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Go Markets LogotypeWith Go Markets, you can use the MetaTrader4 (MT4) Forex trading platform. This is one of the more popular trading platforms in the world because it is straightforward to use and has effective EAs. EAs are Expert Advisers who help to automate your trading strategy.

Go Markets uses the Genesis version of the MT4 trading platform. This offers a number of additional features that are useful in Forex trading, including:

  • Terminal Window – to manage live trades
  • Mini Terminal – to quickly place trades while looking at charts
  • Correlation Traders – to reduce trading mistakes
  • Sentiment Indicators – to analyze sentiment in the market

There are some other things to note in relation to the trading platform available at Go Markets. The first is that it can run slowly, particularly in markets that are volatile. This is because Go Markets doesn’t run optimization tools like Equinox, a server facility in New York.

Another thing you should know is that MT4 is the only trading platform available at Go Markets, whereas many of its competitors offer alternatives.

That said, Go Markets is available on both Apple and Android devices as a mobile app. It is fast and doesn’t take up much of your phone’s resources, and these are important benefits.

Go Markets Spreads

Competitive Spreads ForexWhile not the cheapest on the market, the spreads at Go Markets are competitive (options with cheaper spreads include IC Markets True ECN).

Go Markets offers two types of account. The standard account has no commission fees so the only charge you pay is on spreads. This makes it appealing to those just starting out with Forex trading.

If you have a pro account you will be charged commissions, but the spreads are cheaper. Compared to other Forex trading platforms on the market, the commission level is about the same. As already stated, there are other options with cheaper spreads.

Go Markets Top Features

Like most good Forex trading platforms, Go Markets has a long list of features. We have focused on three of the best from their overall offering so you can get a better understanding of how the platform works.

Sign Up Page Forex

The Go Markets Homepage

Feature 1 – Go Markets Mobile App

Go Markets is a Forex trading platform designed specifically for mobile devices, so traders can access their account and trade on Forex markets whenever they want and wherever they are. All you need is internet access and the Go Markets app. In fact, you have access to all the features and functions that you would have if you were using a desktop trading platform.

With the Go Markets app you can:

  1. View all your open positions
  2. View the price of trades
  3. Place buy orders
  4. Place sell orders
  5. View profit/loss levels of trades, and more.

All this information is available in real time, ensuring you have the information you need to make your trading efforts as profitable as possible.

Go Markets has apps available for both Android and iOS phones, so it is likely to be compatible with your device. The MT4 trading platform is accessible on both versions of the app.

The app is easy to use and has everything you need to get started in Forex trading.

Client Funds ASIC Feature 2 – AFSL License

Go Markets has an AFSL license so you are not restricted under NFA rules. This means you can trade however you want.

Feature 3 – Customer Support

As a new trader (and even if you are an experienced trader), good customer support from a Forex trading platform is essential. This is exactly what you can expect from Go Markets. You will be allocated a personal account manager when you join. Your account manager will give you training on the MT4 platform, and is available anytime you have questions or need advice.

In addition, Go Markets has 24/7 customer support, so there is always someone you can speak to if you need help. Managing your account is easy too, and Go Markets processes withdrawals and deposits fast, compared to competitors in the market.

Go Markets Tutorials

Some of the great educational resources provided by Go Markets

With this level of customer support, it is not surprising that Go Markets has received a number of awards, including a Blue Ribbon award from AFR Smart Investor. In fact, judging by Compare Forex Brokers, it ranks as one of the most awarded of all brokers.

Performance of Go Markets

The performance of a trading platform is now more important than ever before. This is because markets move at a speed that is constantly increasing, powered by advanced algorithms that execute trades in milliseconds. As a result, having data that are even a couple of seconds out-of-date can impact on profitability.

This is why good Forex trading platforms invest so heavily in the performance of their systems. The three main elements that platforms need to focus on are:

  • Speed – maximizing the speed of their platform ensures latency is kept as low as possible. This helps you execute trades on the latest possible information, rather than information that is two or three seconds old.
  • Reliability – if a platform crashes, you can’t trade, so you can’t open new positions to take advantage of market movements. More crucially, you can’t close positions, which means you might miss profits or end up with larger than necessary losses. Having a platform that is reliable mitigates against this.
  • Security – security of your data, your money, and your financial information is critically important. It is also crucial that Forex trading platforms secure their infrastructure from attack that could impact on performance. This requires having robust procedures in place, as well as using datacenters known to have good security measures.

Supported Features Image

Some of the pluses of trading with Go Markets

So, how does Go Markets score on each of these three performance elements? It does well in all of them, in fact. The platform uses modern technology that deals well with latency issues and provides fast and accurate data.

In addition, Go Markets has good security procedures in place, plus they use good datacenters that offer advanced levels of security. They are also reliable – we didn’t encounter any problems with downtime during our comprehensive review, and we are unaware of problems experienced by other users and traders at Go Markets.

As a Forex trading platform, Go Markets doesn’t break new ground in terms of speed, reliability, or security, but it has good infrastructure in place and our review didn’t turn up any significant concerns in any of the three key performance-related areas.

Go Markets Review – Our Conclusion


We regularly review Forex brokers and trading platforms from across the industry to give traders the most reliable information possible. Our aim is to ensure you know what you are signing up to, and that you benefit from our expert knowledge and analysis. It was with this in mind that we approached our review for Go Markets.

Our conclusion is that it is a good all-round broker. It doesn’t top the table on any of our comparisons – for example, you will find other brokers who offer spreads that are more competitive or leverage rates that are higher. Taking everything together, however, the offering from Go Markets, as well as the trading experience, makes it a platform worth consideration.

One final thing to mention is the bonuses that are available on your first deposit. These are among the best in the industry, so if an initial bonus is important to you, Go Markets is a Forex trading platform you should look at.

Is this your final decision?

We suggest you visit one of the popular Forex Brokers instead!


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General Risk Warning: The financial products offered by the company carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose.


  • There are good guides and trading tools available
  • It utilizes price improvement technology
  • Trading is not restricted
  • Customized support is available from qualified account managers
  • There is 24/7 general customer support


  • A leverage of 300:1 is lower than that of competitors, some of which offer 500:1
  • There are lower priced spreads available elsewhere
  • MT4 is the only Forex trading platform available
  • Trading in shares or other financial instruments is not possible
  • There are limited banking options (PayPal, for example, is not available)


7 Binary Options review: Go Markets: 4 stars.
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