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Global Profits LogotypeGlobal Profits is a brand new entry into the ever growing binary options industry. Unfortunately, it is a scam like many other systems promising immense wealth to traders. However, we are going to provide you with an unbiased review of the system so that you can make a decision for yourself.

To start with, the Global Profits system is linked directly to brokers and traders that have been running scams for a long time which is a warning sign you should be aware of. They employ various scare tactics to coerce people into buying the system. But first, read the reviews because it will probably change your mind.

The more you research Global Profits, the more disturbing facts are uncovered. Take for instance the pictures posted on their testimonials’ page. The pictures are of people who have never even used the system. So, obviously, these pictures have been acquired from Shutterstock or probably some other Stock Photos service. We think that these people in the pictures are possibly paid actors who have been paid to provide positive comments and post their smiling faces for a certain dollar amount.

Right Time Right Place

This system is nothing if the right place to lose your money

Fake photos used are the most noticeable and instantly evident sign of Global Profits untrustworthiness. Though many reviewers have also questioned the ethics of the business as well as those who have developed the software.

We think that there is substantial evidence to suggest that these are the same people who developed the NRG.binary and Titan Trade system. Both of these platforms have been strongly disliked and are not trusted. Many suggest that these people be thrown in jail for committing fraud and lying to traders.

Other Things being said about Global Profits

Many top reviewers who have gone through and strictly analyzed the Global Profits sales video have reported on the very same type of hard sell tone which is evident with that used by Mike Silver to detail his false story. Plus, the very same Small Man Beating the Fat Cats type storyline is used to make everyone believe that they too can become rich by using the system.

Free Access No Payment Required

This system is not free at all

The scare tactic that Mike Silver uses convincing people to sell short to profit off a global financial bust or an economic collapse is just in bad taste. The fact that he advocates profiteering off the collapse of several nations in the world makes him sound like an unpleasant person with a grudge.

But apart from the comments, what else do watchdogs and other top reviewers see that leads them to believe that Global Profits is a scam? To begin with, once you download the software, there is nothing much to see or do. Whoever this ”Mike Silver” character is, or even if that’s his real name claims that the software uses a patented algorithm to predict when the market will hit a critical mass.

By the time panic kicks in and everyone wants to sell as quickly as possible, the system will sell short and exit the market. The result is assumed to be big profits for people using the system before even Wall Street traders, and everyone else are even aware that there is a problem.

30 Free Spots Available

This is a common marketing scheme used by shady websites

Now if you think that’s not enough or not convincing enough you help you steer clear from the scammers, here are a couple of more things which may surprise you. Global Profits is said to have entered the industry in sometime September 2015, but then soon in October 2015, the domain was for sale. That’s just one month before the time when Titan Traders put up their domain for sale. While Mike Silver proposes to help people make money but in fact, that’s not really the case as people soon find out.


Not ReliableMost if not all unbiased binary options review websites label Global Profits as a scam. All the warning signs make it evident that they shouldn’t be trusted. So, steer clear of Global Profits or any similar app. The fact that they are running a scam is one big reason why the domain is already for sale. In just under a month the scammers are being kicked out of the marketplace, and so they are trying to short sell to recover losses.

Mike Silver and his associates at NRG.binary and Titan Trades continue to use their hard sell strategy to fool people. They are trying to lead everyone to believe that they have the best method for helping people. The claim made in the video is that the software can only be downloaded by thirty people across the world. But why is that the case? In reality, many if not all trading services have space for more than just 30 traders.

The limited download slots is yet another unanswerable question in a long list of such items associated with the Global Profits software. Perhaps it’s time that they sold short and called it quits in the scamming department!


  • None


  • Uses paid actors and stock photos
  • Ridiculous claims
  • Recycled scheme
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