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Free Profit Code LogoFree Profit Code is maybe one of the most interesting brokers that we found online. Is it because of its profits? Not at all! Read our following review to discover the shocking story of this system!

In this brief article we want to discuss the key points of our research on the Free Profit Code, a recent binary options trading system that pretends to be legitimate. Today, it is quite difficult to find a feasible and really lucrative binary robot. This is so annoying for many binary traders that want to automate the trading process. As if everyone is looking to push a fraud and compromise the binary market as a whole. Anyway, we hope that people like us, who like to make investigations and detect the scammers, can make a change and clean the binary trading space. This is exactly what we’re going to do in the following post – clarify all the details related to a probable scam – Free Profit Code.

Basic information:

Cost: Free
Software: 100% Automated
Max Returns: Up to 90%
Minimum Deposit: $200
Countries: All nations


  • The site is easy to access


  • The web-design and the video clip are of very poor quality
  • The developers and their stories are fictional
  • There are many negative comments about this system

7BO Verdict:

Not Reliable

Not Reliable Service


What is Free Profit Code?

Our researchers just lately discovered a program that seems like the worst fraud ever made. As we already mentioned, it is known as Free Profit Code and presented as a profitable binary system. The developer keeps incognito during the whole clip. We can’t even find out his name. The presentation video clip is actually a slide-show series, which is read by Natalie, who seems to be the developer’s girlfriend. We cannot observe her face as well. Based on these poor video clips, we instantly got the feeling that this is a big scam looking to take your e-mail address to assail you with unwelcome spam messages.

We can just share our alert – please, avoid dealing with the binary trading system known as Free Profit Code. Don’t expect to obtain anything from it. The unknown Natalie and her unidentifiable partner aren’t interested in you. They’re apparently offering 82 copies of the Free Profit Code for free. It is actually clear based on the title, right? They claim they want to offer this profitable code because they want to help people. We think this sounds really weird and our feeling suggests us that this is a pure scam. And you will find out why.

How Does Free Profit Code Work?

As outlined by Natalie and their poor quality webpage, this code can generate over $31,000 every week. This sounds fantastic – all of the traders would dream of it! All you should do is to obtain a domain name and join a reputable hosting service that is found in their list, so that you may have the Free Profit Code set up. This really is one of the craziest ideas that we have read during all of our researches, and we have quite an experience.

This binary trading system is supposed to be just a code that gets out all the human factor and error and by doing so, it can generate huge money. But, there is no further information about the working process.

At the first glance, the binary system is provided at no cost. The required payment will go to the hosting service. It’s “a week’s worth of lotto tickets”, according to Natalie. This scam is so poorly masked that we don’t believe many traders will consider this. We don’t exclude the possibility that during the signing up procedure, you may be required more payments. We encourage you to stay away from this terribly conducted fraud. At least, you can go for a binary system that seems more solid. Our recommendation would be to register a service that is proven to work and has many positive comments that support it.

Final Conclusion: is Free Profit Code a scam?

Not Reliable

Don’t take the risk to try it on your own. We already clarified things and we are sure that Free Profit Code is a total scam and the attractive voice of that anonymous girl isn’t sufficient to take your attention. It’s a simple scam that may leave you without your hard earned money. You should better not even think about Free Profit Code.

Our in-depth research showed that this binary trading system, if it has something to do with the binary market, is a total scam and is not worth of any attention.

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