokers. Your best bet is choosing the best brokers and AvaTrade is one of those. They are safe, efficient and user-friendly.

They are all around the globe and work all day long. Any amount of trading you plan on doing will be supported by them. Their trading software and platforms have no match on the market.



  • Attractive Promotion and Bonuses Offered
  • Comprehensive Educational Resources
  • Dealing With A Reputable And Reliable Broker
  • Free Demo Account
  • Full Range of Trading Tools
  • Low Minimum Deposit of $100
  • Low Spreads
  • Market Analysis Provided
  • Multiple Choices Of Trading Platforms
  • Stable and Reliable Trading Platforms


  • There are no obvious negative facts here.

7 Binary Options review: AvaTrade: 4.5 stars

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