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Maverick FX LogotypeWe recently received an email from a subscriber to our website asking us for information regarding Maverick FX. The review here is not only for the subscriber who asked for it but for everyone else who has been thinking if Maverick FX worked or was it a scam.

Most people are lured into the program after reading many of the positive reviews available online. as per our information is owned by Maverick Management, LLC, it offers Forex traders a type of career opportunity.

So, let’s us start with examining the basics of what this program really does. Maverick FX is a service that traders can use to improve their skills as traders by using a collection of various strategy courses.

The service provides simulators and tests which help further hone the skills of a trader. Beginners start with understanding the basics of becoming a Forex trader.

Membership Application Required

Any service that requires an application procedure to join puts us on edge

Once you have been through and understand the process of trading successfully you can then start working on making real profits by using the plan. The final stage will see you become a trader for the company.

The same company which runs the Maverick FX program. You will trade with their money. Any money you make is yours minus 20% to 30% which goes directly to Maverick Managment, LLC.

Profits according to the company are disbursed every month to traders. encourages traders to run it as a business taking advantage of all the various benefits that it offers as a business which includes for taxes.

Maverick FX – is it a scam or a real job opportunity?

The million dollar question here is whether the courses provided by Maverick FX are in fact worth it and can it really be leveraged to make money? Plus is the steep price the company demands worth it? Also, the money you lose when you start might be significant.

The program costs $1,895 to join, and traders need to start by making a $2000 investment or deposit into their account. Plus, traders need to pay $199 each month as an education fee.

You might be wondering, as we did what will happen if you already have an established trading account? Also what if you are not interested in or can’t open a new one?

Now, we found many positive reviews about Maverick FX which leads us to believe that people have found the education they received to be good. But we also managed to run into individuals who think it is a scam.

One reviewer stated that the education offered is not great or unique in any way, but you still end up paying a lot for it. We personally think that you don’t need to pay anything to learn Forex trading.

Questionable Promises Trading Plan

The promise of a personalized, detailed trading plan is questionable at best

All that’s required to start learning Forex trading is to open an account with a legitimate and regulated broker. Then you can even use the demo account to practice live trades before moving to using real money.

One other reviewer was very displeased with his experience of trading with Maverick FX. According to him even after spending around $2000, and being approved as a trader by Maverick FX which means that you work for them you still trade the way you would with your own account. The only difference is that they take away part of your profits. So, you’re taking all the risks and getting 20% or 30% less of the reward.

Traders are required to deposit $2000 into an account, and Maverick FX does not offer any capital. So, many think that it is a scam of sorts. The company says that you will get leveraged capital which according to some Forex trading experts is not worth it if you have a $2000 account to start with.

Trading With A Lot of Capital

Potential profits of $100000 a year without an initial investment are unheard of

Nobody with a $2K account even needs that type of leverage especially if you are educated enough to control the risk. But even for those that don’t manage their risk the leverage is not necessary. Then there is also the fact that this type of leverage is easily available to anyone who opens a retail Forex account.

You don’t have to signup for Maverick FX because everything that you need to learn is already available for free online. Plus the leverage is available at most brokers, just do a bit of research. We have heard reports like from the one reviewer mentioned above that Maverick FX didn’t contribute the capital they promised.

Also, we are not even sure if the company offers a full refund to people who are not happy with the training. Some old reviews we found stated that there is no refund offered.

We also ran into reviews that point to the training being disorganized. Students are asked questions which have not been explained in the lessons. There are also issues regarding their support and availability outside of offering formal lessons.


Not ReliablePersonally, we wouldn’t recommend anyone use Maverick FX. However, we cannot label this a scam owing to many independent positive reviews which mean that some people find the education offered to be of some value. That said we will like to hear from our subscribers and visitors who have used Maverick FX.


  • Good Educational Features


  • Shady Promises
  • Unproven Profits

Is this your final decision?

We suggest you visit one of the most popular trading platforms instead!


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General Risk Warning: The financial products offered by the company carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose.
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