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CarbonFX LogotypeThe popularity of forex trading has grown tremendously over the past couple of years, and that’s partly owing to the introduction of automated systems. Automated forex trading systems make it easier for investors to join the industry without a great deal of industry knowledge.

The CarboxFx robot is one of the latest autopilot trading solutions by Mr. Michael Klein. The instrument has been developed in Germany. However, since little is known about it, we decided to further investigate its legitimacy above all else and report our findings.

The first thing that’s very important to find out before you invest a single dime is if the system is a scam. It is claimed that Mr. Klein developed the software from scratch. It is also claimed that the software helped him make a lot of money not to mention many global traders have purportedly made money using it.

He claims to have developed the software after scrambling around to find the right trading tools and was the victim of many scams. So, he decided to create a platform that was genuine and really worked to generate profits. He put together a team of software engineers to develop the software. Though we wanted to determine if the software was in fact authentic.

Our detailed review below will reveal just how authentic the software is along with our findings of its effectiveness. We advise that you read before investing any money with this forex trading bot.

The Inner workings of CarbonFX Trading Robot

We investigated and found that Michael Klein has a lot of experience dealing with investment systems related to the forex market. So, he evidently has the expertise required to create an effective forex trading robot. The platform is designed to be user-friendly which enables it to cater efficiently to both the needs of investors as well as newbie traders who have limited industry knowledge.

Carbon Trading Platform

The trading platform has all the data you’ll need right at your fingertips

Plus professionals benefit from an easy to use system that does not merit much effort. CarbonFX’s forex trading robot uses what they term as ’Quantum Technology and Fundamentals” which uses the so-called speed of light to calculate execution.

It is considered a next-generation system which can help traders stay ahead of market trends and their competitors. The algorithm used to trade relies heavily on the mathematical algorithm coded into it which allows it to analyze market trends automatically and then base decisions on those trends.

Now traders using CarbonFX have the choice of either trusting the robot’s auto trading abilities, or they can choose to use the analyses tools to make investment decisions. Traders are connected to all the major exchanges across the world and are part of the global financial and trading volume ecosystem.

Investors using the platform also get knowledge about various assets, risk control, funds management methods and various autopilot features. All the features are meant to enhance traders’ experience while optimizing their ability to be profitable. So, you can as a trader achieve the financial independence you always wanted when joining the system.

Expected Returns and the Price of CarbonFX Trading Robot

When evaluating the CarbonFX robot, we found that it was equipped with various profitable features and a truckload of benefits that accommodate a hassle-free trading process. Traders can access the system via their web browser. The mobile app has been optimized for all major mobile platforms.

Using the robot appears simple enough thanks in part to the well laid out user interface. All the complicated calculations run behind the scenes and don’t interfere with the foreground processes with the robot running in autopilot mode.

As an investment tool, the robot provides traders with a full suite of information regarding all major currency pairs with forecasts and analyses. All the features combined ensure that the robot is more than capable of churning out an average of 2,700€ in profits a day.

Important note for newbie traders:

It is essential to understand that the profitability and accuracy of the CarbonFX robot will vary. Though its average success rate is 97%. How much you take away in profits will mainly depend on your investment capital.

The more you invest, the higher will be your earnings because the robot will have the ability to execute more trades. However, traders can also choose to place more funds per trade to get the same effect, but that does carry an inherently higher risk. Perhaps the part that we like about being the company’s client is that you don’t have to acquire any additional licenses or pay for it.

The software is offered to investors for free. Investors can claim any one of the daily free licenses and not have to pay anything as a result. If you happen to miss a spot owing to the speed at which people are adopting the system merely wait in line for the next available spot.

CarbonFX – A scam or not?

After using the system for review purposes, we can safely say that it is not a scam. Our investigation into the system shows that it is reliable and authentic. If anything it is a forex trading robot that will help you make money. Mr. Klein has a lot of experience in the forex trading industry. 

So, it stands to reason that the robot benefits from this experience unlike scams that are run by somewhat unknown people.  Using the CarbonFX forex robot investors will enjoy a reliable and smooth trading experience, not to mention the fact that they will make money.

3 Simple Steps

The signup process is as simple as possible

Plus, their money is protected because it is kept in segregated accounts which are safeguarded by encryption as well as international trading safety laws. The other noteworthy feature of the CarbonFX software is that it has been integrated with what many experts unanimously agree are the best brokerages in the industry.

Being integrated with the best translates to stability and security of your investments. So, you can be assured that your investments are not going anywhere.

Clients from across the world who have used the software have shown their satisfaction for it and attest to it being a reliable trading robot. Many people have reported that they were able to generate a lot of money and without much effort. Users are also happy that their personal information is kept safe.

Trading Forex using these three simple steps

CarbonFX despite being created as a forex trading robot also works as a free and easy to use investment tool that can be used by anyone. It makes accessing the forex trading industry possible by just about anyone and not only those with experience.

You are not required to have any special trading experience or training to start making money. All you’re doing is joining the big boys in the industry with the help of a versatile tool. Below is how you can get started:

  • Get the Free License – To get the license you’ll need to fill out the form on the website. You are required to provide a couple of personal details that will help the system generate a special identification code. That code will then allow you to access your investment account securely and obviously privately.
  • Fund your account – Obviously, when you’ve just opened an account, it will be empty. So, you need to add funds to the account. The minimum deposit has been set at only 250€ which incidentally happens to be the industry standard.
  • Invest and with Withdraw your funds – All you have to do is allow the software to run automatically and watch your account balance increase with each profitable trade. However, you can also present a number of options or settings for the software though you are advised to occasionally double check those settings to see if they are indeed working.

Once you have accumulated enough money simply withdraw as much as you like. All you’ll need to do is to submit a request via your brokerage. CarbonFX is created by Mr. Klein who has contacts with some of the leading forex brokers in the world and so you can expect to receive high-quality services.

Withdrawals take anywhere from three to seven days depending on where you are based. Also, the time varies depending on the withdrawal method you choose which is dependent on the method you choose for depositing money.

To ensure a fast withdrawal traders are asked to provide proof of their identity which will then be verified. A copy of your national identity documents like an ID card or passport will be required. Once the proof has been provided your request is forwarded and processed.

Customer service

Michael Klein

Michael Klein created this system, after having years of experience trading

It can be hard to start a venture if you lack knowledge of its workings but many people who get into the forex industry face this very same issue. The good news is that genuine platform developers and businesses know this for a fact.

That’s why services like CarbonFX offer honest and helpful customer service via a team of professionals. These professionals answer any and all questions of international clients while assisting them in any way needed. CarbonFX has a team of professional customer service agents.

The customer service team operates 24 hours a day and 7 days a week during which they answer any and all questions. The brokers also provide constant support and traders can address them too if further assistance is required. Customer service can be contacted via live chat, email and even over the phone. Since the teams are multilingual, they cater to everyone.

Final Verdict

ApprovedThe CarbonFX trading robot created by Michael Klein is a very promising solution for anyone wanting to get into the trading industry. It is by no means a scam as our investigation has revealed. Our findings are supported by dozens of other traders who have used the system and were first to avail the free licenses.

The system can help traders receive higher returns while benefitting from a secure trading system. The special features optimize your portfolio and maximize profits. Traders benefit from a near flawless and super simple trading system which comes supported by a dedicated and experienced team of people.

We think that Mr. Klein along with his partners have done the industry a service by providing a genuine forex trading bot which helps anyone participate in the industry. We recommend that you try this trading robot as its one of our top picks in the forex industry.

Is this your final decision?

We suggest you visit one of the popular Forex Brokers instead!


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General Risk Warning: The financial products offered by the company carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose.


  • Professional Customer Service
  • Secure Trading System
  • Experienced Management


  • Not Regulated
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