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HBC Broker LogotypeHBC Broker is a forex brokerage created by Julian Schmid a self-professed experienced financial consultant who established it back in 2010. As a broker the company has roots dating to around 1997, when it was called JCF Consult and was considerably small back then. The present name i.e. HBC Broker was coined in 2010, and that’s when it started to grow after a successful rebranding effort.

The financial brokerage claims that despite a thorough revamp of its corporate image, the essence of what the firm represents hasn’t changed. It still offers clients a very unique type of capital management system via online trading software.

How reliable is HBC Broker?

We did a little research to find that in fact HBC Broker is owned by an entity called IVA STAR LTD. Also, the brand quite well known in the internet trading community. That makes sense because it has been very active since back in 2010.

Though established in 1997 as a consulting business called JCF Consult, they revamped their image in 2008 to ensure better brand recognition. If anything it has helped the business grow significantly these past few years.

Admittedly HBC Broker has some work that’s still left to do before it is able to be considered on par with other brands. So, it is by no means an industry leading broker though it can be considered pretty close.

Plus, it’s branding still has some way to go because many brokers are still not familiar with it and if in fact, it is a legit broker that they can trust despite having a great deal of experience.

Features List Image

HBC offers many features to it’s potential users

After careful consideration and research, we found that HBC Broker is capable of providing the services its promises. So, clients can expect exactly what the firm advertises in the way of financial services.

Let’s start with the trading platform which is powered by Panda TS which happens to be a leading online trading software solutions provider in the financial industry. Panda TS’ software has over the years been adopted by an array of brokers from across the world. Hence it has proven to be efficient and extremely reliable.

The trading platform is the foundation of any broker’s financial operations. It is for this reason that choosing Panda TS was a good move on behalf of HBC Broker. Without a good trading platform, traders will not be able to execute their trades as expected causing frustration.

The other very important aspect of HBC Broker is their support. Regardless of a trader’s experience level there comes a time when they require assistance. Many experienced brokers may also want to call the company for resolution of technical problems. HBC Broker seems to have invested lots of time and effort in organizing and positioning their customer support.

The support works to establish a long term relationship with clients. In addition, the company has made sure that their support library and their educational material is up to date. So, traders can seek and get the training they require to improve their knowledge of the industry, platform and trading in general.

HBC Broker has also made it incredibly easy and convenient for traders to contact customer support by providing a service which works 24 hours a day and five days a week. So, clients can call the broker at any time or even send their support team an email and expect a response soon after.

HBC Broker has over the years worked on ensuring that all customers are extremely satisfied with the service. The focus on good customer service has been since its early days back in 1997, which has stood the test of time and its recent rebranding efforts. Staying true to the broker’s motto and goal.

The Trading Platform

HBC Broker offers its clients access to two trading platforms depending on what they want to do. Both platforms are developed by Panda TS, which is a leading developer of trading platforms for financial services. Clients who are interested in spot trading Forex can use the WebTrader while those wanting to trade Forex can use the other platform which too is powered by Panda TS.

HBC Platform Overview

The platform is sleek and easy to use

Both trading platforms offered by HBC Broker are very easy to use for any trader. Forex Traders also have the option of trading via their smart mobile devices or smartphones by downloading the trading app from either Apple’s App Store or Google Play for Android users.

Unique Feature Set

In an effort to build a long term relationship with clients, the broker has focused a lot on offering a detailed educational program. The educational program is provided free for customers.

Additionally, traders can benefit from an array of various trading tools like free technical analysis, thematic TV room, and an economic calendar. All of these tools are meant to keep brokers up to date on the latest happens in the industry and which directly influences their trading decisions.

Trading Options

In addition to spot forex, the broker offers clients access to five different contracts via their trading platform. These options include:

  1. Call/Put
  2. Above and Below
  3. Range
  4. No touch
  5. Touch

Types of Trading Accounts

Traders using HBC Broker have access to four types of trading accounts. The regular trading account is meant for mainly beginners, and they can then upgrade to 3 other VIP accounts.

Video Tutorials HBC

The tutorials help new traders get up to speed

Regular Trading Account Type

  • Min. required deposit is $250
  • Meant for newbie traders
  • Complete access to trading tools and the educational library
  • Also, offers forex options trading

Silver Account

  • Min. Required Deposit is $1000
  • Complete Risk & Asset Management Service
  • Customized Financial Planning
  • A Personal Trading Analyst

Gold Account

  • Min Deposit is $10,000
  • The added benefits of the Silver Account
  • Excellent Spreads
  • Spot Forex Trading Option

Diamond Account

  • Min Deposit of $50,000
  • The Added Feature benefits of the Gold Account
  • Express Withdrawal Using MasterCard
  • A Complete Quarterly Trading Plan
  • Fully featured demo account

While investors can take advantage of the accounts mentioned above, HBC Broker also offers traders the use of a demo account. The demo account allows traders to familiarize themselves with the platform and trading in general.

Market Rates Available

With the Market Rates feature, you can easily stay up to date on the current forex rates

Payout Spreads

The payable spreads on all spot forex trades start from around 3 pips for EUR/USD. The company also offers traders the option of using floating spreads, but those are only available for traders with a diamond account.

Asset On Offer

Investors can trade an array of assets. Assets provided by HBC Broker cover all the major currency pairs like stocks, market indices, and commodities. It is estimated that traders have access to over a hundred different asset types which can be traded via HBC Broker.

Customer Service

Customer support is HBC Broker’s strong suits and is available 5 days a week and 24 hours a day via the web contact form and email. Live calls are available from 9-1800 GMT+1. Emails are answered promptly and comprehensively.


Final Verdict

ApprovedWe can safely say that HBC Broker is an entirely reliable broker that traders can trust with their money. Traders make money owing to favorable trading conditions and the easy to use the platform.

However, there are areas where the broker could improve so that it can rank amongst the top brass of the trading industry. We are hopeful that HBC Broker will soon implement live chat support which significantly reduces the time it takes to answer queries and fix issues.

Is this your final decision?

We suggest you visit one of the popular Forex Broker instead!


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General Risk Warning: The financial products offered by the company carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose.


  • Investors have the choice between two types of platforms
  • A fully stocked and updated Educational Resource
  • Choose from varying types of trading accounts
  • An array of trading instruments on offer
  • Very good ROI (Return on Investment)


  • Diamond account holders are the only traders who get floating spreads
  • Can’t use the MT4 trading platform which is the most popular platform in the trading industry
  • Live Chat Support is unavailable
  • The website is slow
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