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RaceOption LogotypeRaceOption is one of the newest brokers offering an investment platform to anyone who wants to trade online. The company has just started receiving and accepting clients internationally. Interestingly the service and its platform have been created by a team of experts.

These experts happen to be from various industry including high-frequency trading, the forex market and have experience using multiple CFDs for profits. As an investor one of the things you should be mindful of is the fact that your broker is legit.

It is for this reason that we always recommend that our readers research a broker and their service before joining. We went ahead and conducted the required research into RaceOption to determine if they could be trusted despite their authentic persona. Later we concluded that it is a legit broker and 100% reliable. You can find the complete review of the broker below which also goes into what they offer.

Why do we think that RaceOption is Legit and isn’t a scam?

Well for starters we could find a great deal of proof showing that RaceOption has a platform that works and they are in fact making it easy for investors to trade. Plus, this is a regulated broker and as such as they have a license for operating their brokerage online. If anything this is a guarantee by any measure that your funds are secure as the company has to adhere to the strictest standards.

Just 3 Simple Steps To Success

RaceOption allows to you predict market directions very easily

The other important thing worth mentioning is that all personal information is encrypted. So, everything you enter into the platform cannot be hacked. Plus, your investment is segregated into a different account and is protected by an Anti Money-Laundering act, and the bank’s Know Your Customer policies.


  • RaceOption does not cost anything
  • Requires just a $250 minimum deposit (the minimum deposit is considered as your capital investment which is used to place trades. Otherwise maintaining an account is free on the platform).

Additionally, account holders are required to provide the brokerage with proof of their identity which is linked to the account. Identity verification is carried out each time funds are transferred to and from your trading account. All of this is set in place to ensure that nobody misuses your funds or impersonates you.

Laptop Price Options PlatformAbove are just a few reasons why we think RaceOption isn’t a scam broker but instead one that you can trust with your investment. Plus, there are many other things we uncovered about the platform which helped us conclude this assessment.

The best way to use RaceOption

RaceOption has ensured that their platform is easy to use and understand. The broker has trading options for well over 150 assets which are listed in four major categories. One of the most innovative aspects of the platform is its ability to help traders trade cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

After you have signed up for RaceOption, you make an initial deposit which will then give you access to the service’s trading platform. The platform has been made user-friendly and easy to navigate. The platform will show you a couple of things which include:

  1. Tradable assets
  2. Price movements of assets
  3. Overall trader sentiment about each asset
  4. What you can expect in the event of a win when investing in that asset

Using the platform you can choose how much you want to invest per trade and for how long. After the trade expires, you’ll be informed of a win or loss. If you have other work to do then obviously you will not be waiting around for the asset to expire though you’ll be informed of the outcome nevertheless.

Price Profits Revenue Graph

Graphs and Charts let you stay up to date with the latest market movements

The other primary reason to choose RaceOption is that their platform is available for both iOS and Android devices which makes it possible to trade on the move.

How to signup for RaceOption?

The first step to start trading on this platform is to complete the registration formalities online. You’ll need to choose an account type, i.e., Silver, Bronze, or Gold. Each account type has its own set of features which includes initial deposit amounts. Plus, if you want more features later on its possible to upgrade your account.

Phone Smartphone PlatformYou should find complete details about all features for each account type on the broker’s website.

After you have chosen an account type, you just need to signup by submitting all your personal details after which you make an initial deposit. If anything you can start with just the basic account and a $250 minimum deposit. Once funds are added, you can start making investments right away.

A Demo Account

The other great feature of RaceOption is its demo account. The demo account is excellent for those who have very little or absolutely no experience but allows them to get the required experience and skills to start trading. In our experience, only reliable brokers provide demo trading accounts.

All withdrawal requests made by investors are processed swiftly. RaceOption also has account types which allow for transactions to be processed within just an hour. Plus, they offer 24/7 customer support which will help you at every step. You can contact the professionals at the company via email, chat, and over the phone in many different languages.

Final Verdict

After thoroughly investigating RaceOption we can safely say that this is an ethical and authentic investment partner. The company treats all clients with respect and responds to inquiries in a very short time but professionally. The encrypted platform ensures that your funds are safeguarded against malicious individuals.

Interestingly, novices will find that the platform has been optimized for their needs, yet offering professionals all the bells and whistles they’ll need to make a profit. The fact that you can start with just a $250 deposit and even withdraw money on the very same day make it a strong contender in the industry. We can openly and confidently recommend RaceOption to all investors and traders.

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7 Binary Options review: RaceOption: 4,5 stars.

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